Tara stood in the alleyway, using magic to cause a fire and waited until a vampire caught the sight of the flames. She brushed her blond hair out of her face as the wind blew, feeling oddly at ease with the fact that she was about to be put at risk. She knew that they were watching her, prepared to help her if she needed it, but Tara didn't want to need help. She wanted this to go right.

Taking a deep breath, she watched as a shadow started moving, knowing that someone had found her. When a platinum blond vampire in a leather jacket stepped out of the shadows, Tara stared at him for a moment, waiting for any sign of attack.

His blue eyes watched her for a moment before he spoke. "It's extremely stupid for you to be out in the open when the Master wants you. I could get a nice reward bringing you in," the vampire said in a British accent, watching the girl before him.

"I want to request a meeting with your Master. Someplace of my choosing. Tomorrow. Alone," Tara said simply, watching the vampire for a reaction.

"I doubt that will happen, Love, but I will bring it up. More likely than not she'll see this as the set up it is and be prepared."

"It's not a setup," Tara said, getting uncomfortable.

"I bloody doubt that. I'll inform her of your conditions. I'll also leave out the small little detail that its a trap," he said, starting to step back.

"Why?" Tara asked, unable to contain her curiosity. "Why wouldn't you warn her?"

"If she isn't smart enough to see its a trap, than its her own problem. Besides, I caught that last battle between you two, and I must say that she shouldn't be worried at all."

Tara glared at him, feeling her magic soar through her blood stream. "You don't know anything."

"I know what I saw, Love," the vampire countered, looking at her before walking to the shadows.
"Wait," Tara said, watching the vampire turn towards her. "Who are you?"

The vampire watched her for a second before speaking. "Spike." With that, he walked into the shadows and disappeared, leaving Tara standing there alone.

Tara was only alone for another second before Kennedy and the other's rushed up. "You didn't kill him," Kennedy said, confused.

"She wasn't suppose to. The vampire has to deliver the message," Dawn said, looking at Buffy for confirmation.

After giving Dawn a quick nod, Buffy turned to Tara. "You did good. Now hopefully the master will accept the meeting, and we can surprise her."

Willow stood in the dungeon, looking down at the brown haired witch, curled up in a ball against the far end of her cell, shaking. She had gotten tired of her puppy after he nearly died from one of their games. So, Willow had been forced to find other pets to entertain her. The girl in front of her now was her pet, 'Guppy'. She knelt down in front of the shivering girl.

"Don't worry, Guppy. Its your turn to have my attention," Willow said, touching the girl's long brown hair.

When the girl flinched away, Willow frowned and tightened her grip. "Now now. Don't be a bad girl. You know what happens when your a bad guppy," Willow said, reminding the girl.

The girl's brown eyes opened to look at Willow. They were empty of all emotion and humanity. Willow smiled sadistically at the girl and was about to start playing games with the girl when the door to the dungeon opened.

"Do I have some good news for you," Spike said in his accent, walking up to the cage door.

Willow stood and turned to face the blond vampire, not happy about being interrupted from her game. "Well?" she asked, her voice irritated.

"You're mysterious witch requests a meeting with you. She told me the time and place if you're interested."

Willow smiled at him and walked over to touch the other vampire's cheek. "Good pet." She turned back to her Guppy. "Where does my new pet want to meet?"

"The Bronze at 8. She said she'll be sitting on the edge of the stage."

Willow ran her hand down the brunette's hair again, smiling when the girl froze. "Good. I need a new pet."

Spike nodded. "One more thing though."

Willow turned back to him. "Yes?"

"I was hoping that this earned me a chance to play?" he said, pointing to a small girl in a cell. The girl's blond hair fell around her in waves, and Willow had broken her on the first try, boring her quickly.

Willow looked at one of her many easily broken pets and nodded. "Play with her all you want. She's no fun," Willow said, frowning. "I need a new pet. These are all broken," she complained before looking at Spike again. "Will you go get me a new pet?"

Spike smiled. "Of course, love. I'll go find you someone new to play with tonight until you get your present tomorrow."

Willow walked over to him and rested her hand on his arm. "Bring me someone young," she said. "Then you can play with any of them," she said, pointing behind her to her shivering pets.

Spike nodded and left, going to bring back a present to his master.

Tara sat in her room, watching Kennedy sleep as her thoughts were elsewhere. She couldn't get her mind off of the vampire with the emerald eyes. Though she remembered the darkness that radiated off of the vampire, something about her had connected to Tara the instant they looked at each other, surprising her. Tara closed her eyes and saw the beautiful face before opening them again. It was going to be harder than she thought to sleep without thinking of the vampire who had captivated her so completely.