The almost 14-year old girl took the last steps of the stairs she didn't walk on for a long time.
She walked to her best friend's house or her used to be best friend's house she thought.
Standing for a few seconds in front of the door she finally knocked three times, like she always did when she was younger and the world was perfect in her eyes.

"Ha- He-y-y Brittany?" answered her best friend.

"Hey ya. I was just around the corner and thought 'Hey why not visit my Puck'. So now I ended up here. Isn't it great?"

"Eh ya. Sorry. If I don't sound that happy or whatever. But. Britt. You are here and it's just weird to see you again. Here. On in Lima. My house. Sorry. Hi."

"Hey. How 'bout a hug?"

"Y-Yeah. Sorry I didn't think about that earlier." Puck said as he leaned to hug Brittany for the first time in ages.

"Oh. And by the way you can get used to this gorgeous face. Because you will see me all the time from now on" the blonde girl said with a smirk.

"Wha-Wai- What? You're sure? Like how? Omg... you are staying? " Puck said without knowing how to think right.

"Whoa calm down, tiger. And to answer your question. Yes, I am staying. Happy to see me?"

"Yes, OMG I can't believe this... I need t-" he was cut off by the tall blonde.

"Yeah, well I like you being all excited and happy and everything. But do you think we can maybe go inside? It's kind of weird to stand outside your house with people watching us, especially you being weird right now."

"Hey!But sure, sorry. Ehm- come in. QUINN come here you will never guess who just knocked on the door. QUINN-"

"Coming, Coming. Gosh, why are you being so weir- Oh my fucking god"

"How nice of you to be greeted with these words. But I am gonna show you how it's really done. 'Hey girl. You're looking good. Anything news I need to be filled in?' See that's how you have to greet a friend. Be glad I am here now."

"Omg" was the only thing the short blonde was able to say.

"I think you already said that. Don't you think Puck?" the tall blonde chuckling said.

"Brittany? Brittany! Britt! What are are you doing here I thought you were in New York?"said the shorter girl as she started hugging the blue eyed girl.

"Gosh Britt I missed you so much. Please never go away again. Please."

"I am planning on it. At least I am gonna stay until it's time to go to college. Then I am outta here. With you guys of course."

"Whaaaaat?" Quinn said looking confused.

" Yeah. Ehm... Like I said to Puck earlier. I am staying. I will go to High School with you guys. And we will have lots, lots and lots of fun."

"lots?" Puck asked Brittany who was quiet since Brittany's and Quinn's reunification.

"Yeah. I don't want to keep saying 'a lot, a lot and a lot' so it's 'lots' Which you just made me say which is worse because I wouldn't have to say it. But now I did. Shame on you, Puck. Shame on you." Brittany said laughing at the last part.

"Alright. What a shame and now I have to go to this chair over there and sit on it and not talking for the next hour or so."

"Oh well... I was thinking about 30 minutes, but an hour is fine with me."

"Hach, Hach. Hach"

"Yeah. Yeah. Tell me Britt. What's going on? You are not in New York. But why not?" Quinn said not wanting to wait any longer for her explanation.

"To finally answer your question. I was in NY, but then dad decided to move to Germany, so I could learn his language or some crap. Well we moved there and I lived there for about 2 years which was fine. Anyway after 2 years in Germany he thought it would be cool to move to Spain, you know it being this warm country and everything. After 5 months and him getting married again I thought why not coming back, you know getting a High School diploma and everything."

"You will only be a freshman, Britt. You have like tons of time to do that. Buuut don't get me wrong I am happy that you are here" the only boy in the room said.

"oh no I actually was like too smart again or something so they put me in class with kids who are older than me. And I kind of started to forget how to speak English properly"

"But you already skipped a year! How is this even possible?"

"Well I guess some have the looks and others the brains, I just got both" the young girl said with her all so famous and with that said FAKE English- Accent.

"Alright, so me and Puck will be freshman at McKinley and you will be a sophomore? Am I right? And you got to school a year earlier than all the others. You will be like 2 years younger than the most, Britt."

"Ehh. Yeah guess you're right. Haven't thought about it. I hope at least there will be some hot girls." the tall visitor said with her well known smirk.

"Hah at least that hasn't changed... still crazy as ever about the girls" Puck highfived his best friend who he hasn't seen in almost 3 years.

Sure they Skyped and everything. But it got less and less until one day it completely stopped now that he thought about it, it was before the move to Germany.

And that was the reason they didn't know that she actually was in Germany because when they were still talking it just was an unspoken subject. Weird that the girl who was in his view his sister has lived in Europe and NY while he was stuck in Lima.
But he was happy to have her back now.
Finally was his last thought before they went outside to get food and have the long needed catch up.

Sitting in a restaurant the three friends talked and laughed about their old times like how people used to think Brittany and Quinn were sisters while Puck was dating Brittany.

Everything went smooth as if they were never apart.

As if nothing ever happened and they were only little children. No one knowing that each of them had their unshared secrets and problems. Some huge and parlous others criminal or romantic.

But at this moment everything was forgotten even when hours earlier they felt horrible.

What matters the most at this moment is that I have my friends back. Neither of them is somewhere far away or hiding in their room.- Quinn thought.

Unaware of the thoughts of the other two.

Like Brittany's :

It's good to talk to Puck and Quinn again. But I have to remember that a lot of things have changed in these past years. How I wish I could tell them the real reasons why I had to move so many times. It was always the same thing. Always the same reasons. Always caused by the same person. But I can't tell them. The only person who knows the whole truth is dad. Not even mom or Sam know the reasons why I had to move and he could always stay in Lima. Someday I will tell, but not now. I just have to keep this act up. Like I always do. Like I probably always will.

Brittany's mind was going crazy until she remembered were she was and she needed to listen to her friends.

These thoughts could wait because no matter what it will be like it always was. She will tell a part of the truth but she will always leave the important things behind.

It was always like that when she wanted to tell her mom or brother why she and her dad never stayed in one place, one town.

While the blonde girl's toughts were running in a circle Puck had only one thought.

I hope mom and dad are finally with Santana. I wish I could be with her now as well and she'd tell me the reasons why she ran away in the first place. But luckily I will find it out in a few hours then everything will be fine again, maybe even better.

After these thoughts they were back again at catching up and wondering how High School would be like.

"It' s really good to have you back. You and your cute face. But I guess we have much more to catch up about Like-." Puck got interrupted by Quinn.

"If you say say something about hot girls I will slap you".

" Ehm.. Like who talks with whom and why or it's better not to talk with them like Santana says. Buuut don't worry you will have the crash course plus since you left.. Girls they grew up. And I don't mean painting their faces with this shit but growing boobs aaaand stuff... Ouch."

QuĂ­nn was happy at first but then Puck couldn't help himself until he received a slap.

Brittany and Quinn started laughing while Puck rubbed his arm at first but eventually started laughing as well.

"Come on Quinn don't be such a prude and have fuuuuuunnn... We know that you have this gay side of you like everyone else... even Noah over here."

"Wtf? No Homo!" the boy said not even an eye twitch later.

" ... Maybe he's not but still... Quinn you can't tell me you don't find let's say-" Brittany said turning her head around and looking for an example but finding none.

Until a beautiful girl walked in. She was older than her and her friends that was for sure. But she looked really good with her white T-shirt and shoes and red Skinnyjeans.

"-Like her. This girl which just walked in. Tell me you don't think she's hot."

At this moment Puck's phone rang and the question the blonde girl asked was long forgotten when the two girls saw Puck's look on his face.

Hanging up he said happily that he needed to go home.

Quinn, who finally saw him happy again after almost a month packed her stuff and understood that he definitely needed to get home fast and without her or Brittany asking questions.

Brittany understood as well without a word spoken. That's how it always was between the both of them.
One look was always enough for them.

That's the reason why Noah or Puck how he preferred to be called, was the first person (except her parents, grand- parents and brother plus doctor who was Puck's dad) who she told her biggest secret.

After him for sure she told Quinn who she was scared off the most because she was herself a girl.

She didn't know if Quinn would be disgusted by her or if she still wanted to hang out with her, be friends and tell her secrets like they always did.

She was scared because she didn't know if the same thing like in New York would happen, where she was born.

Girls and boys wanted to play with her until she turned 4 and everything has changed.

The kids parents didn't want their children to play with the blond girl or even say a word to her.

Long 3 months of ignoring and even for that age of bullying started, so her parents decided it would be the best to move back to their hometown, Lima.

After living there a few years their marriage went downhill.