Everything in Privet Drive is absolutely normal.


You know nothing happens, and you know not to change that. Because people in Privet Drive don't like it when the peace is disturbed.

But you've seen something. Probably nothing. But still...it just seems…wrong to you. That house across the road, Number Four. Well, you know it's probably nothing, don't want to offend them by thinking it… but…

That boy, not the large one that shouts a lot (Dudley, his name is, what with his parents parading him around and telling everyone how he swam 10 meters in a pool with a certificate to prove it, you can't not know his name), the other one in that house.

Not the Dursley's kid, you know that, everyone does, anyway they don't seem to like him that much. But still, that's no evidence to say…you know…well, it's more the other stuff that makes you think out of proportion.

It's the really baggy clothes; it's the very small frame they hang off; it's the way he looks at that Vernon Dursley, like he's a ticking bomb about to explode in his face at any minute.

It's the way, every now and then; he would disappear into that house after school and not come out even when the Dursleys do, or sometimes, in the holidays, he wouldn't come out for weeks on end.

It's the looks that are sent to him through fake smiles; it's the way he shrinks back into himself; it's the bruises that you can sometimes catch a glimpse of.

Maybe those Dursleys think that people can't see, that they don't notice. But they do.

They're normal, not stupid.

Sometimes you think you should say something. Tell someone about your suspicions. But that would disturb the peace and people on Privet Drive don't like it when people do that.

So you, like everyone else, avert you eyes to the signs, you turn your back on the obvious, and for the love of the God, never, ever, look into his green eyes that stare back with this pleading, pained look.

Ignoring things become so much harder when you look into the suffering eyes of the thing that you are pretending doesn't exist.

Anyway, nothing ever happens in Privet Drive.

That's just the way things are, and people don't like it if you disturb the peace.

After all, everything in Privet Drive is absolutely normal.

And who are you to change that?