Ooops, sorry guys, I just realized that I've been calling her Anzu when I was originally using Tea. I will be calling her Tea from now on. Sorry for the mix up. Also this story is a bit longer, but not much. Sorry guys.

My muse hit me in the head while I was eating Revel Ice Cream

Tea glared Harry at as they waited for Yugi and Atem. The Fallen glared right back, daring her to say something. The trio had been in Japan for a week, and already the girl was on his last nerves. She tried to make him look like the villain to Atem many times over the week. All of them failed.

They were waiting on the guys to get tickets to get them into a theme park. The second Harry had admitted that he had never been, Yugi demanded that they went to one. Despite his protesting, Harry was truly happy someone would do that for him. After going years of having no one to love him, he had family now.

"Harry, what ride would you like to go on first?" Harry shrugged, facing Yugi.

"I'm not sure? Something fast?" So they conquered the roller coasters. After that was the slingshot, drop-zones, and then games. By the end of one game, Harry had a huge stuffed bear from Yugi. Something the man was glomped for. Yugi laughed, swinging his little love around. People stopped to stare at how open the King of Games was acting, but other then that, nothing happened.

Come lunch, they were eating ice cream after a dish of fish and chips. That was when things went haywire.

"Like, oh my gosh! It's Potter Harry!" Harry froze mid lick as girls and boy, men and women, adult and children, rushed at their table. Harry flinched, latching onto Yugi as he dropped his ice cream to the ground.

"Let me have your baby!"
"I bet I'm better in bed then him!"
"Sign my bra!"
"Sign my boobs!"

Harry whimpered, burying his head into Yugi's shoulder.

"Potter-san, can you sign this for my sister?" Harry peaked over his shoulder at a young child, a boy of six or seven. "Please, she's in the hospital. It'd make her day if you could sign this for her." Harry took one look in the boy's pleading eyes and agreed.

"What's her name? What is she sick with?"

"Misaki." The boy frowned, "she's not sick. She was in a broom riding accident."

Dear Misaki-chan,
I heard from your brother that you got hurt.
I hope you get better. Us true fliers cannot
be grounded forever.
Potter, Harry

Once that was done, Harry calmly faced the crowd with a frown. "I am not signing anything else. I'm not some super hero. Leave me alone." With that, Yugi lead him away from a gaping crowd. "Can we leave? I want to go home." Yugi nodded.

A week later, Harry and Mokuba were talking on a jet as the group made their way to Egypt to visit Ishizu. Harry was bouncing in his seat, because he couldn't wait to see Egypt. Because of Dumbledore, he hadn't been aloud to leave the country. Now he would be seeing his second in less then a month. Tea was speaking with Tristan, a man that Harry had met the day after the Theme Park.

"Harry, make sure you stay covered." Mokuba hissed as the plane landed. Harry rolled his eyes, fixing his hat.

"I'm not stupid, Moki. I know what my limits are. I've always had pale skin."

"Er, right." When they got off, Marik ran up to a woman with long flowing hair and hugged her, then the bald man behind her.

"Sister, brother, this is Harry. He's Yugi's mate and under Atem's protection."

"Dear Ra...a Fallen has chosen the Pharaohs?" Harry blushed, nodding softly. "It is an honor to meet you, Harry."

"A pleasure, Miss Ishizu, Mister Odion. Marik speaks fondly of you." The two smiled, and Harry turned to his mate.

"Harry, would you like to go with Ishizu to the museum?" Harry's eyes brightened as the Fallen gave the woman a pleading look.

"Very well, then. Come along."