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Chapter Fourteen:


Isabelle understood now. It made even more sense too if Bughuul was also Todd.

Bughuul was so keen on tossing her in his memories to make her like him. Of course. He did seem to be obsessed with her. What with the creepy mirror writing, the constant "guardian angel" class act, and the flowers with notes. It was becoming too obvious that he wanted him to get her to spend time with himself from his past. With this epiphany, Isabelle was finding it hard to decipher if he was a genuine person or not. Maybe this was one, long twenty-year scheme to crush her in the end.

What other explanation was there? He was a demon...something evil and sinister. That was true and evident.

The young woman took the sleeping bag and pillow, making a bad as far away from his as possible. There was no telling what he might do. She had to keep a close eye on him.

Thankfully, the man didn't question why she set up her bed across the house. He simply told her goodnight with another sweet smile, and got into his sleeping bag. Isabelle sighed. She sat on her bedding, but didn't lay down. The night was calm. Crickets chirped, grasshoppers played their song. The wind was calm, making it a fairly warm night.

She curled her kneed to her chest, wrapping her arms around them, setting her chin on her kneecaps. The more and more she simply sat there, the more and more she grew tired. Of course, she couldn't fall asleep. What if something happened? What if he tried to do something to her?

In all honesty, she may have thought that, but it was like she had to force the thought, she could hardly believe let alone imagine the man she sat and talked to for hours today would do any horrid things. And that was what really bothered her. She feared she was finally off into the deep end. Her life at that point was so scrambled, uncertain, odd, so far from normal, that she felt she was drifting further and further away from reality, from her normal life of work and Trevor. For every single day that went by, she cooped herself up in the house and played with those children, those tortured souls who lost their families and everything they knew.

After hours of too much thinking, negative thinking, Isabelle decided that once she returned home, she would set herself back on the path of reality. Maybe she would even find some great friends...or even a partner. All she really had to do was stop being with the world of those children...and Bughuul.

Maybe just maybe, he would leave her alone.

Somewhere deep inside her heart-though she couldn't ever admit it-she felt loneliness at the thought of him being gone.

It was the middle of the night. The stars and moon were shining their brightest. It was stunning. Especially having such a great view from high up in the tree, it was easy to see the beauty of the night sky.

"How long have you been up?"

Isabelle jumped in her skin, feeling her heart rate pick up from the unexpected voice. She turned from the window to see Todd was sitting up. "I haven't gone to sleep."

"You know you can get sick that way."

After a few moments' pause, she nodded and turned to look back out the window.

He got up and walked over to her, "You used to be really fun to talk to." At first she was slightly insulted, but he was laughing. It was contagious; she couldn't help but smile. Luckily, she was able to suppress the urge to laugh with him.

"Well," he continued, "I also know that whenever you wanted to go back, you would go away from me. You said that it worked out every time when you did."

Yes, that makes sense. No point in keeping me here if I won't talk to his past self.

"I guess I'll go. It was nice meeting you."

He nodded, "It was nice seeing you again, Belle."

No one had called her that nickname before.

It worked. She was home. Home sweet home.

When she looked at the clock, it appeared to be around the same time she stumbled inside from being drunk. Odd.

Isabelle crawled into bed, exhausted from staying up so long in that memory. Just seconds after, she was completely knocked out.

When morning came, she went through her normal routine and drove to school. Before she reached her classroom, Trevor was calling her phone.


"Hey, it's Trevor. I was wondering if you would like to babysit Jessica for the evening? Leila and I would like a night to ourselves."

Isabelle felt conflicted. Of course she would say yes and watch Jess, but at the same time she was hoping she could go out and socialize. Gross. She didn't like the sound of socializing, but it had to happen in order to snap back to this world. "Of course."

"Great! We'll drop her off around five-thirty."

With that, Trevor hung up. Well, he would be no help in the friend-area. It was understable. Isn't that how all couples who were going to be married soon were? Seemed accurate.

"Miss Jennings!" called a voice behind her. It was one of the other English teachers, "I was wondering about what novel you think we should assign the kids next." She was a pretty young women. Five or so years older than she, but very very intelligent. With how beautiful she was, she was in utter shock that she had yet to be with anyone. This girl was definitely someone who would be the best option in bringing her out of the other world. The lady was fun, quircky, smart, kind, the whole thing.

Isabelle smiled, "Well, I thought that the whole picking themselves assignment did well. Why don't we do something similar but limit their options to more classical novels? That way they get the required classical literature reading, but still have a choice."

"Brilliant! I was thinking we bring in Jane Austen, Emily Bronte, Mark Twain, Joseph Conrad-the works. Any others?"

She chuckled, "Nope. I think you went through the entire list."

"Alright, well, I already have most of the books ordered. Have to get Emily Bronte in still... Not sure how long that will take."

"How about we discuss more assignments and such over coffee tomorrow morning?"

"Great! Let's do it," she almost shouted. She patted Isabelle on the back quite forcefully and walked quickly away.

The rest of the day went like pretty much every other day. Students complained, students talked, she graded papers during breaks, she ate a sandwich when it was lunchtime, and when the last bell of the day rang, she was grateful.

She got home right at four, flinging herself onto the couch from the exhausting night last night. She shut her eyes and before she knew it, the doorbell rang, making her jump up from her sleep.

It was, in fact, Trevor, as she should have expected.

"You look lovely," he said sarcastically.

Isabelle tried patting down her hair to the best of her ability.

"Have a long day?"

Isabelle nodded then turned to the little girl next to him. "Hello, Jess. How have you been?"

"Good. I want to play again!" she jumped eagerly.

Trevor released the little girl's hand, letting her run inside the house. The child immediately ran up the stairs, not bothering to say goodbye.

"Well, I suppose that was easy," Trevor noted. "Maybe I should bring her over here more often."

Isabelle smiled, "Maybe. You guys have fun."

When Trevor finally left, she rubbed her eyes and yawned, still feeling weary.

The moment she opened her eyes, her heart stopped. Bughuul stood but two feet away from her face, appearing out of thin air. She tried to recover her composure. "I would appreciate an announcement of some sort. You scared me."

Of course, he didn't respond. Bughuul, instead, walked closer to her, reaching a hand towards her face. Isabelle couldn't help but flinch at first. When she did, he stopped reaching for her and disappeared. She almost felt guilty.

Her view on God was usually the same: she believed. So now that she has encountered something almost demon like, it terrified her that she feels like she is growing closer and closer to him. She was playing with fire; the devil. And yet, she couldn't help but think of him...of Todd.