It's really short, and for that, I am really sorry, but I wanted to get this started and not forget it. The reason it's taking so long is, not only did my internet crash, but my thoughts are being slow with this. I hope you guys like this.

Harry giggled as he, Atem, and Yugi entered the Kame Game Shop. They had arrived in Dominio just an hour ago, and the teen Fallen was hyper. Joey, who had been watching the shop while his boyfriend and friends were gone along with Tristan, gaped as the teen talked a mile a minute.

"Is 'e always like dat, Yuge?"

"Not usually." Yugi chuckled. Harry calmed down, jet-lag catching up to him. He sat on a stool in the store with a yawn.

"Yugi, I'm hungry." The Fallen whined, leaning against his mate.

"When aren't you?" Harry grinned. Ever since meeting Yugi, he'd given into his hunger pains. He'd eat whenever he could. "Come on, I'll cook dinner."

"Yuge, cookin?" Joey perked up, "should I call Seto?"

"If you want."

"I want to help!" Harry giggled, bounding after Yugi as they entered the kitchen. As Harry familiarized the area, Joey invited Seto and Mokuba over.

"Dey be hea' in an hour." Harry looked in the fridge for ingredients, nodding to himself. "Whatcha makin?"

"A full out English meal." By the time he was done, the room was filled with a lovely smell. "I got carried away."

"Nonsense." Atem assured as they sat down to eat. After a quick 'itadakimasu' they took the first bite. Eyes widened as they looked at Harry who stared back nervously.


"You should start a restaurant." Mokuba enthused.

"Um...I think you're biased." The teen muttered, face deep red.

"I didn't even know you could cook." Yugi whispered, eyes glinting. "Do you know any Japanese meals? If not, I can teach you." He grinned.

"I'd like that, Yugi." Once almost everything was completely gone, Harry stood to do the dishes, which Atem promptly took away.

"You cooked." Nodding, Harry followed Yugi to the living room. He passed out on the couch.

As Harry slept, Yugi and Atem had a duel as Seto and Joey did the same. It was near noon, when the doorbell rang, rousing Harry. With a kiss to his head, Yugi walked to the door. Anzu stood on the other side with a happy smile.

"Hello Anzu."

"Yugi! You're home!" She flung herself at the man.

"Er, yeah. Can you get off now?" The woman frowned as she did as asked. "Come on in. There is someone I want you to meet." She followed him into the living room. Harry shot her a questioning look. However, Anzu gasped as her eyes landed on Atem.


"Hello, Anzu. How are you?"

"" Harry giggled as Yugi sat next to him.

"He's my protector. You are Anzu, correct?" She nodded, eyeing his wings. "I am a Fallen. A rare magical creature."

"I know what you are." She snapped, "there was a reason I accepted the shadows so easily. My father was a squib."

"Oh. Then I don't need to explain that Atem has no romantic feelings for me at all?" She nodded, sitting next to him. However, her eyes were locked on when Harry and Yugi's hands met. "Yugi is my mate."

"Really now?" She had a dark look in her eyes. Harry looked away.

"It was weird. I mean, when I first met him. I was being cornered by Dementors."

"Why were Dementors after you?"

"Because a person at the Ministry wanted me to be expelled from school. They didn't believe that Voldemort was back and called me a liar."

"You're Harry Potter?"

"I am."

"Un-huh." She rolled her eyes. Harry snorted, standing.

"I'm going to go make something to drink." Once out of sight Harry started to laugh. He knew she was jealous. That she thought that the shadow twins were hers. She could try something, but nothing would come between he and Yugi.