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"So have we figured out what the hypotenuse would be?"

"If my calculations are correct, then it would be about...five."

"Are you sure?"

He looked up at the computer screen. "Keep in mind who you are talking to."

"Hehehe. Fair enough."

Baljeet completed his triangle sketch and jotted the number down on his paper. "OK, the math homework has been completed."

"Is there anything else that you think we should do?"

"No, I think I am done for the night." Baljeet closed his math book, pushing it off to the side. "At least I do not have to worry about math homework for the weekend."

"Baljeet, you are the only person that I know that does homework so far in advance."

"Well, Mishti," he said, glancing at the girl on his computer screen, "technically we did it together. It is quite the coincidence that your school in New Dehli has the same curriculum as we do."

"Agreed, it makes things so much easier."

"In any case, I am nothing when it comes to Ferb. He gets it done even quicker than I ever could."

"I find that very hard to believe."

He peered at the screen, momentarily locking eyes with his Indian friend. "Mishti, there is a lot that Phineas and Ferb are capable of doing that I am baffled by." He waved at his open scrapbook behind him to prove his point, showing off the pictures of the brothers' Big Ideas. "I still do not know how they managed to build all of those mechanical bulls in such a short amount of time."

"I guess it shall remain a mystery," Mishti sighed. She set her own book in her desk drawer, closing it with a thud. "By the way, Baljeet, did you ever get my gift for you in the mail?"

"I did indeed. It was a very nice sherwani you sent me. Although you did mention something in your letter about a..." He looked down at the letter on his desk. "A dhoti as well."

"Oh...that," Mishti grinned sheepishly. "I am afraid that my mother mistook your second half of the gift for the tablecloth. Do not worry, though; I have a replacement on the way."

Baljeet said nothing, having just noticed the other piece of paper on his desk. He picked it up and read the first line, his mind wandering back to when he first read it almost two weeks ago.

"Is something the matter, Baljeet?"


"You have that spacey look on you."


"When you're trying to figure something out."

Baljeet raised his eyebrow. "...I have that?"

Mishti smirked. "Yes, yes you do."

He thought for a moment. Surely she would not poke fun at him for his predicament.

"It is an...unusual scenario for me to be in."

Mishti waved her hand in mock disdain. "You mean more unusual than being on a cruise ship that your friends produced for an afternoon?"

"A lot more unusual, actually."

Now he had her full attention. "Oh?"

"Well, it started off like this..."

So he began to talk about the party on his birthday, the present that was left for him, the contents, and the subsequent exchange between him and Ginger at school. Mishti listened intently through the entire thing, her eyes widening at the end when Baljeet mentioned what Ginger had written in her letter.

"Wow." She was visibly impressed. "That's a lot to put in a letter. And all of the nice clothing did not hurt things at all."

Baljeet put the letter back on his desk, smiling. "Wait, did you not send me some clothing too?"

"Well, mine did not include a letter from your supposed secret crush."


"Not...that there is one. I am just saying."

"Here, let me show you some of it." Baljeet jumped out of his chair to his closet, carefully taking his fedora box off of the top shelf.

"Now, you are sure that it was her, right?" Mishti asked as she craned her neck to try to see Baljeet. "It could just merely be a coincidence."

"I did think about that, yes. However, everything add up correctly. It is just like any other math problem."

"A little less basic than an equation, but I guess that is what we'll go with."

"OK, so here it is." Baljeet came back into her view with the fedora on his head. Mishti gave one look at him and let out a low whistle.

"My, my, Baljeet, you are looking rather dashing there."

"This is not the only thing, though," he said, gesturing to the rest of his body. "She got me an entire suit as well. All very made well. I looked all of it up online and the only thing that I will tell you is that it did not come cheap."

Mishti looked away, and for a moment, Baljeet thought he could see her cheeks go slightly pink. It was at this point where she interjected back into the conversation.

"Baljeet, you know what you should do about this, right?"

"Obviously not, because I am talking to you about it."

"Alright, let us start off with a question, then," Mishti said, slightly shuffling in her chair. "Do you like her?"

Baljeet's eyes widened. "I do not know what you mean by that."

"Oh come on, Baljeet. This is not rocket science."

"I know, right? Rocket science would be easier."

Mishti let out a frustrated sigh. "Baljeet, what I mean is that this is not a complicated decision. You either like her or you do not. Despite what you may think, it is really that simple."

The Indian boy looked down at the keyboard, thinking hard. " not know."

"Did I not say-"

"Yes, yes, I know what you said," he interjected, waving his hand dismissively. "I do not know, though. This whole thing came out of the blue, and I've put in on the proverbial back-burner for the past two weeks. It is just that I am not used to people thinking about me that way."

If Baljeet had looked up at that very moment, he would have seen the twinge of pink of Mishti's cheeks get even darker. She cleared her throat, getting his attention.

" are one of the smartest people that I know, and you are a good guy. It does not really come as a surprise to me that someone would think of you in different terms than wedgies and headlocks."

"Hey, Buford does wet willies as well."

"That is not my point." Mishti drummed the table with her fingers. "I am trying to say that this possibility was just that. A possibility. Not an impossiblity. And it is quite clear that she likes you, and I have not even seen any of her behavior to back up that claim."

Baljeet rested his head on his hand. "So if you think that is what is happening now...what do you think I should do?"

"If I were you, I would try to see what her true mindset is. Try some things out. Read her mind. In a non-figurative sense, of course."

He looked down at the paper again as his mind flashed back to Picture Day. The looks Ginger was giving him, the blushes, the was all obvious. But there was just something that he couldn't quite place on his end, and that's what was troubling him.

"But Baljeet, I am just going to warn you now."

"Hmm?" He looked back up at the screen to see Mishti holding her hands up, at about an inch apart.

"The window that you have is not going to stay open for a while. I am not saying that you have to do something immediately, but this situation could get very awkward very quickly. She is still your friend, is she not?" Seeing Baljeet's nod, she continued. "You are just going to have to take this delicately, but swiftly."

He nodded again. "Interesting. I did not think I would have to run into this sort of problem so soon."

Mishti looked down at her watch. "I have to go, Baljeet; Mother is taking me out shopping today, and she wants to hit all of the early sales. Do you not have to go to bed soon?"

Baljeet glanced at his clock and was startled to see that the time was almost 10 o'clock. "Yes, I should be going to sleep now. I have a lot to think about."

"Do not worry. It will either happen or it will not. Just be prepared for both."

"OK. I shall see you later."

"Night, Baljeet."

Baljeet closed the chat window, his mind still racing on what he had talked about with Mishti. He shook his head slowly.

"Good gracious, this is going to be a headache. Someone is going to write a story about this when all is said and done."

Mishti got off of her chair, ready to head out of the house with her mother. It had been somewhat of a surprise to see Baljeet openly talking about that particular topic. The majority of the time that they spent talking on the web cameras was spent of homework and the like. It was not every day her friend would chat about girls.

"It is about time, too," she muttered to herself. "A girl can only do so much homework at a time. Not that Baljeet has that problem."

She grabbed her backpack off of the dresser and headed toward the door. "Although this is a problem that he is going to figure out himself. She needs to pick her brain. Everyone's different. After all, I am not the girl that is crushing on him."

Her mind brought forth the mental image of Baljeet in his formal attire, and a small chill went through her body. She turned back toward the now blank computer screen and sighed.

"Or at least I was not until a few minutes ago."

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