AN: well I hav noffing 2 say but evrt1 stup glamming ok!111 if any gofik ppl r reading dis den u rok!11 omg I stil kant wait 4 da season!1 clyde is so hot lol i hop kyle wil bekum gofik koz mi frend told me he iz rlly emo in dees episodz!1111 omg im leeving dubya pretty soon kant wait! Diz wil prolly be da last chaptah until I kum bak.

"Dat's mi car!" shooted Kyle angrily. But suddenly it was revealied who was in da car. It wuz….Mr. Garrison!

"I shall free you Makky but first you must help me kill these idiotic donderheads." he said cruelly from the car as it flew circumamcizing above us. "Indigo Sh'adoy Evilus Karen Payne must be killed. Den the Dork Lord shall never die!"

"You fucking prep!" yelled Kyle. Then he loked at me sadly. "I forgot to tell u, Indigo. Garrison made me do it with him. I didn't really have sexx him but he's a ropeist!"

We all put our clothes on quickly except Cthulu. We were so scarred!1 But Cthulu didn't change. Instead he changed into a kid with rad eyes, blak hair, a blak shit and white skin. He had changed into… Damiem!111

"I knew who thou were all along." he cackled evilly and sarcastically at me. "Now I shall kill thee all!" Thunder came in da room.

"No plz don't kill us!" pleaded Raven. Suddenly Kenny, Sp'ooky Wendy, Diabooboo, Baybay, Realer, Nightmare and Chair, Cratman, Ike, Charcoal, Tweeg, Sheela, Rundy and Gerald all ran in.

"What is da meaning of dis?" Sheela asked all angrily and Damyen lookd away (bcos sheela is da only persan he is scared of.) He did a spell and suddenly his surfboard came to him sexily. Daxien flew above the roof evilly on his surfbord.

"Oh my goth!" Shef gosped. (geddit kos im goffik)

"The Dark Lord shall kill all of you. Then you must submit to him!" Garrison ejaculated menacingly.

"You fucking preppy fags!" Rundy shouted angrily.

"I know a four-letter word 4 dirt, TOWELIE!" screamed Stan but da towel only hit Kyle's car. It fell down Garryson quickly crowled out of it and picked up the cideo camera.

"Oh my fucking cod!1" I cried becoze the video of me in da bathrum, the video of me dong it wif Kile and the video of Cthulu doing it with

"If you kill me then deze cideos will be shown to everyone in the skull. Then u can be just like that goffik girl Mona Marshall." He laughed meanly.

"No!" I scremed. "FYI I hav da picter of u doing it with Makky!11"

"Whats she talking abott, m'kay?" Mackey slurped as he sat in chains.

"I saw 2 she's gunna show evry1 da picter!111" Stan shouted angrily.

"Shut up!111'" Mickey roared.

"Foolish ignoramuses!" yielded Damien from his surfboard. "Thou shall all dye soon."

"Think again you fucking macfarlane poser!1" Stan yelled and then he and Diabooboo and Cratman both took out blak guns! But Damyen took out his own one.

"U guyz are in a Latin stand-of, the 2nd most razist stand-of der is!111" I shouted despariedrly.

"Acco Curtman's wand!11" cried Damrien nd suddenly Crayman's wind was in his hands. "Now I shall kill thee all and Ivnigo u will die!11111"

He maid lighting come all over da place.

"Save us Indigo!" Sheelar cried.

I cried sexily I just wanted 2 go 2 the commen room and slit my wrists with mi friends while we watched Orgazmo and Saw 2 and do it with Kyle but I knew I had 2 do somefing more impotent.

"ABRA KEDABRA!11111" I shooted.

Non-Parody AN: Well, it's over. I hope you liked it. :) I'm actually kind of sad to see this fic go. It's just hilarity from beginning to end. Anyways, until next time, this is the newly renamed SpongeBat1 signing off!