Chapter 7

Rating: PG-13

Author: Moonchild DJ


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Like one person, Yugi and Yami turned when the sounds of footsteps were heard coming back sometime later, looking up and seeing Seto and Jou walking together, holding hands. Hikari and yami both feeling a measure of hapiness and sadness at the sight, they smiled sadly at the pair.

"We have a lot to attone for." Yami murmured.

"And a lot of forgiveness to beg for." Yugi added.

"Damn straight." Jou grumbled, quieting when Seto put a hand on his shoulder.

"You know you won't be easily forgiven." Seto replied quietly. "You caused a lot of pain."

Yami and Yugi nodded.

"And you betrayed our trust." Jou added.

Another nod, a flash of guilt from the ruby and amethyst eyes as the two winced.

"Why were you so determined?" the blond asked the two quietly. "You saw how happy we were, why did you want to screw that up?"

Yugi sighed, glancing down. "We..we thought that it wouldn't work out. We didn't want either of you to get hurt..and we both cared for you.."

"So we decided to..make things better and take over.." Yami finished lamely. "I guess we weren't thinking.."

"Apparantly not." Seto replied, pulling Jou closer to him and wrapping his arm protectively, soothingly around him. "You even hurt your friend for this. I could care less what you think of me, but to do this to your own friend, who's done nothing but support you.."

"Seto, it's okay.." Jou protested softly.

"No, it's not okay, Jou. Time and again, I've heard from you guys that friends mean everything to you, and you preach to me that I'm too coldhearted. That friends keep you going, and you do this?" Seto frowned, blue eyes snapping angrily at the fidgeting pair. He hated that Jou had been hurt so badly by Yugi and Yami, and they hadn't even thought about it.

"You're right." Yami murmured. "We should have known better. We let our own selfish desires cloud our judgement." he replied quietly as Yugi nodded in agreement. "I hope we can be forgive.

Seto pinned his gaze on the two, trying to wager if they meant what they said. At a hand on his arm, he glanced down to Jou--and melted at the pleading puppy-dog look mirrored in those dark eyes of the blond. He sighed and mentally shook his head in amusement before gazing back to the pair. "If Jou can be forgiving, so can I. But it'll take a while to trust completely again."

Yami and Yugi both nodded in agreement, before the innocent-looking hikari moved closer and plucked a leaf from Jou's jacket. "What's this?"

Jou blinked, then blushed as the shorter boy smirked playfully. "Uh.."

"Just WHAT have you been doing to get leaves on your clothes and in your hair?"

Yami grinned as he glanced at Seto. "He isn't the only one."

Seto flushed as Jou picked a leaf from his hair. "I thought we got it all." he muttered.

"Apparantly not." Jou replied, blushing furiously as Yugi laughed.

" *were* gone long enough for you two to f--"

Yami squeaked and slapped a hand over his hikari's mouth before he could speak further, grinning as the pair flushed and fidgeted. "Well, well..looks like you two are having more fun than just dueling." he drawled.

Yugi pried Yami's hand from his mouth and turned to the red-faced couple. "Quite a reunion, ne?" he snickered, showing that a: he wasn't as innocent as he looked, and b: he'd been hanging out with Yami way too much.

"Shut it." Jou muttered, ducking sheepishly behind Seto. He couldn't help but grin, though. With them poking fun, it had broken the tensed atmosphere, and he knew that things would turn out okay. He then smirked. "So, when are you two gonna get together? You both would make a cute couple." he teased.

Seeing Jou's plan, and the way Yugi and Yami blushed, Seto nodded, losing his awkward stance and crossing his arms over his chest. "Yes, it would be natural for you two to get together, considering you two get along so well."

"Uh.." Yugi murmured, glancing to Yami, and flushing when Yami glanced back, smiling shyly.

"Perhaps.." Yami smiled back, a blush of his own on the spirit's features.

"Perhaps.." Yugi echoed, missing the smile shared between the blond and the brunette.

"Maybe there's to be something gained out of this, after all." Seto murmured to Jou. "Even for all the confusion and hurt feelings."

Jou smiled, nodding. "Hey, I wish 'em all the best of luck. Just as long as I have you, I'm fine. Hell, I'm wonderful!"

Seto smirked and wrapped his arms around him. "Feeling's mutual, puppy. Welcome home..right back in my arms, where you belong."

"I am matter the duels, or whatever else, I'm never leaving you again. You'll have to pry me off."

"Shall I get a crowbar?"

"Ha ha ha."

Seto smiled and brushed a kiss over Jou's lips. "Does it look like I'm complaining?"

Jou gave him a considering look. "Hmm. Nope!" And with that, he tackled him, kissing him as the tall brunette stumbled in surprise and fell to the ground with him.

"Jou..can't you wait?"

Yugi and Yami both flushed, slinking away to the sounds of ripping cloth.

"...Guess not."




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