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Ying and Yang

Chapter 1: The Gem of Time

Since the dawn of time that is the biggest mystery. Time, itself could never be contained precious seconds turn into minutes as they turn into hours. Soon hours become days and days become years but still life goes on. Legend says however that there was a mystical gem that could make a person travel through time and space. Master Oogway, a wise turtle and Kung Fu Masters was the only keeper of the gem. But he never used it for he knew the consequences of what would happen if someone tampered with time. Yet, in the future he had no choice but to give it to two young children in order to save their future they had to go into the past. He told them in order to succeed they must stick together no matter what for together they made the ultimate fighting force. This is where our story begins at the Jade Palace in the past. A young panda named Po was at the peach tree meditating when he heard a soft purr behind him. "Hello kitten would you like to join me", Po asked with a smile as his eyes were still closed.

"Of course my Dragon Warrior", a female tiger responded as she curled up to him. Her name was Tigress and she was the leader of a great fighting force called The Furious Five. Po opened his green eyes to gaze into Tigress's golden eyes. They have been dating for a year ever since he saved all of China from a deranged peacock. He held her in his arms as they watched the sun set in the sky. "It is so beautiful isn't it Po", Tigress said with a smile.

"Not as beautiful as you my sweet Tigress", Po whispered in her ear. Tigress blushed and gently rubbed noses with her panda. She couldn't believe in her whole life that she could find someone who loves her so deeply like how Po did. He was kind, loyal, brave and very cute. At times he could be childish, lazy, and annoying but Tigress wouldn't change a thing about him. Po loved Tigress for her fighting spirit and how she never gave up. At times she could be cold and distant but soon Po melted her heart and found out she was the sweetest person alive. He loved hearing her laugh and seeing her smile made his heart skip a beat. When they walked through the village square and some girls would give Po flirty smiles or remarks Tigress would tighten her hold on his arm and let a small growl. But Po would put her mind at ease by kissing her sweet lips and telling her that she was the only one for him. Then she would smile and ignore the looks and comments as they had a wonderful day together. Soon night fell and Po led Tigress inside to make dinner for their family. Then afterwards he would do the dishes while the others helped clean up. Tigress brought over some more dishes and casually wrapped her tail around Po's leg. He blushed at the gesture and smiled at her with such a loving gaze. She smiled back and gave him a small wink as she walked away her hips swayed with every step. "I am the luckiest guy to ever walk the Earth", Po said to himself. Later that night he went to bed and Tigress pinned him to the wall nearby. She rubbed her head on his chest as she purred deeply.

Then gave him a kiss on the lips and whispered", Good night Po pleasant dreams".

"Good night Tigress sweet dreams", he whispered as he kissed her back. Then she released him and went to bed as he did the same. Unbeknown to them the sky began to darken and everything became very still. Then out of the darkness a bright purple lightning bolt struck down on the ground and in a flash two children appeared. Soon it began to rain as the two kids got to their feet.

"Are we in the right place?" the young girl asked as she looked around.

"I think so at least it looks like the right place", the boy said. He helped his sister to her feet and then they spotted the Jade Palace. Hoping beyond hope that they finally were at their destination for they had a very important mission to complete and time was of the essence. The boy hid a purple gem in his bag as they walked up the stairs. Po woke up late for a midnight snack and heard a small knock at the door. He wondered who would come here at this time of night but went down the hall to open the door. To his surprise two very wet and tired children stood before him. One was a male white tiger with golden eyes wearing a black tunic. Around his neck he wore half of a Ying Yang charm and was wearing the dark part with the white dot in it. The other child was a black and white panda with golden eyes as well. She wore a blue tunic and was wearing the other half of a Ying Yang charm and it was the white part with the black dot in it.

"Hello can I help you?" Po asked as he led the kids in. They exchanged a look that they knew they had finally come to the right place. The little panda walked up to Po and smiled with a very happy smile.

"Hello my name is Ying and this is my brother Yang. We have traveled a very long ways and we desperately need your help", she said in a soft tone.

"Of course I will help but let me wake my Master up and see what we can do". Po said. He led them into the kitchen and told them to wait there. He gave them some left over dumplings and went to find Shifu. Soon the others were awoken and they all went into the kitchen to see the two children.

"Po tells me you two children are in need of help? May I ask what you need help from?" Master Shifu asked kindly.

"We need help to", Ying began but her brother Yang cut her off.

"To learn Kung Fu are parents sent us here to learn Kung Fu, Yang said and Ying nodded in agreement.

"I see well that is strange your parents didn't come with you but if you are willingly to learn then I will become your Master", Shifu said with a smile.

"Thank you ever so much Master", Ying said bowing and her brother Yang copied her. Shifu told Po to take the kids into a spare room. When they were going to separate the kids Yang argued with that.

"My sister and I shall sleep in the same room", he said but Ying nudged him in the arm and gave him a stern look. "I mean may we please stay in the same room Master Po?" Yang said again rubbing his arm.

"No problem kids here hope you two will be comfortable", Po said and motioned them in. "I will be down the hall so call if you need anything", he said. The two children agreed and closed the door. Once they were alone they began to talk.

"Nice cover brother I would have messed everything up by telling them about our real reason for being here", Ying said as she sat on her cot.

"No worries sis you are honest and that is nothing to apologize for but for right now let's just go with our story about wanting to learn Kung Fu", Yang said sitting on his cot.

"Do you think we will be able to complete our real mission?" Ying asked in a worried tone.

"Oogway said if we stick together we will be successful but remember try not to reveal too much or everything could be ruined", her brother said.

"Alright Yang good night", Ying said and drifted off to sleep as her brother watched over her.

"Good night Ying pleasant dreams", he said as he too fell asleep.

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