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Falling out of love is hard

Falling for betrayal is worse!

Broken heart, broken trust!

Waking up Santana feels a hand around her stomach, holding her close to another warm body.

Damn I thought I wanted to stop with these One Night Stands.

Shit what am I gonna do?

What will Puck think about me,I mean I promised him that I will change and stop sleeping around.

Fuck and what will mom and dad think about me spending the night not at home...

I have to call them and tell them that I just spent the night at a friends... that I didn't want to call them... because it was already late and I didn't want to wake them. Yeah that's what I'm gonna tell them.

I just hope that if Britt finds out that she will forgive me and- wait why should she forgive me. I don't care about her. Well, I do... but not that way... I-I- I am not aloud to care that way. Not to feel that way.

Then Santana feels something pock her side.

The fuck!?

I usually hook up with girls. I hope that he at least used a condom.

Santana opens her eyes and looks around.

Shit we are in my room?


How do I get him outta this house without mom and dad seeing him and without it being awkward.

Then Santana turns around facing the person who sleeps next to her. The second she sees it's Brittany everything comes back. The memories and the feelings she has for the young girl.

Long forgotten that she isn't supposed to love Brittany. That's at least how society sees it. But love is a big word. She doesn't love Brittany, not yet. Love needs to grow that's what she tells herself.

Santana spends the next 30 minutes looking at Brittany. Memorizing every single, little, detail about the blonde. As if it was the last time she'd see her.

The brunette sees Brittany stearing in her sleep, which means she will wake up soon.

So Santana closes her eyes as fast as she can and pretends to sleep. Remembering that Brittany has a boner she starts smiling with her eyes closed. Secretly hoping she is the cause of it.

Then she hears Brittany let out a low groan. Santana decides to slowly opening her eyes, so that it'll look like she is just waking up.

When her eyes finally meet bright blue eyes she sees the other girl smiling.

To Santana it seems as if they have been looking at each other for hours without saying one word. But in reality it has only been a few seconds.

The brunette decides to speak first.

"Good morning"

Brittany seems to finally realize that she has been staring, so she looks away and instantly Santana misses her looking at her and curses at herself that she broke their gaze.

Why couldn't I just keep looking at her without saying anything?!

"Morning" Brittany says and continues "What time is it?"

"7.10 am. We should probably get ready."


I was about to get up, but then I saw my boner and lied back again.

Shit why the hell do I have to have a boner right now?

Fuck, what am I gonna do.

I just hope she won't see it.

"Ehh. You can go take a shower first."

"Oh, well thanks... how... kind of you" Santana answers me after looking a bit confused at first.

Then Santana goes to her closet and picks out her cheerio uniform so she can wear that after her shower.

After that she comes back and I can see her again. This time I really look at her.

Wow. She is even more gorgeous in the morning, without all that make up covering her natural beauty up. Then I look at her plump lips and see them starting moving so I try to listen to her.

"You can borrow some if you want" she tells me.


"You can borrow some clothes if you want to" with that she turns around and walks into her bathroom.

But before she closes the door she turns to me again and gives me a wink. Before I can react she lets out a small laugh and closes the door.

Does she know that I got a boner?

I need to get rid of it... Oke. Oke... Ehm... Think about old grandmas... On the beach... And old males... really old males checking them out and saying those horrible pick-up lines... just like Puck... Shit I can't think of Puck because his sister is the cause of my boner... No..No...No, I can't be thinking about Santana ... please go down again... Let's start from the beginning... Old people on the beach...

"Ehh. You can go take a shower first." Brittany tells me after she falls back into the bed.

Shit, is she uncomfortable?

I really should have slept in the guestroom... then this wouldn't have happened.

And I wouldn't feel her dick pressing against my back.

Wait... She has a boner. That's why she acts so weird.

She probably thinks I haven't noticed.

"Oh, well thanks... how... kind of you"

Then I go to my closet and pick up my cheerio uniform so I won't have to walk around in only my towel after I take the shower.

Even thought it would be hilarious to see how Britt would react. She'd probably get a boner again... or not, maybe she got it because of a dream she had... I probably wasn't even in the dream... Sara... What if her dream was about Sara?

When I am able to see Brittany again she seems to be lost in her thoughts so I take the time to look closer at her. Sara doesn't even deserve someone like Brittany. Brittany is everything good in this fucking world. I-I-I like her. Oh my god I actually like her...

Her eyes look darker than usually, I wonder why. Her eyes, they are unbelievable beautiful.

But I can't stare at her forever... well I could but not right now...

Once again I decide to break the silence.

"You can borrow some if you want"

"huh?" she mumbles and looks really cute as she does so.

"You can borrow some clothes if you want to" with that I turn around and walk into my bathroom.

But before I close the door I turn around to face the beautiful blonde again and give her my well known seductive wink. Before she can think further about it I close the door and start smiling like crazy. I really do like her, is it normal to feel like that?

When both Santana and Brittany are dressed they go downstairs and are surprised to see both of Santana's parents sitting in the kitchen and eating with Puck next to them.

Puck is the first to see them "Hey Lesbro! What are ya doin' here?"

"Chillin' ya kno" Brittany answers avoiding saying that she slept with Santana because she knew that he is protective of her. But she also forgot that they were only having a 'sleep-over' and Puck would never think about Brittany's and Santana's relationship as more than friends.

To him it was already weird that both of them were so comfortable hanging out with each other.

Then Brittany was reminded that they are just friends, nothing more. At that thought her smile falls as 'she will never be mine' repeats in her mind.

The blue eyed girl hears a noise and starts to smile automatically, hoping no one saw her smile fall before.

But Santana did.

She saw Brittany look hurt for a second, before she replaced it with a smile. A fake smile. But no one caught that.

The brunette started wondering how many times she faked that smile. And the reason why she faked it. 'Why isn't she happy?'

Suddenly a voice interrupted her thoughts: "Santana, why don't you sit down? Santana? Are you listening?"

"What? Oh, yeah sorry I was just daydreaming." With that Santana sits on a chair which happens to be right opposite of Brittany.

Brittany looks at her with her famous Pierce smirk. At least that's what Brittany always calls it.

"Wow. I bet it's a Lopez thing. It always happens to me in class.", Puck says sounding serious which causes Mr. and Mrs. Lopez to laugh.

But Santana and Brittany are just staring at each other, not seeing or hearing anything else.

"Well no wonder you are a straight D student" Mrs. Lopez jokes. And everyone else laughs again except Santana and Brittany, which causes her to look at both of them like Puck did before.

That's weird. Why don't I hear Santana's beautiful laugh which is a mixture between mine and my husbands?

Then she decides to look to her right where Santana is sitting. Her daughter is not eating. Santana is staring at Brittany. And Brittany is staring at Santana. They are smiling and looking like love sick puppies at each other.

Could it be that ...?- No, it's not like that.

Sure Brittany might have feelings for Santana, my daughter is gorgeous after all. And Brittany is a growing girl.

Like Susan said, her daughter is 'girl crazy' – her words not mine.

Brittany is a beautiful girl. A girl. Santana likes girls, that's what she told us. That's the reason why she and her abuela aren't talking to each other anymore.

Sure Santana can like-like Brittany. But- No what am I talking about... they don't like each other..

I mean it can still be possible. But- hell what am I thinking about.

It doesn't matter. I'm just gonna eat and forget about it all.

Then the older brunette takes another look at her daughter who seems to snap out of her and Brittany's staring contest and looks down at her plate.

Maribel looks fast at Brittany and sees her huge smile falter and her eyes turn from happiness to sadness, pain.

Then she sees Brittany looking to her right at Puck, trying to smile, the young blonde says something that causes him to laugh so she turns to Santana again and looks sad for a second.

The blonde looks back down at her plate, takes a deep breath and starts to make a forced smile. When she looks up at Maribel, with her forced smile saying that the meal tasted good.

"Thanks, Brittany. I hope I'll see you more often in the morning."

I hope to find out what goes on in that pretty little mind of you. Do you like my daughter? Maribel continues to add in her head,but doesn't dare to say anything out loud.

"...Yeah" Brittany answers.

Later that day Brittany finds herself in her math teacher's classroom.

It's already 3.15 pm and she needs to go to soccer practice as fast as possible.

Then the teacher finally starts to talk.

"Hello Brittany. Sorry that you have to wait so long but the student I wanted here as well is late so I guess I have to start without he-" Before she could continue she was interrupted.

"I'm sorry that I'm late Mrs. Parker. You wanted to talk to me?"

"Don't worry Santana. I just want you to meet Br-"

With that the Latina looks to her left and interrupts her teacher ones again.

"Oh, hey Britt."

"Hey San!"

"You both know each other?" Mrs. Parker asks them confused.

"Yeah" they answer at the same time.

"Well that makes the whole thing easier." she laughs and makes Brittany and Santana more confused than they already were.

"The reason why I called you is that I want you Santana to tutor Brittany."

"What? Why do I need that? Did I fail the last test? Please I need this B+"

"No,no. Brittany. You did well. Oh, shit- shit-fu- you didn't hear that... the whole sentence... because I wasn't aloud to tell you that yet. Anyway the reason why I want Santana to tutor you is that I believe you could do so much better.

Actually the way you solved it, it's amazing. You solved every single equitation, in your own way, which is a problem for this ignorant school. They only want the method we teach and nothing else. Which sucks because we need more people like you. You know finding new ways to solve them. But you will fail if you keep doing that."

Now Brittany was really confused.. why would they fail her?

"That's the reason why I want Santana to tutor you, she is my best student and of course she has to study hard because it's her senior year. But I think that it won't take much time since Brittany, you can do Math's if you really want to, but you need to learn solve them the way we teach and that's where Santana comes in. You can do only once or twice a week for 2 hours. It would be enough. So what do you say?"

Brittany looks at Santana and says: "Well it does depend on you. I mean if you want to. It's totally cool if you don't want to."



"Of course I will. And now you where the one talking too much"


"It's fine. So that's it, Mrs. Parker?"

"Yeah, thanks Santana"

"No, problem. Let's go Brittany" Santana says and they both walk towards the door.

Santana puts her arm around Brittany's waist and pushes her softly forward so she will be the one walking through the door.

Unknown to them that the teacher looked at them and thought: "What is going on between them? Are they together?"

It's been awhile since I last saw Brittany and talked to her.

I know it's my fault but I can't believe that me and her are after the same girl.

She is after the same girl that I loved since I can remember and they are secretly together after what Mia told me.

The morning after our soccer game where the cheerio's cheered for us Mia came to me and started talking.

I didn't even know she went to our school.

She started small talk but I knew that she was a fake bitch, at least that's what Brittany told me.

I should have known better because Mia was the only one to tell me the truth.

She told me how Brittany was stealing Santana from me. Of course I told her she was crazy, but she just replied that I should look for myself. I just have to pay attention to them.

She told me she saw them kissing in the parking lot, as if they have never done anything else.

Of course I didn't believe her!

But it did seem weird. It was weird how Santana and Brittany acted around.

Later that day I went to Glee and saw a lot of people laughing except for Santana and Brittany. They seemed to have a silent conversation. It wasn't much but the only thing that kept repeating in my head was 'what if Mia is right'

Then I saw both of them at their lockers. Both seemed nervous. That's not how you act around a friend. Around 'just a friend'!

Brittany seemed to be a stuttering mess, gulping a few times, which was unlike Brittany, I am the one in our family that sometimes stutteres. She is supposed to be the cool one. The one everyone likes. The one Santana might like?

Then they hugged each other, closing their eyes as if they wanted to never let go of this moment and that's when I knew.

I knew they liked each other.

I ran to my car and started crying.

Crying! I never cry, well I do but no one knows that.

I decided to go home and just let it all out, not wanting to talk to anyone, especially not Brittany.

Yes, I avoided everyone, but I needed time to myself, time to think.

I still do need time, but Brittany is my sister and I promised that I'd always be there for her after all the bulling she had to go through.

That's where we are now, in soccer practice, me trying to talk to Brittany but we always get interrupted.

After 90 minutes of tiring running around and kicking the ball we are finally finished so I wait until Brittany is alone and walk up to her.

"Hey Britt"

"Oh. Hey Sam.. guess you are feeling better? You played good today."

"Thanks... yeah... I'm all good now" Sam tries to joke and puts both of his thumps up.

Both of them are laughing.

"So where were you this morning? I went into your room but you weren't there."

"Oh... yeah I was at Sa- Puck's... I was at Puck's."

Only that Sam knew that she meant Santana's

"Look I gotta go... Santana is waiting for me."

"Whha- Why? Why is She waiting for you?"

"She will tutor me... Look Sam I really gotta go... I'm sorry... DRIVE SAVE" Brittany runs to Santana, screaming the last two words because she was already far away from Sam.

Sam stood there frozen, looking at his baby sister running to the 'love of his live', that's at least what he thought at that time.

He also saw Brittany slowing down and them exchanging "hello's" and going for a hug that lasted a bit too long for his liking but wasn't long enough for the girls, it never was.

The it klicked. He finally found out, he finally knew. He knew that he and Santana weren't meant to be.

She would never like him.

And deep down if he'd just look closer he would have known before...

He would have known that Santana wasn't really what he wanted too.

Of course she was beautiful. She might have a nice personality. But not the one he really was looking for.

He never cared about her personality, he only ever looked at her because every other guy did. Because he felt like he was supposed to, because he already was different than most guys. He just wanted something, anything in common with them.

Which now, now was gone!

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