Cataclysm Expedition

This is my first Big Bang Theory fan fiction and I never was going to write TBBT fan fiction because I thought it impossible to write Sheldon, but I decided TO SUPPORT SHAMY! So I'm writing this now.

This first chapter has mainly the whole group, but the whole story is going to be mostly Shamy and little of Lenny, Howard and Bernadette, Raj and Lucy.

Disclaimer; Don't own The Big Bang Theory. All rights go to the creators.

Chapter 1: Consequently Engine Problems.

" Remind me again why were driving halfway across the country for a science convention?" a regretful, peeved Penny muttered from the back seat. She was slouching and she swore to herself that if she spend another 4 hours crammed into this car she might just kill someone.

" It's actually pretty cool, they have multiple different guest speaking, some even from other countries," Leonard explained, peeking a view at her through the rearview. Penny on the other hand seemed as if she was going to die of boredom any second now. " Besides Denver has a lot of attractions, Six Flags, hiking, Mountain Skiing, natural spa centers etc," Leonard quickly added.

" That's the only reason I'm in this damn car," Penny sighed, crossing her arms.

" It wouldn't be so boring if you people had elected me road trip supervisor like I suggested," Sheldon murmured, he himself a bit bored with the stretching silence of the trip. Thanks to Leonard for imprudently inviting Penny on this trip, Sheldon lost a compromise which involved him to let Leonard be Road Trip supervisor. Something that cause him great displeasure.

" I find the scenery enjoyable. If you look for hours you tend to form images of people in the bushes or trees. I already saw 52 Penny's," Amy murmured, setting the atmosphere to even more awkward, as usual.

" Um. Okay. Are we there yet?" Penny turned her attention back to Leonard.

" We have precisely 800 miles to go. Answer to your redundant question would be no," Sheldon replied, actually testing Amy idea by glancing out the window himself. A while later, after Penny continuous groans, he did begin to see a face in the bushes.

Amy, Amy, Amy. He glanced away as soon as he realized that all the bushes form the image of Amy. He sneaked a peek at her now through the mirror. She was looking directly in front at him. In a split second their eyes even locked. Sheldon glanced away again, shifting his gaze at the road instead. Lately his thoughts surrounding Amy had been frequent. Every 3/8 of a second his mind would seemingly return to her. It had been really irritating lately, since it usually hit when he was trying to solve equations at work or when they'd be sitting at the couch and a sudden urge to be near her would crawl into his mind.

" We have 10 more hours to go," Leonard informed.

" Dear God, why didn't we just take the plane!" Penny groaned.

" Because we're staying there for two weeks bestie, it cheaper to bring our own car than pay for a couple unsanitary taxis all over Colorado,'' Amy informed. " Don't worry I'm sure the car ride would go faster now that it's approaching late afternoon," Amy suggested.

" Yay," Penny sarcastically replied with another long sigh. " This is going to be a long trip…"

-( Meanwhile in the other car)

" Tadadadadada," Bernadette sang chorus while Howard did the main lyrics.

They were both having the time of their lives while in the backseat Raj was uncomfortably staring at all directions except next to him.

" Can you believe these two, they've been singing that song for an hour and still going, someone kill me now" Raj whispered over to Lucy who just shyly nodded before edging closer to the car door.

" Um…you thirsty?" Raj asked.

" No thanks," Lucy attempted to smile, but she looked rather anxious. Almost as if she was ready to spring out the door this very moment even with a moving vehicle.

" Wow it's really empty out here, perhaps it would be better if we find a place to stay the night before continuing to drive," Bernadette suggested realizing the sun descending.

" That sounds like a perfect idea, we can finally enjoy our nap," Howard trailed off suggestively.

Bernadette grinned at that, while Raj rolled his eyes, and Lucy looked even more confuse than before, her hand gripping the bar of the car door.

" Ah, but Sheldon is not going to like stopping in early," Howard frowned disappointed.

" I don't know, it's pretty spooky out here," Bernadette said.

Lucy sank more into her seat at that thought.

" You know what's fascinating about driving?" Sheldon asked, for the tenth time.

" Not you," Both Leonard and Penny replied in perfect sync.

" For your information I was going to say that it's a good way to learn different facts about different locations we are traveling for example Nevada is not only famous for it's hectic casinos of burden but- ,"

Before Sheldon could finish the a loud clunk was heard in the car. The Check Engine light began blinking uncontrollable.

" Leonard, your check engine light is on," Amy informed, even though everyone else already knew by now.

" Guys, hold up there's something's wrong-," Leonard pressed on the accelerated, only to realize that it wasn't achieving the required speed. He pressed harder, nothing. In fact that car started to slow down until a loud ka-thunk sound came from the combustion area which made the car finally break down.

" What happened?" Penny asked as Leonard attempted to start the engine over and over.

" Something's not working right, it won't start,"

" This wouldn't have happened if we had gotten a car update check like I suggested," Sheldon murmured.

Leonard stepped out of the car, followed quickly by Penny. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

" Do you have any idea what's wrong with it?" Leonard asked Penny, everyone else turning to her.

" Hmm.. We'll let's see-," Penny poked around the engine for a while. Before sighing- " Nope this car is definitely broken. I have no idea what's wrong with it."

" This wouldn't have happen if I had been Road Trip Supervisor like-," Sheldon began

" Oh shut up Sheldon and help me try to fix it," Leonard snapped at him.

" Preposterous. You know my knowledge doesn't include vehicle hand mechanism- it's too messy," Sheldon replied equally.

" Don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but it's getting late. Aren't any of you worried of carnivorous starving wildlife creatures preparing to devour the most intellectual group for it's propose of having a keener generation of its kind," Amy came out of the car.

Everyone shot Amy a glance, including Sheldon.

" Don't be absurd Amy, a pack of creatures, such as wolves always go for the weakest member and since Howard isn't here, it's between Penny and Leonard. Most likely Leonard," Sheldon reassured.

" Why am I the first to die!?"

" You have asthma which makes running away difficult for you, and of course you're the shortest,"

" Well gee thanks, I'm glad to be number one on their menu," Leonard muttered now turning back to Penny.

" If you kids would stop fighting I think we have to go get help," Penny sighed closing the front lid to the hood.

" From where we are? In the middle of no where?" Sheldon protested.

" Bernadette and Howard are 20 minutes behind us, they should arrive shortly," Leonard replied. " But we still might need some help. I think two of us should go see if anyone can help us while the other two wait for Bernadette and Howard to arrive."

" Excellent idea Leonard, let's go," Sheldon said already starting to walk.

"No I was thinking I should go with Penny and you stay here with Amy,"

At that Amy face lit up.

" But, Travel Daily said that the number one thing to do if your car is stranded is to not stay in the vehicle," Sheldon now seemed more panicked at the thought of being stranded.

" Well next time when your Road Trip Supervisor you can pick who stays and who leaves, coming Penny?" Leonard snidely replied.

" Right behind you,"

" Isn't this great, we got a moment all to ourselves out here in the open space…alone," Amy scooted over to Sheldon.

He gulped silently, staring away from Amy's suggestive smile as she got nearer. " Hope this ends soon," he murmured uncomfortably.

" Bernie! Watch out!" Howard yelled, interrupting one of their songs

But before Bernadette can see a raccoon came out of no where. Bernadette jerked to the left. The car going off road and stumbling to the side.

" Is everyone okay?" Bernadette asked.

Lucy didn't seem so okay, but other than her everyone else nodded. As Bernadette went outside to inspect her car she noticed a flat tire on one of the front wheels.

" Bad news guys, I think we might have to call for help,"

" But there's no service,"

" You mean we're stranded!" Lucy gasped awkwardly moving back before she burst into a run.

" Wait come back!" Raj running after her.

" Maybe now we can take our nap," Howard suggested.

" Not now Howard, come on let's go look for help around here-," Bernadette shook her head at him. " if there is any help out here.."