Chapter Five: Questions, Answers, and Threats

Kennedy stood up and looked around her in surprise. "She took her!"

Giles and Dawn walked over to help Buffy stand. "We saw," Buffy snapped, groaning from the pain of the wound.

"Can you walk?" Giles asked Buffy, carefully releasing her when she nodded. Dawn however kept her grip on her sister's arm.

"You were suppose to protect her," Kennedy snapped, limping a little from being tossed around.

"It's a little hard to protect someone when her girlfriend gets in the way and stabs you with the stake that was suppose to go in the vampire."

"How was I suppose to know that she moved that fast?" Kennedy asked in defense.

"She's a vampire," Dawn said before Buffy could respond, not happy about her sister being hurt. "They move fast. Even I know that."

Giles frowned. "Well, I guess we should go back to the library and plan. I'd say Tara should survive a little while since the Master just wants to play with her and not kill her. I highly doubt she's going to change her anytime soon."

Kennedy glared at Giles. "We're just going to let her have Tara?"

Buffy looked at her. "For right now, yes. What good would we be just rushing in there now? I'm injured, and you're not much help against her."

Dawn frowned. "And Giles and I would be even less helpful against the Master."

Kennedy shook her head. "I'm not letting that bitch keep my girlfriend."

Buffy just shrugged. "Then get yourself killed because I'm not taking my sister into a battle that would get her killed."

Kennedy stared at her in disbelief. "I thought the slayer was suppose to put other's before herself."

"She does," Dawn said, simply. "That's why she nearly got killed from your stupidity. You're the reason why the Master has your girlfriend. So either back off, or go fight your own battles."

Saying nothing else, the others left to get Buffy back to the library to help her.

Waking up in a dark room, Tara felt a cold object wrapped around her, holding her to the coldness against her back. She tried to remember where she was, but the last thing she could remember was walking out of the Bronze. Closing her blue eyes for a second, Tara tried to clear her thoughts before opening them again, only to see the darkness surrounding her once again.

She tried to ease herself into a sitting position, but the cold object around her stomach didn't move, making it impossible to sit up. "You're awake," a voice whispered, startling Tara and making her look around the room.

A lamp switched on beside Tara, hurting her eyes as they attempted to adjust to the sudden brightness. "Where am I?" Tara asked, looking at the familiar redhead.

"You're home," Willow said, simply, smiling at the woman.

"Home?" Running a hand through her blond hair, Tara tried to think about what the word meant. She never considered anywhere to be home.

Willow reached out to brush her finger lightly against the blond's cheek. "Yes, home. This place will be you're home until I get bored with you. Who knows though. I might change you instead of just kill you. I really hope you're not easily broken? The other's didn't last long, and I get bored playing with my broken pets," Willow said, frowning a little at the words. "I don't like being bored," she said, matter-of-factly.

Tara stared at her for a few moments. "What do I call you?" she asked, not wanting to call the vampire 'Master'.

Willow ran a finger down the blond's neck resting them lightly on the pulse point. "What do you want to call me?" Willow asked, her green eyes locked on Tara's blue ones.

"I want to call you by you're name," Tara said, frowning. "But I don't know it."

"Willow," she said, looking from her eyes to the place where her finger's rested. "You may call me 'Willow'," Willow said, lifting her eyes to once again look into the blond's eyes. "I wonder what I should call you?"

"My name is T-Tara," she suggested, feeling nervous at the look in the vampires eyes.

"No. You're my Bunny. My beautiful, soft bunny," Willow said, brushing her hand down Tara's long blond hair.

Tara frowned at the words, but didn't respond, not sure how to react to the child like manner the vampire was showing. "Bunny?"

"Yes. I will call you 'Bunny'." Noticing Tara's frown, Willow looked into the girl's eyes. "You don't like it?" she asked, a pout forming on her face.

Tara nodded, afraid of angering the vampire. "I-I do. I-It's just that..." she cut off when she saw movement out of the corner of her eye, jerking her head in the direction.

"Calm down, Bunny. They won't hurt you. They know what would happen if they touch my pets without permission," Willow said, walking up to stand behind her frightened new pet.

Tara stiffened when she felt the vampire's arms snake around her waist and pull her back against a cold body. When Willow's head rested on her shoulder, Tara's heart started racing in her chest, afraid of what was going to happen. The redhead smiled at the sound of Tara's pounding heart and turned her head to brush her teeth lightly over the pulse point.

Tara gasped from both fear and pleasure at the light touch, her body wanting what her mind fought. "Oh, Goddess," Tara whispered, before continuing. "P-please p-p-pr-protect m-me."

Willow smiled as she brought her head back up and walked around to look into Tara's eyes. "What's wrong, Bunny? I thought I was suppose to protect you?"

Tara closed her eyes and fought her fear. She tried to remember everything she knew about vampires, but that didn't seem to help her. She searched her mind for a spell, one that she could use to get herself out of here, but the fear clouded her mind, making it impossible to think.

Willow smiled. "I like you, Bunny. I like you a lot. I kind of like the idea of the two of us running this town." Willow walked around the girl before her, until she was standing behind her once again. "I could turn you, let you get the taste of evil? Are you interested in that? Do you want to know what it's like to do what you want without consequences?"

Tara squeezed her eyes closed tighter, trying to force her body to listen to her brain. "I-I-I..."

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