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You shouldn't have come, dammit.

How many times had he thought of those particular words in the course of half an hour? About ten or so. How many times had he walked away from this concealed corner of the airport next to bathrooms, only to return right back? He'd say five, more or less. How many times had he checked the big LCD monitor on the wall, labeled "Arrivals"? Close to twenty.

And how many times had the fat security guard passed by with a suspicious sideways glance? Well, counting this one right now, that'd be four, which accounted for the fourth awkward smile at the man and stuffing his hands even deeper down his pockets. Admittedly, he was pacing around like a nervous wreck, looking for someone that just wasn't arriving, and trying to go by unnoticed to the rest of the passersby, so he'd understand if the staff in the entrance area was starting to grow distrustful of him, but hopefully he wouldn't be around long enough for that suspicion to turn full-blown interrogation regarding his terroristic intentions. The flight information display stated that the only plane coming from North City had arrived about ten minutes ago, which meant its passengers should be reaching the exit area any second now.

One Mississippi. Two Mississippi. Three Mississippi.

He'd tried so hard not to come meet Videl here, choosing to wait for her back at her place instead, struggling to focus his mind on anything that'd take the anticipation away but nothing had worked. The game console they had back at his room had done the trick for about five minutes or so, but since Sharp was out - "Date night, bro. Don't wait up!" - no single-player game had measured up to provide what he needed. The TV was a bust too, of course, as was any type of studying - quantum physics included - and in a minute of desperation, he'd actually considered calling Bulma up on her cellphone, just so she could relay all the cool stuff she'd learned that day on the conference she was attending. That wouldn't have been such a bad idea if it wasn't for her son's loud mouth…

"Why is it that my Trunks thinks you're either on drugs or getting laid? And yes, he did use those exact words," she had told him earlier that day, apparently right after having pried it out of the kid himself via cellphone. "You told Videl, didn't you?" He could only insist they'd talk about it when she got home so many times, so he was only asking for trouble if he'd get in touch with her again before that.

Things were really out of his control; it wasn't his fault his brain couldn't shut down nor be satisfied. Videl was coming back. Finally! And this time around, he pitied the fool who'd get in their way again. Hopefully they'd like water, 'cause he'd find the tiniest, most miserable deserted island he could find in the middle of the ocean and leave them there to rot. No mercy for the wicked!

Suddenly, a big crowd exited the wide hallway ahead and dissipated throughout the lobby. The girl in the information booth had singled it out as being where the arriving passengers would emerge from, so it was the very same hallway he'd been scoping from his secluded spot ever since. His heart raced as he analysed every face that'd come into sight, but then it downright exploded when he saw her.

As beautiful as she was before, the distance had made her flawless. No way would he ever be able to let her go again; she was getting her own personal stalker boyfriend if any other inhumane trip to the other side of the world was in her future, that's for sure. His thigh and calf muscles were jerking uncontrollably, his legs wanting to disregard any halt from his mind and jump towards her, but he couldn't. Not without knowing if her father was near. The man already disliked him with a passion as it was.

He couldn't say it wasn't mutual.

His eyes trained on her figure, he watched as she dropped her duffle bag to the ground to reach for her pocket. She took out her cellphone and grabbed the bag again, throwing the strap over her shoulder while a well-practiced thumb tapped against the device's screen. It came up to her ear as she began to walk his way, very slowly.

A second later, his pocket was vibrating. Smiling to himself, having a pretty good clue as to who might be calling his own cellphone right now, he took the thing and slid his thumb against the glass to answer it. "Hello?"

He'd never really understood the purpose of the front facing camera on his cellphone until that very moment. If he wasn't here, he would've missed that precious smile that'd formed on her lips, just before saying, "Hey, I've just landed."

Leisurely, as to not attract her attention just yet, he walked towards her - apparently by herself, thankfully - a cheeky grin overcoming him. "Hey, can I call you back? There's this really cute girl here and I think I'm gonna go talk to her."

He had to bite his lips not to break character when she stopped on her tracks. "W...What? Are you serious?"

"I'm seriously gonna die if she gives me the boot, that's for sure," he told her while suppressing a chuckle. "Do you think she'll kiss me?"

Her face was priceless, lips gapped and unbelieving, but that soon changed when her blue eyes spotted him approaching. With a sigh he could hear through the phone, her whole body visibly relaxed. "I don't know," she said warmly to the device in her hand. "Maybe she's just a little out of your league."

Just a little? She was being generous. "Aww, ya think so?"

She shrugged a shoulder. "Well, considering she can't stop talking to some other guy over the phone, I say your chances are meagre. I'm betting he's hot; you can't compete with that."

His tongue clicked, mocking defeat. "Curses, foiled again."

Videl almost fell to her knees, hunched over and free hand to her mouth to cover up a loud cackle. No, don't muffle it, he almost told her. Why would she ever want to deny him of that sweet sound? It was a matter of absolute pride to him, her laughter, a true measure of the man he was. Sense of humour in itself was a trait long forgotten in the assessment of his character, but one which he'd missed dearly, as unimportant was it might seem. To be able to draw such raw and genuine expressions out of a person - a smile, a laugh, a cheerier disposition - was a type of power he wasn't all that used to, which was probably why he found it so invaluable. It was of peace, not of war like his strength and his fighting abilities.

Regaining herself, her blue gems looked up to him again, shiny and satisfied. Her phone was discarded, returning to her pocket, and he did the same to his own as the lasts steps were taken between them. Immediately, her bag thudded on the floor as she hugged him around the waist, his arms surrounding her just as fast. Her cheek was squeezed really hard against his chest and his nose against her hair, green apples allowing the inherent comfort and the ability to erase the busy terminal around them. Deep breaths came from both. "You're just what the doctor ordered," she half-whispered against him.

His smile deepened against her tresses. "Rough day, huh?"

"Urgh…" she groaned, shoulders slumped. "Hell is rough, this is just the universe toying with me." Poor thing… Three whole days surrounded by her father's fame and all the ass-kissing and fake smiles it encompassed; how she loved that. "But I guess I had it coming."

"What do you mean?" he asked her.

Her arms loosened their grip a little, allowing her to look up into his eyes. "All day yesterday, while we were at that school, I kept begging in my head for my dad to stop talking, so today I got my wish. He's giving me the silent treatment now. And being a total asshole about it too."

"He's not talking to you?" Videl shook her head side to side in confirmation. "Why?"

"He was being a jerk yesterday, and I kinda… told him we were dating."

His eyes expanded to their full abilities. "You… told him?" She nodded shyly. It wasn't that he didn't want the man to know about them or anything, but… he wasn't expecting it to happen so soon. Not even Bulma knew they were official yet. Well, she must've assumed, he guessed, but still. "Should I sleep with one eye open from now on?"

"Pffft. As if," she said, returning her cheek to his chest. "You'd totally kick his ass." True, but he wouldn't want to be a bully to his girlfriend's father. He could just imagine the tension during future family gatherings if his father-in-law kept this stupid grudge against him, so last he needed was to make it worse. Not that they'd get married anytime soon, of course. Or ever, really. If Videl didn't want to, that is. Because he'd want to. Probably. In the future. Not right now.

Sometimes he wished his brain dead.

Hurriedly, so as not to think anymore, his hands travelled to her warm face and tilted it up to his. "You're here now," he told her, leaning down to place a soft peck on her lips. "So forget about him."

"I am." She returned the kiss with one of her own, thin arms snaking up to his neck, hanging loosely around it. "And you're too, for some unfathomable reason. Have you been stalking me?" she teased.

"Hey, you came to meet me at the bus station too. Why am I a stalker?" Forget the fact that it'd almost kill him not to stalk her during these three days. She didn't need to know that.

A thin amused eyebrow arched above her eye. "Because that was a five minute drive from campus, not forty."

A-ha, but that's just it. A big smirk etched itself on his face. "Who said I drove?"

"Oh…" she uttered, understanding eyes growing larger for a moment, "so you took the scenic route."

"But of course." It turned a forty minute drive into five to ten, and even if he'd long grown accustomed to "keeping things normal" by sticking to earth-bound transportation, flying got him to his girlfriend faster and more easily, so what's not to love about it? "And… I was thinking," he continued, suddenly contracting a severe case of the jitters, as proven by the trusty hand that flew to the back of his skull. "We can take a cab back to campus if you prefer, but… well, if you want to... I can… maybe fly us back?"

"Hmm, lemme think." An index finger tapped playfully against her chin. "An old taxi that smells like farts, or your big strong arms around me while we fly above the city… Gosh, that's a tough one."

It made him chuckle. His big strong arms held her tighter against him, while his lips kissed her cheek, her jaw, her neck as he spoke, "Well, I try to smell a little better than farts, if that'll help in your decision."

Her head leaned against his kisses. "You smell like heaven," she whispered through a soft exhale. He kissed her lips now. No, he couldn't kiss her on the lips, dammit. They'll never leave this godforsaken airport if he did. Three long pecks - that's it; none more - and he compelled his mouth to leave hers, opting instead for the connection of their foreheads.

"I missed you, Vi."

"I missed you too."

His forehead left hers and he placed a soft kiss there, grabbing her duffle bag from the ground and bringing the strap over his head to sit across his shoulder and chest. Taking her hand, they silently walked outside. It wasn't long before they'd reached the darkened corner he'd landed at, right in the middle of some bushy trees that would cover their ascent perfectly fine. No need for top speed or anything, which was great considering he didn't want Videl to be scarred of flying right off the bat. Hopefully she wouldn't; he really wanted her to learn it herself, in the future.

Their hands disconnected when he turned around to meet her, a soft smile on his face. "Ready?"

A deep breath from her. "I'm… kinda nervous, actually."

"It's only natural," he told her. "Don't worry, you'll get used to it." He stepped closer and held her around the waist, grabbing one of her hands and placing it behind his neck. The other one immediately followed it there. "I'd never drop you. Ever."

"I know," she said shyly. "It's just… different, is all."

He kissed her, just for a moment. There was nothing he could say to take away that nervous feeling that was probably crumpling up her belly, so he just had to get it over with as soon as possible. His arms tightened around her. Anticipating the lift, hers did the same around his neck. She gasped and held him tighter still when their feet slowly left the ground, and then he took them up. And up, and up, all the way into the dark sky so only trembling specks of light were seen beneath them. When he stopped, he hovered there for a moment, kissing her hair while she hid her face against his neck. "You okay?" he whispered.

A small nod was her answer, but it wasn't exactly truthful, since he could feel her trembling against him, breathing heavily through her mouth. But she wouldn't let fear win her over. Not his awesome, brave girlfriend. He gave her a minute, just placing small kisses all over her the parts of her he could reach - arms, shoulders, forehead - and after that minute, she looked up to his face. "I'm okay," she said, and it made him bloated with pride.

"Then look down," he told her softly, but it wasn't to make mockery of her achievement over her fears with how high they actually were, of course, even if he wondered if she'd take his words that way. He simply knew she'd forget everything else once she saw the view.

And that was exactly what happened.

Videl looked all around them - up, down, behind her - and with every new direction, the wider her eyes, the bigger the "O" her mouth was producing. "Oh, Gohan… It's amazing."

With the way she was staring around fascinated, with the way the moon was shining against her blue eyes, casting a glow so radiant over them, he had to keep telling himself not to kiss those lips, alluring as they were, just so he wouldn't interrupt her while she enjoyed the sights. These overhead views of city lamps and traffic lights had become mundane for him as time went by, but they were now presenting themselves with a whole new interest. The view beneath their feet might have been an old one, but it was giving him a completely new work of art to look at, right here in his arms. She enjoyed her view, while he was enjoying his own. Well, as much as he could, anyway. After a while, it all proved too much, so before he'd fallen even deeper into the enchantment, he decided to say, "Ready to go home?"

She looked back into his eyes, and for a moment he cursed the words for ever leaving his mouth. "Can we do this again soon? It's really beautiful up here."

He smiled. "Whenever you want to."

They kissed once more to seal the deal, and he started flying them back to campus, not too fast, not too slow. A few silent minutes proved enough to get them there, and after a super-quick descent onto his favorite alley - and a yelp from his girlfriend, as much as he'd warned her it was going to be harsh - they were walking to her house, entering it not too long after.

"Home, sweet, delicious home," she breathed out, letting herself fall onto the sofa. He only chuckled, closing the door behind them and placing her bag carefully on the ground.

Sitting next to her for a moment, he circled a loose strand of her hair around her ear. "I'll get going," he told her. "You must be really tired." But before he could say, or do, or think anything else, she was straddling him, pinning him in place.

"Seven times," she said.

"Huh?" Seven what now?

"You kissed me only seven times on the lips since I've landed," she explained, a faint smirk on her face. "Do you really think that's enough to make up for the time I've been away?" Not even the tiniest microscopical bit, but if he started kissing her right now, with the way his body was so tense and worked up by the lack of her these last few days, he might just not stop until he ran out of skin on his lips. And he'd probably only stop then because he'd most likely freak Videl out, skinless lips and all.

Before he could ever formulate an answer, though, she was taking charge and kissing him herself, her hands up and down his neck, and earning a stifled moan he didn't really want to produce when she scrunched the fabric at the collar of his shirt and pulled passionately. Did she not know how it stirred things up in his chest when she did that? As well as between his legs? Damn her...

"Gohan?" she stopped only long enough to ask, continuing like nothing had been said at all. He wanted to answer "Yeah?" but refused to do so since he'd have to remove himself from her lips. He said it through his nose instead, and she did understand what he meant because she continued accordingly, letting him know what exactly was on her mind. "I want to have sex."

He shut down. He froze. He basically died. At least for a second or five.

S-Sex? W-Wha…? Oh, God...

"Huh..." was what his brilliant mind with its brilliant genius managed to produce from out of his stupor. Luckily she had stopped her ministrations, looking quietly at him in anticipation instead, though the fact that she was waiting for any type of response from him didn't exactly help with the thinking; nothing whatsoever.

"I know you… never actually had it before," she started to say, really softly and patiently, looking at her fingers as they moved aimlessly around his chest. "So I understand if you're not ready. I just wanted you to know that, when you feel like you want to… I want it too, okay?" Her eyes looked up to his so as to see his reaction, waiting for his answer.

When I feel like I want to? Was she for real? If it weren't for his damn, stupid secret, he probably had wanted to like… only a thousand times or so since he'd met her. A million, if adding up his dreams, his fantasies, his wandering mind during a boring biochemistry class. And while in the shower, and while waiting for the washing machine to end a cycle, and while simply walking down the street towards nowhere in particular. For a guy who'd never had sex before, his virgin mind was always pretty eager to let him know what he'd been missing. But… he couldn't just say it to her, could he? Just tell her how incredibly desperate he was, because… to be honest, he was actually really scared of it too. The act itself was terrifying enough as it was, but not only that, he was a Saiyan. How would that play into the picture?

What if he'd hurt her?

"Gohan?" her voice brought him back from his musings. She looked worried. "I don't want to pressure you, I just wanted you to know-"

"I want to," he found his body saying for him, but it only managed those three little words.

"You do?" Vi asked, a small little tug curving her lips. "Are you sure?" He nodded. Too vigorously maybe, but like hell he'd ever manage to curb it. Her smile turned full grin as she stood up, grabbing his hand and pulling him along with her. "Come."

The shrewd mass of flesh he sometimes called a brain actually wondered for a moment where she was taking them, and he barely controlled a shiver down his spine - and a girly gasp - when she basically hauled him to her room, turned on the small light at her bedside table, and closed the door behind them.

Okay. Everything was okay. It was just a woman. An amazing, beautiful woman that was going to get naked and expect… things from him. He could do it. People had sex all the time, right? And consensus was that it was actually really great and pleasurable, so… it was a good thing. Sex was good. He wasn't freaking out about it or anything. Holy shit…

With a final tug at his hand, Videl brought him down to sit on the bed, facing her. Her smile was warm and reassuring, so some more words managed to leave him. "You wanna… I mean… just like that?"

A sweet chuckle came from her. "What do you mean 'just like that'?"

"Like…" What did he mean, exactly? "I just say I want to and we're simply… gonna do it. Casually, like there's nothing to it." Was he actually trying to make her not have sex with him? Goddammit, man!

Calmly, completely undeterred, Videl simply said, "We're both adults. We're both consenting. Why shouldn't it be casual?"

And for the life of him, he couldn't find one single hole in that logic. Not that he wanted to, it was just… overwhelming.

Being the only child among grown-ups, there had been many occasions in the past where he'd heard people talking about sex, or at least some not-so-subtle innuendos, but he hadn't been old enough to care about those things at the time. Other than the fact that they made him extremely uncomfortable - and were not really meant for his ears - adult-themed conversations only sparked an interest in his young mind because they'd make everyone else around him seem so completely out of character. Lively speeches would become hushed, bellowed laughters would become lined with some sort of understanding that would go completely over his head. Like a private joke or something.

It was really annoying at the time, but as he got older and actually wanted to know about it, there was no one around him that would have those kinds of conversations anymore, let alone someone he could actually talk to himself. Like Dad. Or Krillin, if he'd still want to hang out. Or even Vegeta, if by some cruel twist of fate he'd be the only male adult in this hypothetical other life. It all made him feel that much more misplaced right now.

But at least he had Videl, and that wonderful smile that would always take the misery and self-pity out of his life. He smiled back at her, a little more relaxed. "They always make it a much bigger deal in the movies."

She giggled and scooted closer, taking his hands on hers. "Do you have any questions about it?"

Even if he had, he didn't want to come across as a damn kid, full of doubts about the birds and the bees. Not to his girlfriend! How incredibly manly that would be, just before having sex. Oh, but there was one thing. "I don't have any… Umm..." Goddammit, just say the word.

"Condoms?" she concluded for him, and he nodded like a pitiful little boy. "I'm on the pill, so we're good."

Okay. They were good. Everything was good. Except… "I don't want to hurt you," he blurted out.

"You won't hurt me, Gohan," she said caringly.

"I don't know how my Saiyan side will affect me. When I'm fighting, it kinda makes me more violent. What if-?"

"I'm assuming your father never hurt your mother too badly," Videl interrupted. "The same for Bulma." Again with the logic… "But if you want, we can have a safe word. If you're hurting me, I just say… 'banana' and you'll stop."

An amused brow lifted up on his face. "'Banana'?" She seemed so proud of herself, he could only let out a tired chuckle. "'Banana' it is."

Her hand came up to his chest, rubbing it gently. "Relax, okay? Just do what feels good."

What feels good… Okay. Well, her hand felt really good, actually, and so did the kisses she was dabbing so softly against his neck, but they soon stopped as she leaned back. She reached for the hem of her top and pulled it over her head, revealing a simple white bra beneath it. Maybe he shouldn't stare too much at her breasts, should he? As movie after movie would gladly point out, a guy staring at a girl's chest area would very likely end up with the world-famous, "My face is up here," bit, but… this was the type of occasion where he was supposed to look, right? Because they were so big and magnificent... He really didn't want to look away.

Shaking a little bit, his hand decided for the harmlessness of her knee and thigh, safely clad in her tight blue jeans, but as always, just one little touch opened up the floodgates for everything else he wanted to touch. It didn't stay there too long, though, since Vi took charge in taking his own clothes off as well, first his black dress shirt - button after excruciating button - and then his green tee. He'd be embarrassed, of his muscles, of his scars, of the fact she'd never really seen his bare chest before, but for some reason… he wasn't. And even if he had been, how could a man not feel assured of himself when she was looking at him like that? Almost… hungrily, her hands rubbing his abs and pectorals as if intending to catch them on fire. They felt like they were.

Without thinking, he leaned into her, kissing her lips with some urgency he didn't feel before. Videl let herself fall back to the mattress and he restrained himself from being too rough with his descent over her, settling down on the support of his elbow as close as he could between her body and the wall. His once unsure hand connected at the bare skin of her belly, and he marvelled at just how surprisingly defined her abs actually were, faint little ridges lining them so perfectly he just felt like kissing them. It was that type of occasion, he reminded himself, so he did exactly that, his tongue tracing every valley, just because it felt good, even though he couldn't stop thinking it was silly or wrong, or even worse, doing nothing for her. No, he definitely didn't want that.

Maybe he should've started at her lips and made his way down… That's what they did in the movies, wasn't it? Dammit. He was doing it all wrong... But then she moaned really softly, arching her back a little. Moaning was good. If anything at that moment was feeling any more amazing than the taste of her skin, the smoothness of it, was the way that moan went directly down to his crotch. That felt… He had to draw out many more of those.

So he went up, trailing little kisses up her sternum until he reached the blissful warmth of her breasts. His hand wanted to come up too, but something stopped it. If he'd gotten that amazing moan from exploring her abs, maybe he should've kept there a little longer? There was a beautiful belly button down there just calling out his name and he'd completely neglected it for his haste to come up here. He'd always loved her breasts so much… Should he go back down? Maybe he should. But he didn't want her to think he'd prefer her stomach over her breasts because he didn't. Not that he didn't like her stomach, of course. But her breasts…

His forehead fell miserably to her chest. "I have no idea what I'm doing," he told her with a really loud dejected sigh.

Videl laughed, of course; he was pitiful. This gorgeous woman beneath him, and he didn't even know how to pleasure her properly. "Honey..." Her hands came over to grab his cheeks, and he let himself be brought up to look shyly into her eyes. They were so warm, so full. How in the world did he get to be here with her? "I don't want to do this with an expert," she said. "I want to do it with you."

With him… not an expert. Thankfully, because he was definitely not one of those. He let out a little smile. "But I want it to be good for you too."

Her kiss was so soft yet strong in the way it echoed all throughout his body. When it ended, the tips of their noses touched, her breath hot and inviting. "Every touch of your fingers, every kiss… it's the most amazing feeling in the world, Gohan. Everything else is just gravy." Another peck. "Just stop thinking, okay?"

He almost whimpered at that. "I'm trying really hard, but I can't."

She giggled. "Well… maybe I have something that can help," she said with a hint of amusement, and before he could form a single thought in his head, wondering what incredibly strong type of liquor she had hiding in her bedside table that'd knock some numbness into his brain, she was reaching behind her back. And then her bra was on the floor.

And then… What was he thinking again?

He didn't even look at her face anymore, disregarding completely any form of a smirk she might've been sporting. They were bare… Finally, after so much wondering, so much artistic liberty to put an image to what they actually looked like out of their restraints... He could never have created such perfection in his mind, so creative, so mouthwatering. His conscience was definitely not that of an expert, but he was pretty sure he wasn't really conscious right now. And his body apparently knew some stuff that he didn't.

His lungs felt heavy and out of breath, but his hand paid them no attention, racing up and cupping the entirety of her left breast. So soft… It fitted his hand so perfectly, like they'd been made together and were only now reuniting. Thumb, fingers, and palm kneaded it gently in some way he'd never practiced before but knew was exactly precise, as proven by yet another delightful moan from his girlfriend. It wasn't nearly enough, too soft, too light. He didn't want her to think it felt good, he wanted her not to be able to think at all.

So he brought his mouth down to her nipple, clashing onto it with some force he was trying his best not to unleash any further. A curious tongue started exploring, flicking, rubbing, pressing, trying to find out just where, exactly, were the right buttons to push for each response from her body. Because her skin tasted so incredibly sweet and delicious, but those… The jerks, the twitches, the shivers. God, and the sounds… the whimpers, the hard gasps. Those drove him crazy so badly, each one making his breath hitch, his heart pound so much harder against his chest it actually hurt.

And against his crotch, of course, excruciatingly constricted beneath his jeans, as it tried on its own to attain some relief by rubbing against her. All he could do was try to curb its enthusiasm so as not to hurt her too much, but… he was losing his grip over it, his brain too clouded in its own euphoria to properly run the show.

Her legs parted a bit then, one of them hooking on the back of his knee to bring it between them. Immediately, her hips started thrusting against him, against his thigh, so he instinctively thrusted back, scoring him another breathtaking moan. Yeah, that's it… That's the one he was looking for, a deep, guttural sound that reverberated through her chest and out her throat. Her spine arched up, a hand clawed at his back while another at his hair, pulling at it so incredibly hard it seemed afraid he'd leave the job unfinished - he would never! - and for some strange, unknown reason, all of that was making him feel even hotter and aroused.

The pain… how could pain feel so good? It was minimal, of course, little twinges of her fingernails and a pull at his roots, but even so. He was so knowledgeable of it, had felt it all throughout his entire life - sharp, dull, burning, crushing - how on Earth could something meant to pull your body away from danger was making him want to jump even deeper into this?

Oh, right. Because the only danger here would be for whoever dared stopping him.

"On the tip," Videl said suddenly. He looked up from his handiwork, just half-seeing her under the daze.

"Huh?" was the only thing he managed to respond.

Without looking down, eyes closed shut and a beautiful flush on her cheeks, she grabbed one of his fingers, placing it really gently on the tip of her nipple and moving it slowly to rotate the nub. "Right there. That's the sweet spot."

Oh, was it? In a rush, he got his tongue back in there to test it out for himself, and sure enough, he almost lost it with the way she writhed under him, moaning so loudly and so intensely, wrapping her legs tightly around his and pulling it aggressively between them. "It sure is, huh?" he told her, unable not to smirk like a moron against her breast.

"Stop mocking me," she scolded playfully.

"I do what I want. I have your boob in my mouth." She started to laugh, but he was back on that delicious, invigorating tip in no time, so it soon transformed into the sweet nasally sounds of her delight again.

"Mmm, Baby… That's so good," she whispered between intakes of air. "Baby"... Yeah, he definitely liked that, but anything she'd call him under that ragged breath would make him consider ditching "Gohan" entirely, he reckoned. "But… but y-you can't spend all your attention there." He sure could! And not only that, how was she expecting him to take her seriously with the way she was pulling his head down to keep it in place?

"And why not?" he decided to humor her.

"It's just… it's too much." Was it really? He'd never thought something good could be too good… but admittedly, too much scrumptious food would most likely result in a really bad stomach ache, so there might be some truth to her words. He'd definitely get back to that sweet spot later, though, she could bet on that.

His lips kissed their way up to her neck, to the area just between it and her left shoulder, and for some reason, it felt extremely arousing just being there, raking his teeth against her flesh and making her jerk with each nibble at her skin. His hand rushed down to cup her round, amazing ass, feeling the need to pull it against his hips and against his thrusts, but those annoying jeans of hers were keeping him from touching her directly. He could've ripped the things like tissue paper, he should've, he would've, but didn't want to ruin them for her - not to mention they hugged her hips way too perfectly, so they deserved their mercy.

That being said, it was of the utmost importance that he'd rid her from them, so he left everything and roughly got up to his knees, struggling a bit with the damn button but achieving his victory soon enough. Videl helped in removing both pants and underwear with a tilt of her behind, and there you had her, completely naked beneath him.

Completely. At his knees.

For a moment, every other sense in him got muffled but the one that got him this view, heightened acutely like a predator's eye. Beads of sweat on her forehead twinkled with the movement of her chest, heaving so fast, bringing her perfect breasts up and down with it, as well as extending and contracting her flat stomach. Her fair skin was flushed all over, particularly at her cheeks and the places he'd been playing around in. His gaze wanted to take it all in at once, but there were just too many little things that were calling for him. A little freckle just next to her navel, the marks left on her skin by the underwires of her bra, the thin strip of hair between her legs.

And the way she was biting her lip now, her hand caressing her own stomach, which for some reason stabbed his gut with even more desire. Her legs were bent up, waving slightly as if relaxed and expecting, and then one of them came higher, her foot rubbing against his chest, shoulder, the side of his neck. And the movement brought along an extra waft of what he only now realized was what had frozen him solid in the first place, right from between her legs. His eyes had to close shut due to sensory overload.

That scent was the most foreign thing he'd ever came across in his life, and yet he'd lose himself in it without a second thought. He was sure it had been made for him, tailored to his every need, every whim, every urge out of his body. It was so overpowering, such a spell on his muscles that was at the same time contracting and relaxing them into a dream.

It was his. His.

The mattress shifted under his knees and he opened his eyes again. Videl was sitting up and immediately got busy undoing his own jeans with ferocity like he'd never seen in her. He was breathing so hard he could hardly hear himself think, let alone help her, but he was mostly sure none of what he'd been doing packed up that much thinking anyway. His fingers proved his point, moving on their own and raking through her hair as gently as they could, but truth be told, that part of him felt like it was slipping further and further away. If unrestrained, he'd be pulling at it, grabbing a handful to force her gaze up into his eyes, make her see how incredibly small she was when compared to him, and make her beg, and scream, and...

Banana, he reminded himself. He couldn't miss her saying it.

"I'm sorry," Vi said then, bringing his pants down rather harshly against his erection. "I promise we can take it slower next time, but-"

With a hand on her shoulder, he didn't let her finish, pushing her down onto the mattress again with a thud much harder than intended. The rest of his clothes were thrown to wherever and he crawled back on top of her, her legs and arms welcoming him with their heat. And her eyes too, as they stared into his. Somehow they were begging, there were screaming for him to have her, and he could only kiss her for being so… suitable. So just what he needed, when he needed it, and how. In the back of his mind, he knew he was drenching her with too much saliva, that their teeth were clashing together with their thrusts, their need to keep moving and rubbing against each other, but he couldn't bare to tone it down.

His hand came down her body again, doing what it intended earlier and grabbing her cheek to push it up against him, her inner thigh against his erection, but a loud whimper of pleasure from his girlfriend cut it short. No, he needed more than just that. His hand fled from her back to her front, descending between them, and… "Holy shit," he said without thinking.

"What?" Vi asked, eyes glazed but alarmed.

He didn't mean to scare her but… Goodness. "Is it normally this wet?"

Her lips were gapped, her frown unbelieving, but he was truly curious. So much hot, gooey honey… His fingers could enter her so easily if they wanted to. "No, Gohan. It's normally just mildly humid," she started to explain as if really patiently, but it escalated into almost yelling. "That's just my body's way of telling you how fucking horny I am!"

Scold as she might, and heard her as he had - or had tried to - it almost felt like… he wasn't really there with her. His body was, of course, trembling with anticipation for being so close to where it truly wanted to be, but his mind, the one that was logical and overthought to exhaustion, was elsewhere. There was this… beast in its stead, clawing for release, and lucid as he still was, all he wanted was for it to take the wheel.

And so it did.

With a simple nudge from his hand, his member was guided to the pool of heat, just the tip, making Vi let out a quiet gasp. They stared into each others eyes, suspended breaths, mouths agape, feeling together inch after electrifying inch of him enter her. She closed her eyes at about half way deep, and he took the cue to do the same, sprinting for his place on her neck, since it was just too overwhelming to concentrate on any other thing but the friction between them. When he couldn't push any farther, he stopped moving altogether, sure that he'd burst the very second he did.

But it was so hard, goddammit! It was so hot in there, so tight, a hug so intense and galvanic. And the way Vi was breathing so heavily into his ear, begging wordlessly that he'd give her more…

Concentrate! No way was he leaving his girlfriend hanging on their first time together; his Saiyan pride wouldn't allow it. He'd just have to focus on less stimulating things, like his own breathing or his heartbeat. It was beginner-level meditation, for goodness sake; fifteen years weren't enough for him to master that crap? But her body, her scent… That encouraging moan, that thrust of her hips. Shit... Concentrate!

"For the love of God," Videl whispered in his ear. "Please move."

He did as he was told, really slowly as if to test the waters of what he could and couldn't do without jumping to the cliff of no return. Breathe in, breathe out. Thrust in, thrust out, just like that. No, he couldn't listen to her whimpering, but… but he loved it so much. Every touch of him inside her would strike a lustful note out of her lips, playing a music so prophetic he just wanted to… to… "Can… Can I go faster?"

It almost deafened him, the scream, one which he assumed was an animalistic form of a, "Yes!"

And it was right there that he lost himself, almost in an out-of-body experience while still being completely aware of every sensation tingling his spine and every crunch stabbing his gut. Concentration was out the window, but hopefully he'd still manage to keep it together long enough.

"Not too fast," she said then, though it didn't lessen his speed. "You'll get tired too soon."

"Tired?" It didn't come from him, that smirk, that way he brought his gaze back to hers so she could see just how much he meant the words, the ones that didn't come from his mouth either. "You've obviously never been with a Saiyan."

It was a mixture of surprise and complete arousal, that expression on her face, so absolutely invigorating for his ego that made him thrust even faster, deeper, harder, staring feverishly into her eyes without looking away. With every push from his hips, Videl would give him a yelp of delight, so incredibly loud and amazing, low and guttural at first, but then turning more and more pitchy as he increased the pace.

Things built up really fast inside him, but he'd hold it if it'd kill him, rushing back to the comfort of her neck to tough it out, because he was somehow sure it wouldn't be much longer. Her nails were cutting the skin at his shoulder blades, her hips tightening their hold on his waist, her muscles contracting irregularly around him, exponentiating the feeling that much more.

"Gohan," she said to his ear, and then screamed it, over and over, and with one more push inside her, one more completely exhilarating howl of his name, her whole body froze around his, solidified while still rocking back and forth with his last movements.

"Mine," he whispered to her skin. Just once. A statement to her body and her whole self, to anybody that would dare lay a hand on her, touch her in this way, elicit these screams, these spasms out of her. Out of his. They couldn't. Not his woman. Never.

A groan left his lungs with the explosion. Something hot and overpowering that filled his every cell in a matter of seconds and two last sluggish thrusts inside her. It made everything else non-existent, an intense, burning feeling that immediately after left him cold and shivering, his arms, his legs, his jaw and lips. A little death from his earthly body so it could start anew.

His breaths racing in his ears. His heartbeat thumping in his throat, in his chest, inside her. The taste of her neck, the smell of it. For the longest time, there was nothing else.

"You okay?" her heavenly voice reached him after a good while, still panting a bit herself. Struggling to move, he slid out from her and looked up, eyes lazy and head so heavy he could barely keep it up, so he let it fall to her forehead. She smiled and he did the same, enjoying the ride for as long as it would take him.

"I've never felt like a god before," he told her, truthfully, even if she giggled as if he were joking; he really wasn't. Gods were powerful, creators and destroyers. Gods were worshiped, prayed upon, and with the way he could still hear her screaming his name, with the way he knew he was the one who'd inflicted that pleasure on her body, who'd taken her where she went and where she was right now… Yeah, a god, one of peace, not of war, laying with his goddess.

It all made so much sense now, the private joke he'd never understood, and the hushed tones of adult talks. No warrior worthy of the title would ever admit to feeling like this, so numb, so satisfied, completely depleted and defenseless in the arms of a woman, and yet it was just generally accepted that they all had. He'd never felt the need for recognition or payment for saving the world, as he was sure none of the others ever had, but… maybe they were being paid all along. With this, right here.

Videl sighed under him, the air still as intoxicating as before, tickling his nose. Her fingers were tracing his back up and down, slowly, casually, playing with the scar tissue of where his tail used to be whenever she'd reach it. Never had he thought it'd be a sweet spot of his own, but it was quick enough to make itself evident on the way his member was responding.

His lips captured hers, and then went down to her jaw. "Can we do it again?" he asked.

It made her chuckle.. "What? Right now?"

Her neck, collarbones, the soft skin of her breasts. "Gimme five minutes."

"I can wait five minutes."

Mmm… so soft… "Maybe just two."

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