Chapter 7: Back to the Future

Little Ying stood there holding the Gem of Time in her paw. She knew what would happen if she broke it. Blackheart would vanish and go to a place that was outside of time. But so would her and her brother. "You are bluffing Ying you don't have the guts to do it. Face it you're no Yang", Blackheart sneered as he took a step. Ying proving that she wasn't bluffing tightened her grip on the gem and Blackheart stopped in his tracks.

"Let my family go", Ying said firmly.

"Do you realize what you will do? You and your brother will never go home again. You won't exist if that stone breaks your entire future will be destroyed!" Blackheart yelled.

"I would rather not exist then live in a future dominated by you", Ying said. Then she looked at her brother and said", Yang, are you with me?"

"I am with you till the end my sister. Do it destroy the stone if we can't go back then neither can he. Do it Ying save our past protect the future", he cried out.

"Very well", Ying said.

"Ying no don't do it!" Po yelled.

"We will find another way!" Tigress cried as tears fell from her face.

"I'm sorry mom, sorry dad, I love you both but I can't let Blackheart win", Ying said as a tear fell from her face. "Goodbye", she said.

"No, don't!" Blackheart screamed he ran at Ying but it was too late the little panda threw the stone onto a rock shattering it into pieces. Suddenly a purple mist was out and wrapped itself around Blackheart making him vanish. He watched in horror as his arm and legs disappeared. Then with a final yell he was gone. The shadows they held everyone disappeared and everyone dropped to the floor. Tigress and Po ran toward their kids but it was too late. Ying's paw began to vanish as did Yang's. The two children face their parents with saddened faces.

"Oh Ying Yang no this isn't happening!" Tigress cried.

"There has to be a way to stop this!" Po cried.

"I am sorry but there is no way", Shifu said sadly as a tear fell from his face. Everyone else soon joined in as they watched the two children who had won their hearts slowly disappear.

"Don't worry mom, dad you guys are alive so we will be born again", Ying told them her voice barely above a whisper.

"We will see you again and don't worry we will look out for each other", Yang said as he held Ying's paw. The two kids looked at each other with true terror wondering if they would ever see their family again.

"Yang I am scared", Ying said with tears in her eyes.

"Don't you dare let go Ying just hold on to me", Yang said as he held her tighter. "I love you Ying", he said with tears.

"I love you too Yang", Ying said and then they hugged each other for maybe the last time. Just then they necklaces came together and then something wonderful happened. A huge Ying Yang symbol covered the children and a black and white light zapped the pieces that were once the pieces of the Gem of Time. Everyone watched in wonder as the Gem of Time was fixed and once again was whole. The lights disappeared and Ying and Yang stood before them but this time they were solid again. "Hey Yang we are still here", Ying said with a smile.

"Yeah we are not vanishing anymore awesome!" Yang cried. Tigress and Po were so happy to see their children that Tigress scooped up both children in her arms covering them with kisses.

"Oh my sweet babies you are safe. Don't you two ever scare me like that again!" she cried as she hugged them.

"Mom, choking not breathing", Yang gasped as Ying wiggled free only to have their dad give them another massive bear hug.

"I am so proud of you kids my sweet angels", he told them.

"Thanks dad", Ying said as Yang managed to wiggle free of his mother's massive bear hug.

"Not that I am complaining but why are we solid again?" Yang asked in confusion.

"It would appear that your bond was so strong that you conjured up a Ying Yang symbol there by balancing out time itself so you two were stable again", Shifu explained.

"We did that? Awesome we beat Blackheart and saved time go us!" Yang exclaimed as he gave his sister a high five. Just then the Gem of Time began to glow and a portal was forming.

"Looks like our ride is here", Ying said with a smile. She hugged her dad and mom and said goodbye to her grandpa, aunt and uncles. "We will see you guys soon", Ying told them.

"Bye everyone thanks for the awesome adventure", Yang said as he gave everyone a hug goodbye.

"Bye kids", Po said.

"We will see you soon", Tigress said. Ying and Yang grabbed their stuff and held each other's paws then jumped through the portal. "Think they will be okay?" Tigress asked in a worried tone.

"Oh yeah those two will be just fine", Po said in with a smile.

In the Future

"Come on Yang let's go fishing", Future Po said.

"Coming dad!" Yang exclaimed happily as he grabbed his fishing pole. Ying and her mom were in the kitchen as Ying was showing her mom how to make dumplings. Their paws were covered in flour but they were smiling. Just then June, Viper and Crane's snake child came in.

"Guys come quick there are bandits in the valley", she cried. June was pure white like her dad but was a snake like her mom.

"Get the others are I will grab Yang", Ying said as she hugged her mom goodbye.

"Be careful sweetie", Tigress called.

"I will mom", Ying called. She grabbed Ying and they grabbed Jason who was Mantis's son and then they grabbed Susan who was Monkey's daughter. All five of them ran into the city as wolf bandits were attacking the city.

"Hey boneheads!" Yang snarled.

"Who are you?" asked the leader.

"We are the Furious Five and no one messes with our home!" Ying yelled and then they attacked the bandits. So, in the future all members of the Furious Five had kids but as time passed Ying retired very early and started her own business but she happily closed her shop to help her brother and her friends. Po and Tigress as well as the others did have their duties but they were always there for their kids. Since Blackheart was destroyed in the past he never became the monster he was now in the future. Instead he became a blacksmith and had his own kids. And they all lived happily ever after.

The End

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