Character Name: Capt. Gwyneth 'Slim' Evans
Specialization: Assassination, Coercion, Sabotage, Combat and Recon.
Age: 26
Hair: A rich chocolate brown, long
Eye: A rich chocolate brown a little lighter than her hair
Skin: Olive toned
Build: Tall and Slim, where she got her nickname

It had now been 6 months since I had been assigned to Col. John 'Hannibal' Smith's A-Team. I got along very well with everybody and they ended up nicknaming me SlimJim or Slim for short because of my tall thin frame. I didn't like the name at first but eventually I got used to it and I would smile when Murdock would start singing Jim Croce's "Don't Mess Around with Jim" after I kicked somebody's ass. Murdock acted as a brother as did B.A. Hannibal was like a surrogate father, hell like a real father to me. Face was that really good best friend that's overprotective of you like an older brother and you playfully flirt with them. Well anyway time to get back to the story.

I was having bad day as I walked through camp in my black wife beater, military cargo pants and combat boots. I had a migraine and right side hurt from the mission we had completed yesterday. I walked slowly and carefully towards my teams base campish area. Face was outside relaxing in a wifebeater drinking a beer. I plopped down next to him and stole his beer. I took a long drink and handed it back to him. He looked at it for a moment before shrugging his shoulders and taking a drink. He reached next to him, into the cooler, grabbed a beer and tossed it to me. I successfully tried to pop the top off but couldn't. I was just seriously tired and was having trouble concentrating. He sighed and reached over to pop it for me. But there was a reason I was tired. I have nightmares and I don't like to sleep. B.A. and Face don't approve but Hannibal and Murdock understand. After all there is a reason why Murdock is insane.

"After this beer you're going to the tent and you're going to get some sleep whether you like it or not," Face told me and held his hand over my mouth when I made a move to protest. "No, no arguing or I will throw you over my shoulder right now and carry you there."

I sighed into his hand and licked it. He pulled his hand back and wiped it on his shorts furiously.

"Very mature, Slim, very mature. Two can play at that game," He licked his hand and wiped it down my face. A look of horror passed on my face before I spit into my hand and wiped it on his face. He wiped his face off slowly before leaning over like he was gonna give me a kiss and blew a raspberry on my cheek. I wiped my face quickly and was about to actually spit on him before I saw Hannibal coming our way and I sat back in my chair and acted like nothing had happened and took a swig of beer.

He had seen us though. "Play nice kids," he scolded us in that deep gravelly voice of his as he walked past us. We rolled our eyes in synchronization. As Face was checking out some chick across camp I poured the remaining 4th of a can of beer down his shirt. When he stiffened I ran away quickly to the tent before he could come after me. I laid down in my cot like he told me to and I soon fell asleep. I didn't know that while I was asleep he came inside and pushed my hair behind my ear and pulled the blankets up around my shoulders and kissed my forehead gently.

I woke up with tears streaming down my face and gasping for air. Of course everybody was still asleep because I was always quiet in my nightmares. The only clue that I was having a nightmare was the tears streaming down my face as I slept. I got up and walked over to Face's cot because he never asked about my nightmares. i was about to shake his shoulder gently when I saw that he was already awake. He looked at me before moving over and opening his arms up under the blankets. I crawled under the blankets and curled into his arms. I took in the fact that he wasn't wearing a shirt and he smelled clean. He must've took a shower before heading in. I breathed deeply while he rubbed circles into my back. He pulled back and wiped the tears off my face before crushing my face to his chest again. Soon he relaxed and fell asleep. I fell asleep to his rhythmic breathing.

I woke up to someone shaking my shoulder gently and a voice saying "Time to get up sleepyhead." I looked up into Murdock's face. I blinked sleepily.

"What time is it?" I asked my voice kinda rough from sleep.

"It's around noon." He shrugged. I was up in an instant.

"WHAT?! You let me sleep this long! Why didn't anybody wake me?" I said angrily. He didn't even look fazed. He never did.

"Boss said so. Said you needed your sleep. If it makes you feel any better I have made your favorite," He lifted a plate of Coconut Pancakes without syrup and butter. Just how I like them. I reached for them but he pulled back.

"First you gotta get outta bed Slim. Then we'll see about Pancakes," he said and I growled as I jumped outta Face's cot.

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