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Chapter 4. Temporal Environmental Breakdown part 1

Lucy had been the first to run. Raj had to hand it to her. When it came to running away she was a pro. Even with Raj's extremely good diet ( recommended by Martha Stewart's book herself), he was a good couple of feet behind Lucy. It was only now that he wished he had taken lessons on how to tame lions back in India. After all how could a mountain lion have been any different. Come on legs, don't give up on me now, Raj forced himself to run faster. He could hear the mountain lion trailing them. The lion's movements sounded more like a pack of wild elephants to him. He didn't want to die now. He had a life to accomplish still! He had a bright future! How would the rest of his friend handle it if he was gone? He added diversity to the group! He added creativity! Worse! He wouldn't be able to catch episodes of Downtown Abbey anymore if he were gone. No I won't die, he told himself firmly and began to run faster, he had to survive.

( %)

What has just happened?

Amy stared profoundly into the seat ahead of her. She wasn't focus on the seat itself, but instead concentrating on what Sheldon had said right before he had his own mental breakdown. She had found the whole scenario pretty amusing. Although she was deeply bewildered throughout the majority of that. Right now she was thinking of a logical explanation to what had happen. Even though a small part of her brain cortex was inclining to the wild side and something was saying " Screw Logic Sheldon Cooper almost kissed you!" A slight smile played at her lips, even with the absurdity that her brain was coming up with now.

Focus Amy, she told herself once again trying to find the logical response to what had just happen. She treated the case as an analytical experiment. Starting with the question: What had made my- Sheldon almost kiss me? Even with his elevated fever he still had the capacity to think at least somewhat coherently. He still had control of all his senses, Amy thought this over. But…what if he really wasn't aware of his senses when he got near me? What if by then his brain had already consciously been misleading. A plausible conclusion but then, he did in fact pull away. If Sheldon wasn't truly aware wouldn't he have truly kissed me instead of pulling back on the very last millimeters. He started acting strange…- stranger as soon as I had talked to him. Had the weather effected his thinking habits or had the weather and our talk contributed to a mental breakdown. If that was true did he desire to kiss me or was that just something in his subconscious that had gone wrong?

Amy sighed. If he had desired to kiss her that would have been done already sick or not sick. She cast a look down. Sheldon had passed out right onto Amy. Amy had angled herself so that Sheldon head would be resting in her lap and the rest of his body could be sprawled in the backseat. She had to admit she was kind of liking the outcome of today even with all it's casualties. So maybe she didn't get a kiss..-but her boyfriend was taking a little "siesta in her lap'' something she never thought Sheldon would even consider. It wasn't even notified on the Relationship Agreement. Although he might find a way to include it as soon as he wakes up and regains his full health. She might as well enjoy it while it last. Tentatively she inspected Sheldon close up. Every single detail imprinted in Sheldon face Amy memorized. She didn't have photographic memory like Sheldon, but she had a very keen memory when it came to it. She once wondered how anybody could spend hours with Sheldon and not fall in love with his face, now she considered it impossible. Any woman could just stare at Sheldon beautiful face and be love struck forever in merely minutes. Her heart thumped as she continue to stare at his sleeping face. He looks more gorgeous when he sleeps, like an angel. Amy eyes stopped at his lips. Two flashbacks of when she has kissed those lips flashed before her. It has been a while since she's kissed him. A dirty desire burned in her. Amy considered maybe just quickly giving him a kiss. After all….he wouldn't try to stop her because he won't know what's going on. Taking advantage of his vulnerability seem…..like a one in a lifetime perfect opportunity. She couldn't just let it pass. She might not be so lucky another time. She angled her head down, reminded herself that it would only take a couple of seconds, Sheldon might not even wake up during the process, he won't know it happened. With that being stated she closed her eyes and leaned in….-Just as Sheldon was slowly opening his eyes.

Sheldon felt something wet and smooth touch his lips. His eyes fully opened now, progressing everything quickly. Warning flares were lighting up in his brain signaling UNWANTED HUMAN CONTACT! GERM ALERT! BEEP BEEP- that's when he noticed it had been Amy. Amy face was right up close to him. A little too close, her hair hanged all over his face. What's going on? Why is she-? Sheldon sat up abruptly ending the kiss. The world was still spinning. He felt cold, and a bit distraught.

" I'm sorry Sheldon I couldn't resist," Amy apologized.

She had just kissed him…while he was unconscious! Had he covered kissing while the other is otherwise completely unaware in the Relationship Agreement? He needs to cover that as soon as possible. His heart was reacting again. Instantly he remembered the virus, telling him the opposite of his own logic. He moved back, he needed to keep his distance from Amy. He didn't trust what the virus was possibly capable of doing. He felt his head beamed with sweat as he tried ignoring the feel of Amy lips to his. It had lasted 9 seconds. 4 seconds longer than the kiss months ago, and 6 seconds longer than the first kiss. This last kiss had been longer. Her lips had remained in his for 9 full seconds….-

" Sheldon?" Amy questioned.

" Amy we seriously need to have a concise discussion-,"


Both Sheldon and Amy let out a scream right as something landed on the car, soon followed by another bump.

" OPEN UP! OPEN UP!," Raj yelled slamming his hands on the window.

Sheldon and Amy just stared, taken too much by surprise to do anything.

" OPEN UP!" Raj yelled again.

Amy finally understood, going towards the door and unlocking it. Raj stepped right in, frantically closing the door from behind him.

" What's going on…Where's Lucy?" Amy asked.

" I'm right here," Lucy voice came from above the car.

Raj quickly rolled down the window as Lucy crawled in through the window quickly.

" Thanks," she said, the last of her feet dangling inside quickly.

" What are you running from?" Sheldon asked, pressed close to Amy, regardless of his last commitment of staying far away from her.

" That!" Raj pointed just as he rolled up the window before the appearance of not just one mountain lion, marching towards the car, but three.

The next moment, Sheldon fainted.


" It's awfully calm….- I keep expecting Sheldon to come back," Leonard murmured still staring at the direction Sheldon had gone. " Maybe he's actually gone." A smile crept in his face.

Penny shoved him.

" Ow. Okay, I was just joking," Leonard quickly apologized, rubbing his shoulder. He wondered what was it with Penny that made her so incredibly strong sometimes…or was he just weak.

" I'm getting pretty worried, they've been out for a while….-Maybe we should go look for them," Penny suggested, concern obviously showing in her face.

Leonard sighed, seeing it as inevitable to argue. " Howard, Bernadette. We're going to go look for them-,"

" Sure take your sweet time," Howard shot Leonard a look that he understood too well.

" Be careful," Bernadette advised.

When Leonard and Penny were from a hearing distance away , Penny murmured. " You know I thought Howard would be less weird now that he's married….deep down inside he's still the same creepy little man."

Leonard nodded with a grin.

A set of screams echoed out.

" You don't think it's-," Penny glanced over to Leonard.

" I don't know- let's go," they rushed towards the sound of the screams.

" Sheldon! Amy?…," Penny called out until she spotted Leonard car.

Leonard and Penny came to a halt.

3 mountain lions were surrounding the car where Raj, Lucy and Amy were screaming. They couldn't see Sheldon.

" Oh my gosh! Leonard! What should we do!" Penny turned to Leonard. " Do something,"

" M-Me….what should I do I mean I can't just go marching in there,"

" I don't know-we can't just leave them-,"

" No maybe we can. I- I mean maybe they'll leave them alone and go off to find easier prey," Leonard suggested already stepping back

On his way back he stumbled over a trunk. All 3 ferocious mountain lions glanced over to Leonard.

" Shit. Now what Leonard?" Penny groaned as the lions started walking curiously towards them.

Leonard pulled out his asthma inhaler.

" Oh you got to be kidding me," Penny shook her head, she had to think of something since Leonard was having an asthma attack over here. She lived in Nebraska, multiple times had her dad took her hunting. Penny tried remembering something her father said about lions. Why was she only remembering painting her dad nails as a prank…- and then it snapped.

" Don't run! I'll chase right after you-just stand still," Penny warned Leonard, who was apparently took another breather into his inhaler.

" Then what?" Leonard asked.

" Try to show that you are not afraid. Pretend to look huge… then it'll just leave,"

" What if it doesn't?" Leonard tried doing exactly what Penny suggested.

" If it doesn't then it'll attack us. In which case Leonard I suggest you fight as you never fought before," Penny grumbled back, a little too harsh.


Sheldon woke up a minute later. He was beginning to have a headache. His eyes turned to Raj, Lucy, and Amy who had their attention towards sometimes outside the car's perimeter. He instantly remembered the mountain lions.

" What happened?" he asked, still keeping his slight distance from Amy.

" Apparently the bizarre group of felines headed straight for Penny and Leonard. If Penny is smart she would sacrifice Leonard," Amy quickly informed.

Sheldon made a face. If Penny was smart, as if. As he watched from the window he thought of the absurdity of such a thing as 3 mountain lions. An attack of a mountain lion is really rare, but 3. That is a 1 in a million chance of encountering such a thing.

" S-Shouldn't we…I don't know-go help them," Lucy suggested, crouching in the far side of the front seat.

" Good idea! We need to go help them. I handle a craze group of addictive monkeys- I doubt I can't handle these 3 otherwise ferocious mountain lions." Amy turned to the others for encouragement.

The others just stared back. Something registered in Sheldon. He wasn't sure he liked these new feeling either. Amy couldn't possibly be considering going out there. That was preposterous. Not to mention that thanks to his infectious annoying virus, he felt a pang of fear if Amy went out there on her own. He quickly put that thought aside, blaming it on his disease again. He just wanted to lay down back home and have someone sing soft kitty to him.

" Hey! Look the mountain lions are turning away!" Lucy pointed.

Sheldon glanced over, surprised to see the mountain lions go off on their own while Penny stood there without so much of a flinch. Fascinating…Penny once again finds herself somewhat useful. Maybe Leonard had done something right when he decided to talk to her. The moment the mountain lions were gone they made their way inside the car. Slowly Penny breathed a sigh of relief…

" Scoot Over!" she ordered as soon as she got in the car.

Lucy, Raj, and Amy were all glancing at her in utter surprised as they made room. Sheldon moved to the farthest side.

Leonard was having a momentarily breakdown, while inhaling continuously on his inhaler.

" How did you do that bestie! Here I thought I knew everything about you and then there you go awing me even more so," Amy grinned over at Penny. " You're definitely a golden goddess."

Penny smiled " I always have my ways around things,"

" No kidding," Leonard murmured from behind, looking way more pale than anybody else had seen him before.

" Glad to know you kids are okay- so what did we miss?" Penny's eyes automatically came to Sheldon.

Everyone in the car stayed quiet. Lucy had been to shy to intervene in a conversation, Raj still couldn't speak, Sheldon was still not okay, and Amy was not sure what vital information should she spill out about what had happen in the last couple of minutes.

" Sheldon?" Penny encouraged. There was definitely something wrong when Sheldon Cooper won't talk. " What happened?" now Penny was curious and turned to the others.

" Nothing happened. Why do you infer that something happen? Just because I decided to take a inexplicable moment to rephrase my thoughts from being spoken, while the others tend to do the same doesn't mean that something occur of importance for you to ask," Sheldon mumbled, scooting over the farthest side of the seat.

" OOOh-kay- so something happen," Penny concluded, then glanced at Raj for any clues.

He shrugged, obviously clueless.

" Come on! Something obviously happen between you two," Penny encouraged.

" I suggest we leave this conversation until later bestie, I'm also not sure how to precede on the events of tonight," Amy murmured glancing down, a slight hue forming in her cheeks.

" We should all just take a break. It's been a long night and who knows how tomorrow will be," Leonard sighed.

Penny narrowed her eyes at Amy.

" Fine, but tomorrow you will tell me everything," she pointed her finger at Amy accusingly before making herself comfortable in the back seat.

Great-another uncalled too tight situation. Just mock me all you want universe, Sheldon thought miserably trying to get at least a decent spot in the car.

Tomorrow. Sheldon didn't want to think about tomorrow. If tonight was awful he couldn't possibly imagine how much worse tomorrow can get. Not to mention this stupid virus could get out of hand. Right now he had an escalated fever. What if by tomorrow he had nausea, diarrhea, lubricant mucus, a neurological breakdown, a parasitic worm, cholera, -

" Are you all right now Sheldon?" Amy whispered over


Sheldon hesitated, " You out of all people should know that I am most definitely not all right….I just want to go home."

Amy frowned. " Sheldon you are being unreasonable,"

" Unreasonable? Ever since the car broke down nothing exceptionally or remotely good has happened. Look at what happened a while…-I am not being unreasonable I am being realistic," Sheldon quickly diverted from the subject. He didn't want to think of the almost kiss with Amy and the later kiss.

" Who are you Sheldon?" Amy demanded.

Sheldon frowned, raising an eyebrow in bewilderment to the question. " Who am I?"

" Aren't you the Dr. Cooper who excels in everything of the universe! Who is always prepared for any catastrophic event whatsoever, who has the most ingenious quirky remarks and knows exactly what to say to every situation. Aren't you the most brilliant gift to humankind? Are you honestly going to let this hospitable environment get the best of Sheldon Cooper. Because if you are, then you are most definitely not the Dr. Cooper I know," Amy eyes locked completely on Sheldon.

" I hadn't thought of that…-," Sheldon murmured back. Thinking it over…She was right. He was Sheldon Cooper! THE SHELDON LEE COOPER! His knowledge of all remote things should come in handy now-He couldn't let the wildlife take the best of him. He just had to logically outsmart this situation until logic gets him out.

Amy smiled, obviously noticing his mood beginning to change. " Goodnight Sheldon," Amy set herself as comfortable as any one could get in a the backseat of a car.

Sheldon stiffen suddenly. A thought occur to him. He has never slept this close to Amy before…- He shook his head. He'll have to handle this virus one way or another. After all it's not the wildlife he has be careful with.

Meanwhile Raj couldn't maintain from grinning in the front seat while watching Amy and Sheldon. They are so adorable…extremely weird….but adorable. Raj glanced over at Lucy who was at the driver seat, somehow finding the steering wheel as a pillow. Well I guess they're not the only weird ones…-

Part 2 should be more fun to write. I wrote another " Shamy" story so please check it out! It's called In fragments. Until next time take care.