Just a little one shot about James reaction to M dating. Hope you like it

Mystery Date

Bond, just back from his latest mission, having been fully debriefed by M, finally had some much needed down time. A rare luxury in his line of work. Not really wanting to cook he decided to pop down the street and pick up some Chinese take away. As he strolled down the street occasionally looking thru the windows of the shops and restaurants that lined the streets something immediately caught his eye. It was M sitting at a small table in a restaurant with a chap smiling the most brilliant smile he had ever seen. The sight was most intriguing to as he knew that her husband had died sometime ago and the thought of M dating had never really occurred to him before. From behind the man the man looked to be about the same age as M with longish salt and pepper colored hair and he seemed to be rather tall judging by the difference in height even sitting down. Bond was completely mesmerized by the way M seemed so relaxed and the fact that she was smiling a lot and laughing. Three things he did not usually associate with the tough as nails, no nonsense head of MI6. As M and her mystery companion rose to leave Bond quickly concealed himself behind the nearest pole so as not to be seen.

Bond followed the couple seemingly transfixed by their behavior and thought to himself "This evening could prove to be rather interesting after all". After following for a few block watching the rather toughing display of affection Bond stopped dead in his tracks. The mystery chap suddenly put his arm around M and pulled her into what appeared to be a rather deep and passionate kiss and to his astonishment she seemed to kiss him back. This display of affection for some reason bothered Bond to no end. Who was this man?, I mean what did she really know about him? Had she had him properly checked out? He followed along for a few more blocks before he decided enough was enough. He had to speak to M.

Bond quickly made his way to M's flat where he quickly disabled her alarm and gained access. He then went to her liquor cabinet and poured himself a drink and proceeded to sit on the sofa and wait for her to return. It was about an hour before he heard her put the key in the lock and open the door.

"Good night Thomas and thank you for a wonderful evening" she said in a tone he most certainly not used to hearing from her

She quickly closed and locked the door and proceeded to flick on the hall light as she made her way to her sitting room. As she started toward her liquor cabinet with the most curious smile across her face a sound from across the room caught her attention. As she turned on the small light on the end table she saw Bond just sitting there watching her.

"Bond...What the hell are you doing here?" she said sounding slightly Irritated

He didn't answer right away. It was almost as if he was trying to formulate the proper way to respond so as not to sound like a complete idiot. He really couldn't come right out and say "Sorry ma'am but I've been spying on you" that would surly incur her wrath. So he finally settled on

"Just wondered how you were doing this evening?"

"Why?" she said sounding rather suspicious

"Oh you know it is rather late for you to be out and about" he said rather sheepishly

"I'm a grown woman Bond I don't need a babysitter!" she replied in a sharp tone

"I wanted to ask you a question?"

"Well get on with it then because as you have already stated it is getting late!"

"I was just wondering who that chap was you were having dinner with?"

"None of you business!" she said the irritation clearly showing in her voice

"Well" he continued "What I mean to say is how much do you know about him? How long have you known him?" he said

M was totally floored by the current line of questioning. She didn't know whether to laugh or be furious at him.

"Bond consider your concerns to be duly noted, however, my Private life is really no concern of yours" she said in a calm but firm tone.

"I know that ma'am but it isn't so much your private life as your safety I am concerned about" he said rising from the sofa to stand beside her

"Believe it or not I do care about you. You are more than just a boss to me I consider you a friend and I wouldn't want to see you hurt emotionally or otherwise" he said placing his hand on her shoulder

"Thank you for your concern Bond but it's really not necessary I can take care of myself " she said

"Oh really" he said rather smugly "And just what would you have done if he had tried to do more than just kiss you tonight?"

"Were you spying on me?" she asked

"Not exactly" he said which was in fact the truth. He hadn't intentionally set out to spy on her.

"Then how do you know that He kissed me?" she asked narrowing her eyes as she glared at him

"Well I suppose ..." he started but really couldn't think of any reasonable expiation as to how he knew about the kiss

"Your silence speaks volumes. If I didn't know better I would almost say that you are jealous" she said reaching for a glass

" None the less not that it is any of your business but if he had tried anything I would have dropped him where he stood." she said dryly as she poured herself a drink

"Really?" he said sounding surprised

"In case is has escaped your notice I was a double 0 myself once and I like to think I still remember my self-defense training"

"I see" he said smiling to himself. He knew she was right. Once a double always a double 0 and even though he didn't know her back then he had heard that in her day she was a force to be reckoned with, for that matter she still was.

"If that's all I think you should be going. " she said as she finished her drink and replaced her glass on the cabinet.

"I suppose you're right" he said inching toward the door "Just one more thing" he said as he reached the entrance to the hallway

"Yes what is it?" she replied as she walked toward him looking up to meet his gaze

"Is he a good kisser?" he asked with a half grin

"Why do you ask?" she said sounding almost shocked and appalled at the question

"I just wanted to know if he was a good kisser is all" he said still smiling just waiting to see how and if she could manage to answer him

"Well...not that it is any of your business but as of late I really haven't had an occasion to make a comparison so I guess the answer to your ridiculous question would be yes I suppose so"

"I see" he said trying to suppress a small laugh. It was then that he suddenly pulled her into his arms and lent down and kissed her gently but firmly on the lips. To his great surprise she put her arms around his neck and kissed him back. When they finally broke the kiss for no other reason that the general need for air, James released her from the embrace and headed toward the door.

M stood in the hallway both stunned at the kiss and stunned at her reaction to it.

"What was that for?" She asked sounding unusually flustered

"I just wanted to give you something to compare" he said with a wry smile.