She was so gentle and soft that was hurting him. She was so sweet and loving that it only broke him down. And her she was, kissing him, while he pretended to hate it.

Pretending to hate her.

He was trying to find the strength to break away from her, but her couldn't. A part of him loved this attention. A part of him was begging to kiss her back. But another part of him didn't. He had to remain strong to the Irken Code of Conduct.

Yeah, sure. Why would he care about stupid laws?

Zim finally pulled away from her grasp. Tak looked at him adoringly. Zim looked at her loathingly.

"What... What is the meaning of this?!" Zim demanded, face scrunching up. Although he looked disgusted, inside he felt warm. Loved. Wanted.

He wanted her.

Tak's voice was small, but oh so soft. It was that voice that made his knees weaken. That voice that drive him wild. That made him blush so fiercely.

"You're lovely." She whispered, wrapping her arms around Zim's neck. A bright streak of red grew on Zim's face. His antennas perked.

"I..." He could find the right words. Zim was scared beyond his wits. What if he ruined this? What if he wasn't good enough at showing his affection to her?

Tak smiled, carefully picking up one of Zim's raised antennas. Zim, looking confused, frowned. "What are you doing, Tak?!" He hissed between his teeth.

A small chuckle came from the purple eyed irken. "Just relax," She cooed, beginning to rub the long stalk.

Zim tensed. Feelings of pleasure coursed through his body. Trying to hide his sudden warmth, he pulled Tak's hand off his antenna.

Tak noticed how red his face was getting.

"Why are you doing this, horrid female? Tell Zim!" He said, voice betraying him. Instead of sounding uncomfortable, he sounded overwhelmed. Tak pressed a finger against his lips, shushing him.

"Don't lie. I can tell you like this." She said, while tracing his jawline. Zim's breath became more ragged.

"Nonsense! Zim does not enjoy any such if this..." He quieted, feeling something hot inside his heart. What was this feeling?

Tak leaned her face closer to Zim's. The two's foreheads were touching, making Zim even more hot. His face was burning up. "Are you..."

He was cut off by another kiss.

And this time, he kissed back, cheeks red as embers. He clamped his eyes shut, wrapping his arms around her waist. The warmth was overtaking him, making him so hot that he thought he might explode.

Then, he noticed the giggling.

His eyes snapped open, pulling away from Tak. He saw Tak was beginning to laugh as well.

"What?! WHAT IS SO FUNNY?!" He screeched, right as Dib came out behind a wall. Both Dib and Tak were laughing loudly. Zim blushed heavily.


Dib, clutching his side, managed to speak. "It was a prank Zim! We just wanted to see how red your face could get!"

Tak was crying from laughing so hard. "You got as red as Tallest Red! You should've seen yourself!"

Outraged, Zim yelled at both of them to 'get out of my base before I rip out your lungs'.

And they did...

But they never did admit who's idea it was. Zim suspected Dib. He always WAS a stupid annoying human.

Although Tak did seem very happy.


Author's Notes- You decide: Who's idea was it to kiss Zim? And was it really for the honest love of pranking, or something more?

I liked this! So much fun writing this!

By the way, I'm starting another seris. It's all about Zim, Tak, Dib, and purple duct tape. IF YOU REVIEW, I WILL POST CHAPTER ONE TONIGHT!