In a reality unlike any known, a vampire rules over the enitre town of Sunnydale, CA. Since the Slayer never came to town and Willow had grown tired of the Master's rule, she had outsmarted her creator and taken over the town of Sunnydale. She enjoyed the games that she could play, but was growing tired of them quickly. After a night of walking through town, Willow had stumbled across a beautiful blond with soft blue eyes and a breath taking crooked smile.

After Tara Maclay died in the real world, her alternate from one of the many alternate realities has just showed up in Sunnydale with her current girlfriend, Kennedy. Unaware that the town's name was nothing like the town itself, Tara walked the streets alone one night after another argument with Kennedy, catching the attention of the town's newest Master. A certain redheaded vampire couldn't help but be facinated by the newest face among the crowd. The girl's blue eyes captivated the vampire and brought out the smallest part of humanity hidden inside the monster. Having been a vampire for less than a decade, Willow Rosenberg was furious to find that any human could open that small part of her and wanted to know more about the stranger, brave enough to walk alone on her streets.

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