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Not your average onsen trip


"Aaah" Naruto sighed, sinking further down into the warm onsen, stretching his legs out. "This is so nice. Why don't we do this more often?"

"Because a certain someone spends all his money on ramen and toy frogs."

"No I don't! It's because it takes forever to make you agree to do anything that doesn't involve studying or being a bastard."

"Your apartment is full of those frogs idiot. Besides, we can't all give up on university and work instead."

Sasuke sank down as well, not wanting to admit that it actually had been a good idea to come to this hot spring resort.

"Who said anything about giving up?! I'm only twenty-four, plenty of time to start again" Naruto shouted, splashing some water over his best friend.

"Stop that! Or you can go bother some other poor fucker."

Naruto pouted, Sasuke giving him an annoyed look in return.

"But Sasukeeee we're supposed to have fun!" he whined, scooting closer and latching onto a pale arm.

"Don't cuddle me when you're naked moron" Sasuke complained, trying to shake the blond off, unfortunately too used to this sort of thing.

"Why, am I turning you on?" Naruto asked, a teasing grin spreading on his face, eyebrows wiggling up and down.

Sasuke stared at him for a second, then used his free hand to smack Naruto in the face and push him underneath the water. Naruto flailed for a few moments, splashing water everywhere, until Sasuke decided he'd been punished enough and allowed him to resurface and breathe again.

"Gah! Asshole! Are you trying to kill me or something?" he coughed, scowling at the faint smirk on those thin lips.

"Well it would certainly make life easier for me" was the sweet answer he got.

Naruto muttered angrily to himself about prissy bastards with sticks up their asses, but Sasuke ignored him in favor of finding himself a better position. They were most likely going to be there for a while, and if he was going to put up with the moron that long he might as well be comfortable.

Naruto sulked for another minute or so, and then forgot all about it. He just didn't know how to hold a grudge. Staring up at the sky Sasuke relaxed, glancing warily at the blond now and then, but at the moment both of them were concentrating on enjoying themselves in silence.

"Ah!" Naruto suddenly exclaimed, bumping his fist onto his palm. "I almost forgot" he continued, turning around to the small plastic bag he'd snuck into the bath.

Opening it he took out two small cups and a bottle of sake.

"What the hell, what's with the sake?" Sasuke asked, frowning at it, wondering if such things were really allowed in there.

"Oh chill down bastard, no one's going to see us with all this steam around" Naruto answered, waving a hand at the raven. "Don't act like such a prude."

"Hn. Knowing you you're going to end up drowning because you forget you can't breathe underwater if you drink all that."

"As if! And you'll be drinking it as well, it's been too long since you got drunk anyway."

"And why, exactly, do I have a need to get drunk?" Sasuke asked flatly, eyes narrowing at the now grinning again blond.

"Because" Naruto said, throwing an arm over Sasuke's shoulders, pointing at him with his other hand that held the bottle, "that's the only way in the whole world to make you act like less of a prick, unless someone's dying and I couldn't find any volunteers."

Naruto finished off his explanation by poking Sasuke's cheek, chuckling at the unimpressed face he made. Sasuke rolled his eyes, but accepted the filled cup when Naruto offered it to him and took a sip of the strong liquid.

"No no no, that's not how you get drunk stupid!" Naruto complained, ignoring Sasuke's glare at being called stupid. "Now drink it all" he ordered, chugging down the contents of his own cup and then refilling it.

With a sigh Sasuke gave up, figuring he'd end up doing as his annoying friend said eventually even if he tried to put up a fight. Somehow he always ended up like that, going along with Naruto's crazy ideas and most of the time regretting it afterwards.

But how much damage could he cause in a public onsen anyway?

A few cups later he was already feeling dizzy, having always been a lightweight. Naruto wasn't so much better off, a faint flush on his cheeks. Putting down his sixth cup on the ground behind him Naruto sighed, more depressed than content, and Sasuke raised an eyebrow at the put out look on the usually overly happy face.

"Can you believe I've suffered from a month long dry spell?" Naruto said, looking to Sasuke for some company in feeling sorry for himself.

"No" Sasuke said with annoyance, "I didn't come here to talk about annoying stuff like that what's-her-name girl you just broke up with."

"I didn't say anything about that! And why do you always have to be such a bastard towards them anyway?" Naruto kicked Sasuke's shin through the water. "Jealous or what" he continued, the jab directed at Sasuke's pretty much permanent single status.

"I just don't see why you insist on getting into a relationship all the time. Fuck them and be done with it I say."

Sasuke filled up his cup, cursing himself for not realizing earlier that obviously Naruto was going to get all emotional on him. That's why he hated all those girlfriends, they never lasted and Sasuke had to be the one dealing with an upset moron post break-up.

But yeah, sure, just walk away, who cares if Naruto cried all over his expensive shirts and all but ruined them with all the snot and hand-twisting.

"Because only cold unfeeling bastards like you do that! I wanna hold hands, and cuddle in the morning, and show her off to the world!" Naruto explained, his arms moving in a wide circular motion.

"You might as well get a dog."

"Baka Sasuke- uwaaaah!"

Naruto had stood up, the sudden movement causing his head to spin which made him trip over his own feet, landing pretty much on top of Sasuke. He groaned with closed eyes, his knee having hit the stone bench they were sitting on, and opening them again he found himself face to face with a pissed off raven. Staring into those dark orbs he could only blame alcohol for what he said next.

"You have pretty eyes" he mumbled, fascinated, letting out an indignant squawk when he was roughly pushed away, creating another big splash.

After coughing up the water he'd swallowed, happy there weren't any hot girls around, he glared angrily at the bastard who glared right back.

"What the hell was that for!?" he asked in an accusing tone, wading through the water so he could sit down again.

"What's with the gay shit is a better question."

"Hey! Don't say stuff like that, I happen to have good friends who are gay."

"You happen to know Sai, who's a creep trying to get into your pants."

Naruto's mouth fell open as he stared wide-eyed at Sasuke.

"HE DOES?!" he shouted, causing Sasuke to face-palm.

Naruto thought for a moment, trying to make sense inside his fuzzy brain. Then he frowned, looking at Sasuke confused.

"But how come you know that, you've met him like twice!"

"You're just oblivious" Sasuke scoffed, leaning back and putting his arms on the ground behind him.

The water was only deep enough to reach just underneath their waists while standing, which Naruto was still doing since he'd apparently forgotten that he was on his way to sit down. Now the blond crossed his arms, scowling at Sasuke for still being able to use fancy words while drinking.

"Well Sai says that gay sex isn't that much different from anal sex with a girl."

Sasuke winced and gave him a disbelieving look.

"I doubt it, and I really don't need images like that idiot. And Sai also thinks shirts that show off your stomach are fashionable, and he's supposed to be gay."

"For the one on top Sasuke! I mean, think about it-"


"-it's not like there's anything different with the thrusting."

"Would you not talk about this Naruto?"

Sasuke was grimacing, cursing himself for agreeing to this stupid trip. He'd rather suffer the company of his brother in a closed room for hours than listen to his crazy excuse for a best friend spewing drunk perverted nonsense.

"But Sasukeeee you're the one who brought it up!"

"Oh for fuck's sake just drink some more and pass out so I can dump you in bed."

Naruto stared at him for a moment, then a smug grin spread over his face, his arms folding behind his head.

"Ha! I refuse to drink more than you do, so I'm afraid that's a no go bastard."

"Are you saying I can't hold my liquor better than you?"

"Is that a challenge?"

Ignoring the fact that Naruto had beat him an embarrassing amount of times in drinking contests he gave him a determined look, refusing to back down from the challenge.

It was just the effect Naruto had on him.

"Bring it dead last."

After an amount of cups that neither could remember it was rather obvious things were going downhill for Sasuke. Especially when Naruto insisted that they stand up to see who could still keep their balance and Sasuke had to try three times before he managed to do it.

Naruto spent ten minutes laughing at him.

"Hey hey, bastard" Naruto slurred once he'd caught his breath again, "what would you do if Sai took my ass virginity?"

Sasuke scowled at him, almost losing balance again and being forced to hold onto the side wall.

"I'd fucking kill that perv" he said venomously, the fact that he hated Sai with a passion surfacing now that he didn't have as much control over his emotions.

"Ooh, you're so protective baby" Naruto teased, smacking Sasuke's chest playfully.

Sasuke smacked him right back, this time stumbling and falling ungracefully to sit on the bench again.

"Hn, moron if anyone's taking your ass it better be me" he answered in a put out voice, because of the subject or his balance failure he wasn't so sure of himself.

Naruto stared at him for a second and then burst out laughing again, clumsily walking closer to Sasuke and sitting down next to him, throwing an arm around his shoulders, thighs touching too much.

"Now this" he wheezed out in-between laughs, "is why you gotta get drunk, I should get it on camera."

"I'm being serious here idiot" Sasuke complained, hitting Naruto over the head with his fist.

How he reasoned to come to this conclusion he had no idea, but no way in hell was Sai allowed to get all cozy with his best friend. If Naruto had some weird gay experimenting he wanted to do he should do it with Sasuke, not creepy ugly Sai.

Yeah he was definitely sexier than Sai, so obviously he was the better choice.

"Of course, everybody wants this sexy piece of ass!"

Naruto's confident grin was now just a few centimeters from Sasuke's face, his blue eyes staring slightly off focus into Sasuke's dark ones, and no matter how many times he tried to remember what happened next he had no idea how they went from talking to sloppy make-out session.

Naruto was leaning over him, tongue shoved down his throat, hands gripping his hair roughly, and at some point Sasuke had unconsciously started responding. He couldn't even recall any initial surprise.

A mutual decision?

No, it was probably safer to just put all the blame on Naruto. After all, the blond was now sliding a hand down his chest, then over his hip before coming to a rest on his thigh.

The fact that he didn't stop it and instead cupped Naruto's neck was completely unrelated.

"Holy shit, is that two dudes making out?!"

Naruto broke the kiss after hearing the startled shout, turning his head to frown at the two guys standing over by the pathway, barely able to make them out through the steam.

"You getting off or what?" he shouted back, grinning in victory when they made a double-take and hurriedly left.


Before Sasuke had time to finish Naruto smashed their mouths together again, silencing any protesting –or urging on– that Sasuke wanted to do.

Oh that son of a bitch! What's with the whole dominance thing Naruto had going on? Sasuke frowned, the hand on Naruto's neck moving up to grip his hair lightly, the other flat against his chest. Suddenly twisting his fingers in what must be a painful way in blond hair he pushed the moron away from him, not enough to break the kiss but enough to make him sit down so Sasuke could successfully kneel on the stone surface, gaining the upper hand.

"What's that?" he smirked when he could feel Naruto pouting against his lips. "This was your stupid idea anyway."

"Hmmm but you're not supposed to switch positions like that."

Sasuke's eyebrow ticked.

"Moron! You should feel lucky I haven't killed you yet!"

"Eeeh but you said it yourself Sasuke" Naruto grinned cheekily, "'If I want to do some weird gay experimenting it should be with you', right?"

Sasuke froze, mouth hanging open in surprise. Then he slowly collected himself, composing his face into a neutral mask. So what if he'd said it out loud without realizing? He was drunk, the perfect excuse.

"Hn. Whatever moron, but don't complain if your back hurts tomorrow" he said, voice turning low and seductive.

If they were going to do this he might as well go all out. There was nothing half-assed about his and Naruto's friendship after all.

Using the hold he had of Naruto's hair he tilted his head backwards, initiating a deep sensual kiss, one that always had the girls weak at the knees.

"Oof!" he gasped ungracefully when Naruto punched him in the ribs, effectively cutting off the kiss.

"Wrong wrong wrong!" the blond shouted, blue eyes shooting daggers. "You're doing it all wrong!"

"What the fuck do you mean wrong! Don't punch me you dimwit!"

"I'm on top."

Sasuke stared at his best friend, a serious and slightly put off look on his face, his arms crossing just before he puffed his cheeks like a small child.

"It's my experiment" the blond continued, and Sasuke wanted to bang his head against the stone edge.

Instead of doing that though he grabbed a hold of Naruto's hair again, lifting him up while ignoring the complaints of pain and throwing him into the water for the third time that evening.

No. Fucking. Way.

When Naruto won over disorientation and found the surface again he only had time for a quick gasp of breath before his face was roughly shoved against Sasuke's, the raven glaring angrily before relaxing a little, his face changing into a look that Naruto wasn't familiar with. Those half-lidded dark eyes drew him in, mesmerized him, Sasuke's breaths suddenly hot against his own mouth, the painful grip in his hair telling him this was one battle Sasuke's wouldn't let him win.

Oh god, was that a shiver of anticipation running down his spine? This might be good.

"Naruto" Sasuke purred, and Naruto had no trouble understanding why girls flocked around Sasuke like moths drawn to a flame. "Let's just establish the fact that I will, and always will, come out on top in any argument we may have."

Sasuke watched in satisfaction when Naruto seemed to give in, eyes clouding over with the beginnings of arousal and tongue darting over his already wet lips. Smirking in victory he caught Naruto's lower lip between his teeth, lightly pulling at it before gently tracing it with his tongue. Then he kissed the corner of his lips, his cheek, licked his jaw line all the way back to his ear.

"Don't go easy on me bastard" Naruto mumbled, grabbing Sasuke's free hand and wrapping it around his hardening member.

Sasuke started pumping it slowly, nibbling on the ear before moving downwards to leave a large mark right over Naruto's pulse. Naruto groaned quietly, his breathing speeding up when the hand touching him teased the head and twisted every time it descended.

"You're getting hard awfully fast for a straight man" Sasuke mumbled into the skin of his throat, catching the water droplets dribbling down with the tip of his tongue, lapping almost cat-like.

"Your mouth is a fucking sin" Naruto groaned in response, tilting his head to the side when Sasuke started pressing open-mouthed kisses all over his neck in-between licks.

"No objections? I guess I'm just that good."

Sasuke's voice sounded a bit too smug for Naruto's liking, but he didn't complain when he motioned for him to get up and sit on the edge of the onsen, revealing his wet naked body. Sasuke gave him a once-over, then another one, finally meeting his eyes with an unimpressed look.

"Well you don't look girly at all."

"Gah! Asshole! I'm a man! A man dammit!" Naruto shouted and smacked Sasuke repeatedly over the head.

He shut up as Sasuke suddenly grabbed his wrist, a dangerous look in his eyes as he pushed Naruto down on his back, climbing up to hover above him with water dripping off his body, the alcohol and steam giving him a faintly flushed look as he leaned in towards Naruto's face, opening his mouth to speak.

"Uwaah! They're at it again!" a voice shouted from a ways off, and turning their heads they saw the same pair of guys that had caught them earlier.

"What do you mean 'again'?!" Naruto shouted, but Sasuke silenced him with a finger on his mouth.

Then the raven sent a challenging look towards their audience, easing back down Naruto's body until his mouth was just above his naval.

"Uuh Sasuke what are you- nn- d-don't- haah."

Sasuke had stuck out his tongue, making a sloppy trail slowly up Naruto's abs and chest, continuing over his collarbone and up his neck, putting his whole hand over his mouth and tilting his head towards the two guys as he made a show out of licking over his cheek as well. All the time he kept an eye on the others, smirking evilly at them when they tensed up and a shiver of discomfort ran up their bodies.

"If you want to see more I'm gonna have to charge you" he called out to them, ignoring Naruto squirming around trying to get away from him.

After the guys had run away Naruto tried to pry off the hand silencing him, starting a glaring contest with Sasuke.

"What" Sasuke asked flatly as he gave in and let the moron breathe through his mouth again.

Naruto started saying something, then changed his mind, the pissed off look on his face changing to a teasing grin.

"Sasuke's a pervert" he sang, his grin widening as he made a chuckling sound to accompany his remark.

"Tch, you're such a dobe" Sasuke said in an uncaring voice, moving to sit on the edge beside Naruto, pushing a few wet strands of hair out of his face. "What's with that look?" he asked after noticing Naruto's dissatisfied eyes on him.

"Aren't you going to continue?"

Sasuke leaned back on the hand closest to Naruto, keeping up eye-contact for a few more seconds before turning his head towards tan knees instead. Lifting his other hand up he ghosted his fingers over one knee, tracing the moist skin, feeling the hard muscle underneath as he watched his fingers move teasingly upwards. Reaching Naruto's hip he paused, laying his palm flat over the bone before sliding inwards over his lower abdomen.


Naruto's voice was more strained now, deeper, he'd raised himself up on his elbows to see better.

"You like it."

Sasuke didn't know why he felt so smug, didn't know why he was enjoying this much more than he should. Moving lower he wrapped his fingers loosely around Naruto's length, quirking his lips when it twitched. Then he tightened his grip, squeezing momentarily before letting go completely.

"Get back in the water" he ordered, "this position isn't very comfortable."

Naruto sat up silently, an unreadable look in his eyes as they met Sasuke's. Then he leaned in to give Sasuke a chaste kiss, giving him a second longer one when the raven didn't protest. Feeling those lips against his own, lips that he'd so far only seen doing ordinary stuff like talking and eating, it felt better than expected. Opening his mouth he licked them from one corner to the other, as lewdly as possible, just to see what Sasuke would do.

"Who's the tease now" Sasuke mumbled and sucked on his lower lip, hand caressing the inside of a tan thigh.

Oh Naruto was so turned on right now, in his fuzzy brain it made perfect sense to have sex with Sasuke. He just wondered if there was a way he could turn the tables and get out of this on top. But when Sasuke grabbed his arms and shoved him against the conveniently located decorative stone wall next to them those thoughts disappeared in sync with the sudden burning in his body caused by Sasuke's body pressed flush against his own, smooth wet skin against skin.

Having Sasuke grinding so roughly against him, creating sparks where their erections slid between their bodies, it was the kind of passionate fucking he hadn't experienced in too long. He moaned into Sasuke's mouth, tongues battling for control which obviously pissed the raven off. Sasuke let go of his hands to instead grip his hair harshly, forcing him to lean his head backwards so he could shove his tongue deeper down his throat.

He wasn't going to give in that easily though.

Sneaking his now free arms around the pale man he dragged his nails down his back, satisfied with the sudden pause Sasuke made to release a heavy breath, a light shiver making its way down his body. Naruto continued downwards, kneading the ass-cheeks in his hands once he reached them, pushing Sasuke harder against himself.

"Looks like someone likes it rough" Sasuke panted, lips still barely connected, eyes challenging, teasing and seducing all at once.

"Heh, I told you not to go easy on me teme. If you want it, you better convince me you can take it."

Naruto flashed a grin, and Sasuke responded with a smirk. He'd never experienced this kind of challenge during sex, and he found that he quite liked it. Capturing Naruto's lips again in a heated kiss he slid his hands down the tan body, feeling its warmth against his palms, curiously brushing over the wet skin.

Trust the dobe to mess with his mind until the point of actually looking forward to moving inside of him.

But as hot as the competition was, the thought of making Naruto cry out in helpless pleasure pushed a button inside him and he felt fiery waves of anticipation rush though his veins. He wanted Naruto. He wanted him spread and trembling and screaming his name, and he snuck one hand down the blond's back to start preparing him.

He pushed two fingers in, twisting them without mercy, biting his lip when Naruto jolted and broke their kiss to swear out loud. He latched onto that inviting neck instead, sucking and biting, Naruto's fingers clutching his upper back now, he had no idea when the change from drunk messing around to passionate fierceness came but he was sure as hell enjoying it.

"Hah, bastardddd" Naruto groaned, eyes suddenly shooting open and another gasp escaping him when something inside him was brushed. "Holy fuck do it again!"

"Do what?"

"That, with your fingers, nnn-aaaaah right there!"

Sasuke had curled his fingers, by chance finding the same spot again, raising an eyebrow at Naruto's strong reaction. Repeating the motion, harder this time, his throat went dry when Naruto threw his head back against the wall with such an erotic expression on his face and moaned embarrassingly loud.

Sucking in a breath Sasuke grabbed a hold of Naruto's head again, keeping it pressed back as he stared at his best friend coming undone in front of him. Naruto's cheeks were bright red and he tried to glare at the raven staring so intently at him, failing miserably and hating that bastard for making him feel so god damn crazy with lust. Sasuke smirked, his eyes drinking in the sight of parted kiss-swollen lips spilling all sorts of lewd profanities as he kept spreading the tight opening he'd soon fill.

Instead of simply grinding their bodies together he started moving his hips in circles, a steady teasing pace that had his heartbeat speed up. He caressed Naruto's lips with his own, sweeping his tongue briefly along the seam, adding a third finger and forcing them in deeper. Naruto was watching him through eyes on half-mast, darting his tongue over his own lips as if to savor Sasuke's taste.

"Kiss me more" he mumbled, and Sasuke lowered his head again to press open-mouthed kisses against his lips.

He massaged Naruto's lips between his own, forcing himself to go slow, frustrating the blond that kept moaning in that much lighter than usual voice that made Sasuke want to do way more sadistic things, just to see how far he could take this.

Naruto had trouble holding on to rationality, his amount of drinking adding to the haze of pleasure in his mind. He wasn't used to being pleasured like this; sure he'd gotten blowjobs and stuff like that but right now he felt completely at Sasuke's mercy, and fuck it made him more turned on than he'd ever want to admit. Curse that bastard for being perfect at everything! He didn't even care that it hurt a little being stretched so roughly, this was Sasuke after all.

The world's biggest prick with absolutely no compassion whatsoever for crybabies.

"Harder" he gasped instead, he wanted more, he wanted to be taken over by this powerful feeling, he wanted to be reduced to a messy pool of goo by Sasuke's hands.

But instead of going harder Sasuke's fingers slipped out of him, and then he found himself facing the wall, hands trailing down his back to grip his hips underneath the water. He felt Sasuke's chest connect to his back as he leaned on his forearms, following the suggestion to bend over and push his ass out a bit obediently.

"You sure you haven't been taking it up the ass all along and hid it from me?" Sasuke murmured in his ear, nose nuzzling his cheek.

"As if I could hide anything from you."

"Hn. True."

Sasuke pressed his mouth to the spot just underneath Naruto's ear for a few moments, as if contemplating something, his fingers playfully brushing over the blond's lower abdomen.

"If you insist it's the same as with a girl after this I'll never talk to you again" he finally murmured, a smile tugging at the corner of his lips at Naruto's snort.

Deciding they were way past the point of second-guessing their actions Sasuke reached down to guide himself, one arm around Naruto's stomach for leverage. He let his forehead drop down to lean on a tan shoulder, the feeling of nudging Naruto's entrance making him swallow hard and let out a shaky breath.

Nope, nothing like a girl at all.

"Teme, what are you waiting for?" Naruto snapped, breaking Sasuke out of his momentary daze.

Not answering he gritted his teeth and started pushing, sinking into the tight heat, groaning at the feeling. Naruto was hissing, fingers dragging against the stone, body tense as Sasuke kept moving forwards forcefully. When a hand started stroking him he relaxed a bit, pain fading into pleasure slowly but surely.

All the way in Sasuke paused, shallow breaths creating goose bumps on Naruto's skin. He didn't pause for long though, running the risk of sobering up and realizing that he was in fact standing in a public onsen with his dick up his best friend's ass, something that would definitely have freaked him out had he been able to think straight.

He started thrusting shallowly, only going about half-way in, searching for that spot he suspected would have Naruto make all those lewd sounds again. He rubbed Naruto's tip, ignoring the screaming complaints from his body for not going full speed. Naruto was breathing heavily, brows furrowed in concentration, and Sasuke let go of his stomach to intertwine their fingers soothingly instead. His action made blue eyes glance at him in slight surprise, widening for some reason as they met his own when he leaned forwards for a brief kiss.

Finally locating the right place he angled his thrusts to hit it every time, letting out a content sound when Naruto started using his voice again. There was just something about the way this was all so wrong that made it feel so perfectly right, moving with Naruto, his smell, his taste, the familiarity of it in this unfamiliar situation.

"How can it feel so good" Naruto groaned, and Sasuke squeezed the hand he held in agreement.

How the hell could this feel so much better than, than… than pretty much everything?

Burying his nose in Naruto's neck he tried to chase all thoughts out of his head, concentrating on thrusting, pushing, sliding in and out, deep and slow, hard and shallow, breathe, listen, feel Naruto's heat.

He eagerly worked towards his orgasm, sweet sweet oblivion void of thought. Judging by the increased level of Naruto's voice he was already close, urging Sasuke on. Unaware that he was breathing the blond's name over and over into his ear he went faster, feeling feverish in the steamy environment.

Naruto was desperately clinging to the last strands of sanity left in him, hearing his name fall so passionately from his best friend's lips driving him insane. What at first had been painful at worst and uncomfortable at best now felt as if heaven was pounded into him, his nerves sizzling from an overload of electric charge, all he could feel was Sasuke Sasuke Sasuke. Sasuke inside him, around him, against him, melting his muscles and short-circuiting his brain. And that white-hot coil in the pits of his stomach was growing unbearable, he wanted needed craved release.

A sudden push against his prostate combined with just the right amount of pressure around his dick had him reeling over the edge, choking on a scream and exploding in trembling pleasure. He didn't notice Sasuke gasp into his neck, didn't notice him stop suddenly deep inside him, coating his insides. All he could think was yes yes fuck yes, toes curling and mind completely blown.

Taking much longer than usual to calm down he eventually noticed Sasuke had slipped out of him, and he turned around, straightening up and tiredly leaning his back against the stone surface.

What greeted him could only be described as post-sex madness.

Sasuke, chest still heaving slightly, defined abs standing out, a mixture of sweat and condensed steam clinging to his slightly flushed skin, hand sexily in the middle of running through his dark bangs.

Swallowing the sudden lump in his throat Naruto waded forwards the two or so steps it took to reach the raven, eyes burning heatedly into Sasuke's, fingertips brushing up his stomach and around his back, pulling him close enough for their noses to bump.

"Do me again" he said, voice hoarse, breaths mingling and lips tingling. "And this time you're gonna make me scream."

An array of emotions flickered over Sasuke's usually impassive face, eventually settling for a seductive sparkle.

"We should probably get back to our room if you're going to be that loud."

~Line breaker~

Morning afters weren't called awkward for nothing, and Sasuke had had his fair share of them. Waking up to a dobe shaking him angrily awake while shouting curse words though, that was a new one.

"Sasuke you fucking asshole bastard wake up dammit!"

"Uurgh, what the hell, where's the fire?" he groaned, rubbing sleep out of his eyes as Naruto kept shaking him.

"They're kicking us out for being too loud and 'indecent'! I mean what the fuck is wrong with these people! We paid for a second night dammit and they won't even give the money back!"

Sasuke groaned again, wishing for the millionth time they hadn't forgotten to include the mute button when constructing the building plan for a certain moron.

"Just shut up idiot, it's probably your own fault for talking back to them anyway" he said and removed the hands shaking him from his body.

His naked body.

Oh god.

Naruto seemed to notice his stunned silence, because he chuckled nervously and rubbed his neck.

"So uuh, let's just, go… home?"

Sasuke slowly raised his head to send an icy glare towards the blond.

"Kicked out because we did indecent stuff? Because we were too loud?"

"Oh don't act like it was all my fault teme, you were the one telling me to scream louder!"

"Like hell I did! And whose fault is it that we ended up getting drunk and, and, doing it!?"

After that nice beginning of their first morning after together their argument continued the whole way home, having first embarrassed themselves in the lobby to the point where they would probably never be able to even think of visiting an onsen ever again, and not even inside Sasuke's apartment was there a longer break than the seconds it took for Sasuke to walk into the bedroom and dump his bag on the floor while Naruto struggled to get off his shoes.

"Super teme! It's not like you can pretend you didn't like it!"

Sasuke froze, his back turned to Naruto, memories of last night crashing over him like guilty waves.

"Did not" he said, not even convincing himself, glancing at the blond out of the corner of his eye.

"Oh yeah?" Naruto said, crossing his arms and leaning against the doorway, looking much too self-assured for Sasuke's liking. "But if you didn't like it, and you're mad at me, why did you bring me to your apartment instead of dropping me off at mine?"

Sasuke swallowed, not sure why he did that. Thinking about it, what the hell kind of stupid brain failure made him do that? Sighing he turned around and sat down on his bed, nervously fiddling with the hem of his sweater.

It's not as if last night had been bad.

It's not as if he'd never want to do it again.

Giving up, a sour look on his face, he straightened up and locked eyes with Naruto.

"And if I answered that I brought you here because I want to fuck you again?"

Naruto stared at him for a moment, then a cocky grin spread over his face as he pushed off the wall and sauntered over to the raven.

"Then I'd say" he started, a lilting tone to his voice, leaning down and tracing Sasuke's cheeks with his fingers, "that my body is ready."

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