DISCLAIMER: The Characters in this story do not belong to me. They belong to Gaston Leuroux and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Authors Note: I am using some names (songs, etc) from the movie. I hope you enjoy this chapter. I will eventually get to the point where Christine and the Phantom of the Opera meet. Thank you for reading this and feel free to critique my story. I hope you enjoy.

Christine woke up in a daze; she had a reoccurring dream about the mysterious man with an angelic voice who hid in the shadows. She had been having this same on and off for about three years and couldn't wrap her head around it. The dreams started about a week and a half after she arrived at the opera house and she had encountered a voice, the voice of the Angel of Music her father had promised he would send to her in the last few moments of his life. Christine had always assumed that the mysterious voice was from the Angel of Music, because she could hear the voice but had never seen his face.

She sighed and tried to comprehend the reoccurring dreams she kept having… Could it be a sign and why did the man's voice sound so familiar? Every single time she would try to memorize the voice in the dream; it became hazy when she woke up… She could only remember what that mysterious man's voice sounded like when she was actually having that dream, and that his voice would mesmerize her and beckon her to come to him, but she had always hesitated. Christine had been contemplating whether or not she should discuss her dreams with her best friend Meg, but she kept quiet about the dream because in a way she thought it might be a sign for her and she would have to figure it out by herself. If only she could remember that voice… Maybe then she would be able to understand the dreams a little bit more.

Madam Giry came into Christine's room with a tray of food and sat it on the coffee table beside of Christine's bed. "Eat up girl," Madame Giry commanded, "You have a long day of dancing ahead of you. You need to be on time for dance rehearsal; I want my dancers to be prepared for the production of Hannibal… The production begins in a week and a half and we still have a lot of work to do. Rehearsals begin in two hours" With that statement, Madam Giry turned and walked out of the room and left Christine to eat her food and get ready for rehearsals. Madame Giry was a perfectionist when it came to teaching ballet; after all, she was the ballet mistress of the opera house.

After eating her breakfast, Christine got dressed for rehearsal. She still could barely believe she was a ballerina at the opera house. Even though Christine was a dancer, she always hoped to become a singer whom everybody loved and adored, but she accepted becoming a dancer for the opera house because it at least gave her food and a roof over her head. Sighing, Christine said softly whispered, "You were never meant to become an opera singer." She then headed off to dance rehearsal.

Several things happened during rehearsal: the new opera house owners were introduced, Carlotta sang the beginning of Think of Me, and the curtain fell on her. After experiencing the curtain falling, Carlotta said she was done because those things happened to her all the time, and Meg volunteered Christine to sing Think of Me. Everybody looked at Christine in disbelief and at first Christine hesitated to sing, but when she did, it pleased and stunned the other people at the same time. Christine could hear one of the dancers whispering, "I didn't know she could sing that well," and another one asked "who taught her how to sing that exceptionally"?

After rehearsal, Madame Giry told Christine that she wouldn't be doing the dancing because she would be doing the singing. Christine was so nervous but really excited on the inside; she was finally going to be doing what she had only prayed of doing before! Christine was so excited that she knew she was going to tell the Angel of Music the good news and how that came about.