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Christine sighed softly and softly sat on the stool in front of her mirror. It had only been a day and a half since she had seen Erik last but it had felt like a lifetime. She slowly pulled a brush through her beautiful hair and smiled softly at the sight of her in the mirror. Ever since she had meet Erik, she had gotten more self-confident about how she looked. She no longer felt as plain as she had originally thought and for days she had been getting quite a lot of compliments about how pretty she was. She softly sat the brush back down on the counter and stood up. Christine felt like taking a stroll outside for a short while it was still daylight outside.

After putting on a light jacket, Christine made her way outside and started heading down the street toward the public park that had her favorite shade of red roses in them. It had been a few weeks since Christine had the chance to go outside on a walk by herself, and she was glad that she was able to find the time to do so today. Christine imagined going on strolls with Erik, but she knew how he was afraid to be seen by the public eye.

Upon entering the park, Christine saw a young man and woman who looked familiar to her standing in the center of the park talking to each other with their backs facing her. Christine slowly made her way toward them, and right before she made it to the two, they turned around towards her. Christine was shocked at who she had saw. She saw Raul and Meg right in front of her eyes talking with one another, and Christine had thought she would never see Raul again in her life. "Hello Meg," Christine said, pretending she didn't know the man standing beside of her best friend, "I did not expect to see you here, especially talking to somebody." She finally looked at the man and said, "I do know you Sir. I met you long ago, when we were both children. How are you Raul?" Upon hearing the name, Meg's face turned to astonishment, making Christine believe Raul hadn't introduced himself to Meg before.

Raul asked in shock, "Christine? Is that really you?" He hadn't seen Christine since they were both children.

Christine smiled softly at Raul, "Yes, it is really me Raul." She slowly walked toward him and Meg, "I would like to tell you that I have found a guy who I am falling in love with." She blushed slightly thinking about Erik. She could barely believe Erik and her were together.

Raul looked at Christine in slight shock. He managed to say, "Well, congratulations Christine. I hope he treats you well." After being informed that Christine and Meg were best friends Raul asked Christine, "I know I do not need your permission, but is it okay with you if I take your friend Meg out on a date?"

Christine smiled softly and said, "It is okay with me, but I don't want to hear about you hurting her, so you better not hurt her." She wanted her friend to enjoy herself but also didn't want a man hurting her best friend. After seeing Raul nod Christine said, "I am going to head back towards the opera house. I will see you later tonight Meg. It was a pleasure Raul." She bowed to Raul politely before walking back.

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