I remember there was once a game called Turbotime. I would always go down to the arcade every weekend, just waiting to play that game! My friends and I waited in line, out allowance in our pockets, watching as every kid took a turn racing. It was so much fun! I remember watching Turbo hold his trophy, grinning, his yellow teeth showing. He would always say the same thing: Turbo- Tastic! I didn't realize then that phrase would be my nightmare.

When I was 12, I walked down to the arcade alone. I haven't went to the arcade in what seems like years! I stopped in the parking lot, stunned to see the arcade owner and two men carrying out Turbotime and another game.

"Hey!" I called, "Where are you takin' those two games?"

The owner looked over at me, but he wasn't smiling.

"These games are broken, it seems like Turbo himself was swapped into this game here!" He said, patting the console's side.

"Well... can I just play Turbotime once more before it's sent away?" I asked, a little disappointed my to see my childhood being thrown away.

"Sure!" The owner said, and peeled off the out of order sign from the screen. He then nodded to the men, who pushed the games around to the back of the arcade, and plugged it into an outlet.

I followed them, and waited for the, to leave before putting in my quarter. The screen lit up, and Turbo drove onto the screen, and turned to me. It seemed normal, except his expression seemed twisted. The emotion he showed scared me, was it anger and hatred I saw on his pixel face? Before I could look closer, he drove away. I waited for the starting screen to show. Instead it was some other game, a 3D one. I gasped, realizing this was the one I saw being removed. Was this game bugged?

I pressed the start button, feeling nervous. I watched as the scene faded in, some cars at a raceway. 3...2...1... Go! I moved the joystick, steering my car around the track. The game seemed normal, even fun, but I was still wondering why I was playing a different game on the wrong console. I almost jumped as I heard something familiar.

"Turbo- Tastic!"

My eyes grew wide as I watched Turbo drive across my screen. I realized this seemed more bugged then I thought. Other cars started disappearing of my screen, and soon it went black. It lit up again, and my car was some where else. It was a narrow tunnel, barley any light on the screen. I squinted, trying to make out where my car was.

I slowly moved the joystick further, careful not to bump my character into anything. It's head lights turned on, and my breath hitched. There was blood everywhere, heads and limbs of dead racers scattered through out the tunnel. I thought I saw something moving up ahead, so I moved towards it.

The blood soon turned into messages: Turbo- Tastic!

I noticed this game was being removed for a reason. The thing moving ahead came closer, and I saw a familiar yellow grin. Before I could back up, I heard it again.

"Turbo- Tastic!"

I screamed and jumped back as Turbo's face appeared on my screen, covered with blood. The screen faded to black, and a game over screen appeared. I turned and ran as fast as I could, not wanting to look back, but it seemed like Turbo was following me, screaming his horrible catchphrase at me.