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Chapter 4


"Naruto, it's good to see you again, it's been too long."

Naruto hugged Mikoto back, embarrassed by her excitement that would have looked like utter calm to any outsider. Thankfully, or sadly, Naruto was rather fluent in speaking Uchiha and grinned when she released him, scratching his neck with a small chuckle.

"Don't say that, it's just been two weeks" he said, following her inside the house when she took a few steps back.

She shook her head slightly, a smile gracing her pretty face as she took his coat.

"How was your trip?"

"Not bad, but you know Jiraiya, he spent more time watching the ladies than the view."

He made a grimace, and then shrugged as if it wasn't a big deal. He should be used to it by now, knowing his godfather only wanted his company to trick his editor into thinking he really was going to do scenery research, and not spend the time chasing girls.

Mikoto laughed quietly behind her hand, wondering silently if that was the reason her youngest son had been so against the whole trip.

"I heard his new book will be out in a month or so" another calm voice commented as Itachi rounded the corner and entered the hallway.

"Itachi, what's up?" Naruto greeted him, tilting his head upwards briefly before grinning teasingly. "Why, eager to read it?"

Itachi's face remained impassive despite the tease, but his eyes shot towards his mother before settling onto Naruto again.

"Che, you look like you forgot to leave your business face at work again" Naruto laughed, walking forwards to bump his fist against the older man's shoulder. "Now, where's the bastard?"

"You know, Naruto, you could act a little less indecent in the presence of my mother" Itachi drawled, but his eyes twinkled with faint humor. "And my sweet little brother is sulking in his room, as he has been doing for the past weeks, denying it as he may."

Naruto snorted, but the vaguely smug look on his face didn't go unnoticed to the others present.

"Well, that's what he gets for being a bastard about things."

Mikoto simply smiled as he left them to climb the stairs two steps at a time, then turned towards her oldest son.

"You should probably interrupt them in five minutes or so, dinner is almost ready and you know how much your father dislikes hearing that sort of thing."

Had Itachi been less of an Uchiha he might have blushed at his mother's uncharacteristic insinuation, but as it was he merely raised an eyebrow and nodded, following her into the dining room to help set things up while he waited for the minutes to pass.

Upstairs, Naruto slammed the door to Sasuke's room open, entering to find his boyfriend sitting in his old favorite chair reading a book.

"I heard someone missed me" Naruto purred, grin threatening to split his face in two as Sasuke looked up to glare at him.

"Keep dreaming moron" the dark-haired male muttered, stubbornly returning to his book.

Immediately Naruto's expression darkened, and with a scowl he stomped over to Sasuke and ripped the book out of his hand, dropping it to the floor and crawling onto his lap. Jabbing a finger into Sasuke's chest he ignored the other's annoyed look.

"You've spent the time sulking at your parents' house, so don't try to deny it!" he hissed, then bit his lip and sighed, suddenly looking tired. "Well I missed you anyway" he muttered, leaning forward to slump against Sasuke's shoulder.

Letting out a non-committed sound Sasuke let his cheek fall onto blond soft spikes, glaring at nothing in particular as he forced his hands to stop twitching in their urge to sneak underneath an orange t-shirt. It was true that he'd spent the time with his parents, but not because of sulking. It was just frustrating to walk around in his apartment when every surface reminded him of something that had to do with the dobe, and not just sexual things. Also, there was that other reason…

"I just had to get away from all your creepy frogs, or I'd throw them all out" he mumbled, huffing when Naruto made a noise of complaint.

"You wouldn't dare" the blond threatened, his voice muffled against his neck, and Sasuke fought to ignore the pleasant shiver making its way down his back at having Naruto's lips brushing his skin.

"You're lucky I even allow them in there" Sasuke answered sourly, remembering the fight they'd had just after Naruto moved in with him officially, and the fact that he'd slept on the couch in his own home.

Naruto snorted, hands travelling down Sasuke's chest, lifting his shirt up a little to caress his stomach. Stubborn as Sasuke may have seemed about the issue, he'd caved in surprisingly fast after just two days of no sex.

"You're lucky I love you even though you're a fucking prick."


Sasuke was going to say more, but Naruto pressed butterfly kisses over his neck as his hands rubbed eager nipples, and he found himself shoving his hands down the back of Naruto's jeans to squeeze an all too familiar ass. Turning his head he pressed a kiss to Naruto's cheek, opening his mouth when lips found his. It was strange, and not a little bit annoying, to realize that he'd missed his dobe badly. Sure, even when they were only best friends he'd been bored without the blond around, but after eight months of dating and one month of living together the relief he felt at having him back in his arms was much stronger than he wanted to think about.

As for going slow, Naruto sure hadn't wasted any time in worming his way into a more obvious and attention-demanding residence inside Sasuke's heart. Best friends just didn't cut it anymore, and even boyfriends was starting to feel like an insignificant word.

He'd never tell Naruto though, at least not in any near future; he was the one digging his heels down at every step forward they tried to take, and to suddenly demand more was just not compliant with his actions, or his pride for that matter.

Perhaps he'd finally entered that honeymoon stage Itachi was so fond of teasing him for.

The door opening interrupted both thoughts and kissing, and two pairs of eyes tried to burn holes in Itachi's amused ones as he leaned carelessly against the doorpost, twinning a few strands of hair from his ponytail in pale elegant fingers.

"Mother would like to inform you that dinner is ready, as well as to keep the PDA on the down low. Father is not in the mood for your hormones, apparently."

Naruto muttered something underneath his breath before cheering up again, jumping up and dragging Sasuke out of the armchair. Itachi followed the two of them downstairs, as always amused by Naruto's incredible ability at bending his younger brother to his will, whether it was dressing up as pumpkins for their fourteenth Halloween or buying him a frog-shaped twenty-first birthday cake. He'd been worried they'd never realize their feelings for one another, but now that they had he almost wished they'd remained ignorant.

It was rather traumatizing to walk in on kids you used to wipe snot off all grown up and getting it on against an office desk.

Shaking his head to rid it of the image that had sadly been burnt into his retinas he sat down at the table, wondering if this Saturday dinner would be more peaceful than the last one they'd shared, when Naruto had 'accidentally' put frog and ramen stickers on Sasuke's laptop just hours earlier…

"So, Naruto, how was your trip?" Fugaku asked politely after they'd all gotten food on their plates, and Itachi almost missed the slightest tensing of Sasuke's lips.

"Hmm, I dunno," Naruto said, finishing chewing his piece of chicken stew before continuing. "There were a lot of busty, sunbathing girls I guess so I pretty much had to do the sightseeing alone."

This time, the tick in Sasuke's eye was easy to catch. Itachi figured he'd better steer the conversation into a safer topic before another fight ensued. How his parents failed to see the impending doom every time he would never understand.

"I heard Hinata is having a baby" he said nonchalantly, his interruption a success when Naruto almost spit out his drink and Mikoto immediately gushed and fired off questions.

"What the hell, how come you knew before me?!" Naruto accused, pointing at him with his fork.

"Sasuke told me" he shrugged, and could have slapped himself (with grace, of course) when Naruto turned his glare onto the youngest Uchiha, demanding an explanation.

So much for trying to keep the family peace.

"I would have told you after dinner" Sasuke defended himself, rolling his eyes when Naruto wasn't placated. "Plus, she said she was going to call you when you got back."

"Well, that's nice to hear" Fugaku interrupted, eyes sweeping between his sons, "Maybe something for you two to consider as well."

"I'm afraid Sasuke lacks certain baby producing parts" Naruto shot back, rubbing his ribs with a pout when Sasuke elbowed him. "What, it's the truth teme! Neither of us has a vagina."

"Oh go fuck yourself Naruto" Sasuke gritted out, both of them glaring daggers at this point.

"Boys, language" Mikoto chastised them, and thankfully they decided to drop the issue.

Itachi sighed. Lately, it was as if anything they said to each other started a fight. For some reason he didn't think it had to do with Naruto moving in, but he couldn't say what else it would be. He couldn't help but worry a little, seeing them stubbornly glare in opposite directions in front of him now. On the other hand he doubted they'd appreciate him meddling with their business; he just had trouble accepting that they weren't the same snotty little kids anymore who took his word for law, spilling all their secrets to him at the threat of a spanking.

Oh, how he missed that time.

~Line breaker~

When Itachi opened his front door at two in the morning he did not expect to find a fuming Naruto outside. A fuming Sasuke? Yes, that might have been not so surprising. Naruto swept past him and threw off his shoes into a corner, coat angrily pushed onto a hanger before he stomped into the living room, as if trying to wake up the entire house.

"Would you mind?" Itachi asked the blond as he flopped down onto the couch, spread-eagle with a morose expression on his face. "I have a guest."

"What? A guest? As in you had sex? Oh my god Itachi I did not need to know that" Naruto grimaced, voice as loud as ever.

Itachi sighed.

"Why are you here? Shouldn't you be busy smothering my brother in his sleep with your cuddling?"

"Don't talk to me about that ass" Naruto bit out, frowning as he made himself more comfortable. "I don't fucking get him" he continued, contradicting his first sentence. "I thought we'd made progress but nooo, he can't even talk about babies without assuming I'm trying to force one on him or something. As if I want a baby, ha! Don't make me laugh."


"But you know what? He acted as if moving in together was the worst freaking idea in world history, and it took me days to even make him consider it, and then he didn't agree until I showed him my emptied apartment minus furniture that we'd already been practically living together for three weeks and do you know what he said to that?! A fucking 'Hn'! That's all I got!"

"Well he-"

"And then! Then he fucking introduces me to some random people at a party with 'This is Naruto, he's mine'!" Naruto made a face, a mixture between anger and disbelief. "But when someone calls me and I tell them I'm busy with my boyfriend he makes this expression like he hates being called that, and I just don't know what the hell I'm supposed to do."

The last part was groaned out, as Naruto had turned around on his stomach to bang his head against a pillow.

"Why the fuck is your pillow so fluffy, this was supposed to hurt" he complained, looking up at the older Uchiha with a miserable sniff.

Closing his eyes and counting to ten, wondering just what he did to deserve this at two o'clock with a hangover forming, Itachi finally sat down on the table in front of Naruto and looked at him tiredly.

"I'm sorry, but I really don't know what my brother's thinking" he said, running a hand through his loose hair.

"But you're supposed to know everything" Naruto pouted, hugging the pillow now and burying his face in it. After a few minutes of silence he raised his head slightly and glanced at Itachi. "Do you think I'm bothering him?" he asked in a small voice, "I mean, I did kind of force him into this, and he's always hated relationships…"

"Naruto, if there's one thing I know about my brother, it is that he cares about you very, very much. Now, how about I make you some tea?"

Naruto nodded, but didn't look up again. Sighing to himself Itachi got up and went into the kitchen, boiling water and discovering that his phone had a total of ten missed calls from his brother, as well as a text asking if Naruto was there. Yes, and just what did you say to him? he replied, waiting for the few minutes it took the water to get ready but receiving no answer.

He already felt bad for his neighbors.

Fifteen minutes later, with Naruto halfway through his second cup, Itachi's suspicions were confirmed as a key turned in the lock and in came an upset Sasuke, the glare on his face increasing when it set upon the blond as he slammed the door shut behind him.

"Just what do you think you're doing?" Sasuke growled, stopping right in front of Naruto, who was now sitting with his arms crossed and nose turned up, seeming to find the wall extremely interesting.

When no answer came Sasuke clenched his fists, and Itachi was just about to interfere when a sleepy figure entered from the bedroom, rubbing his eyes and covering a yawn simultaneously.

"What's going on?" he asked, and three sets of eyes turned to him.

"What's Shisui doing here?" Sasuke asked, but his question was drowned in Naruto's loud exclamation.

"Holy shit Itachi that's your cousin! I mean I don't wanna judge you or anything but holy shit!"

"What's he talking about?" Shisui asked, another yawn dragging the last word out as he rubbed his face.

"I told you I had a guest Naruto, don't jump to conclusions. He was kicked out by his girlfriend."

"Again, I might add" Shisui added, not sounding very upset about it. "Now what's this all about?"

"Sasuke refusing to remove the log he's got shoved up his ass" Naruto explained, remembering his previous anger and scowling at his boyfriend.

"More like Naruto being on his period" Sasuke disagreed, crossing his arms and returning the scowl with a frosty glare.

"Ooh" Shisui said, nodding to himself and turning to Itachi. "Should I make some popcorn?"

Itachi smirked, but grabbed his arm and pulled him back towards the bedroom.

"I think we'd better not get involved, but I've got some leftover snacks in my room, if you're interested."

Chuckling Shisui sent an amused look over his shoulder, but the younger two had already forgotten about them, still glaring at each other.

"Well, since you're offering…" he trailed off, guessing they wouldn't get much sleep anyway with the impending explosion in the living room.

"Go away, I'm mad at you" Naruto muttered from his position on the couch, lying down again and promptly curling up around his pillow.

"Oh yeah? And you don't think I'm mad at you?"

Naruto frowned into the fabric, wishing the words wouldn't hurt so much.

"Why are you mad anyway, I just talked about the baby" he mumbled.

He missed the way Sasuke glanced guiltily to the side, sitting down on the table in a position similar to Itachi's earlier one.

"Well, I don't like babies."

Naruto snorted.

"But you like babies" Sasuke continued, feeling very uncomfortable. He wasn't good at talking about feelings; actually he hated talking about feelings. "And like you put it so nicely earlier, neither of us can produce them."

Naruto froze, then slowly raised his head to gaze at Sasuke as if he was an alien come to visit him.

"You're kidding me right?" he laughed incredulously. "You fight tooth and nail against me moving in, but now you're worried I'll dump you because you can't get pregnant?! Just who fucks who might I ask!"

Sasuke grit his teeth, wishing Naruto wasn't so good at reading him. This was terrible as it was without anyone besides himself finding out.

"Well have you even thought about the future? This is why I told you not to just rush into things!"

"What the fuck Sasuke, I love you!" Naruto had stood up, shouting down into Sasuke's face, "You think I give a shit about babies, go get your head checked!"

"I love you too okay?!" Sasuke shouted back, arms uncrossing to grip at the sides of the table. "Don't make this harder on me than it already is!"

"Make what harder?" Naruto groaned in exasperation, then caught himself as Sasuke's words registered. "Wait, did you just tell me that you love me?"

Sasuke's glare increased, but he didn't break eye contact.

"Oh my god, whoa, you actually, you-" Naruto turned silent, and ran over to the window to look outside.

"What are you doing moron" Sasuke growled, trying to force his cheeks to stop burning. He hadn't meant to admit that.

"Just checking for the end of the world" was the breathless reply he got, Naruto pressing hands and nose against the glass, fog forming on it. "But all I see is snow."

Letting out a heavy sigh Sasuke got up and walked over to him, embracing him from behind and burying his face in the crook of his neck.

"You drive me so damn crazy" he mumbled, "And not in a good way."

"Bastard" Naruto said, but didn't sound angry anymore. His shoulders slumped as he leaned his weight against the window, one hand coming down to rest on top of Sasuke's. "You suck at relationships."

"I know."

"I mean, really suck at them. Anyone else and they would have dumped you the first week."


"It's like, you think you're so cool and great at everything, but you can't even say thanks without making it sound like it's painful."

"Are you done yet?"

Naruto flashed a grin against the glass at Sasuke's dry tone, and shook his head.

"You have to admit it first."

"Admit what?"

"That you suck."

"Suck what?"

Naruto smacked his hand, unable not to chuckle a little at the innuendo.

"At relationships, don't make this harder than it already is."

"Fuck you."

"Later, now say it."

With a huff Sasuke raised his head, meeting Naruto's amused eyes reflected in the glass and brushing his mouth against his ear.

"Fine, I suck at relationships, happy now?"

"Hmm, for now." He raised a hand to tap a finger against Sasuke's lips. "You may have to suck some other things too though, to make up for it."

Sasuke opened his mouth to reply, but Naruto pinched his lips shut.

"And," he continued, eyes narrowing dangerously, "now that I know you love me, you've got some explaining to do."

Sasuke swallowed, cursing the word explain to hell and back. This emotional trauma was going to pain him for weeks to come, he just knew it. Still, he couldn't bring himself to protest because Naruto turned around to kiss him, and there wasn't much more he needed from life.

Inside the bedroom, two men sighed as they heard the front door close, once more bringing silence to the area.

"They sure know how to make a fight interesting" Shisui commented, throwing another piece of candy up in the air and catching it nonchalantly with his mouth.

"Mm" Itachi mused. "You should have heard them fight over the stickers on Sasuke's laptop."

Shisui raised an eyebrow, but didn't comment. Plopping another piece of candy into his mouth he stretched on the bed, his back arching, causing the t-shirt Itachi had lent him to ride up a bit and show off a nicely toned stomach.

"What's that Itachi?" he asked, voice teasing as he caught the other's glance at his stomach, "Like what you see?"

"Hn, don't be absurd."

"What, it's always nice to know you're appreciated" Shisui replied innocently.

"Again, don't be absurd. You'll give your poor mother a heart attack if she knew you were hitting on me."

"Yeah well," Shisui said with a grimace, "she never did like Uchihas."

"And yet she married one" Itachi said, still finding it funny after all these years.

"Well, we all make mistakes" Shisui shrugged. "But you know, cousins are allowed to marry, as crazy as that sounds. Not that we're really cousins."

"Hmm, what is it, second cousin twice removed?"

"Isn't it third cousin once removed" Shisui mused, rubbing his cheek in thought.

"There's a difference?"

"You tell me, you're the genius in the family. Though," he added, a mischievous glint in his eyes, "I'm sure if we did the unthinkable my mom would provide us with the correct term once she found out."

Itachi laughed, the sound low in his throat, placing his arms behind his head and tilting it to see Shisui better.

"The unthinkable huh? I like the sound of that" he smirked, Shisui smirking back at him.

~Line breaker~

The morning after Sasuke woke up with a strange feeling of being cold. Strange, because for what now felt like as long as he could remember he'd wake up with Naruto next to him, often clinging to him or at least arms or legs touching. For Naruto to get up first and, he glanced at the alarm clock showing 8:30am, this early, something had to be up.

He could guess what it was.

Last night, after that fight and his accidental love confession, they'd driven home separately which didn't leave much room for talking, and coming back home they'd both been so tired they'd for once agreed that having any serious talks would be counter-productive. Sometimes the night will bring things into the light, but with them both having a temper problem while well rested, there just wasn't any point trying to make sense when they were yawning until their jaws complained.

He listened, raising himself up on his elbows on the bed. He could distinguish faint noises from somewhere, and thinking that there was no point in stalling he got up and grabbed a pair of sweats to pull over his boxers, walking towards what he hoped was Naruto and not a burglar. He wasn't looking forward to explaining things, not even sure what he was supposed to be explaining, but an upset moron wasn't an alternative to escaping an uncomfortable situation.

He wasn't twelve anymore with trouble taking the word 'friend' in his mouth.

Finding the source of the noise to be the bathroom, he quietly made his way over and eased the crack in the door open a little wider. Inside, Naruto was busy putting dirty clothes into the washing machine, currently searching one of Sasuke's dress shirts for the label to check something. His breath caught at the familiarity of the scene. And it shouldn't, because they'd only been living together for about a month, Naruto being abroad not included, but maybe the truth was that it had been much longer than that. Even longer than them being intimate.

What was this feeling, this heavy tightness in his chest, watching Naruto throw the shirt to the side and grab a pair of socks from the laundry basket? Wasn't it the kind of feeling you'd read about in a book, when the main character clutches at his heart seeing his loved one. And Naruto was, is, his loved one.

In a sudden moment of clarity, Sasuke saw the ideal future in his mind. While that future had always somehow involved Naruto, he'd never thought, never let himself think, that Naruto was anything else than a best friend, a constant in his life that wouldn't change. Wouldn't risk changing because of feelings. Now that those feelings were there, had been there for give or take eight months, Sasuke's throat tightened as well and he balled his hands into fists, fighting to breathe normally as his heart thumped painfully in his chest.

Fuck the honeymoon stage to all depths of hell.

"Sasuke?" Naruto suddenly asked, having noticed him standing there behind him. "Did I wake you up?"

Shaking his head slowly Sasuke took in the sight of him; eyebrows slanted down in slight concern, blue eyes searching his face for some sort of sign, his tan chest obscured by a too large black t-shirt that probably belonged to Sasuke judging by the band logo printed across it.

"You look kinda… weird" Naruto added, scrunching up his nose before straightening up from his slightly bent position, still gripping a kitchen towel in one hand.

"I feel weird" Sasuke said, voice monotone but with a vague sense of surprise in it, because he did feel weird and had no idea what to do about it or how it happened.


Naruto looked a little dubious, for all Sasuke knew it could be because he rarely admitted to feeling anything at all. Taking a few small steps forwards Sasuke held Naruto's gaze, forcefully unclenching his fists and relaxing his shoulders. He stopped right in front of his childhood friend, his best friend, his boyfriend, his lover, his…


"I think," he started, refusing to acknowledge that his voice quivered a little, just like the fingers he raised to trace a whiskered cheek with, "That there's really just one explanation to give."

He let his fingers wander lower, brushing quickly over Naruto's throat before caressing down his chest. There must have been some kind of emotion in his eyes; lust, possessiveness, love even, because Naruto sucked in a breath and held it.

"My brain still has some parts struggling with the concept of relationships, but…" he paused, lifting the hem of the black shirt to lay his palm flat over Naruto's warm stomach, "I don't think I can handle going slow anymore."

He felt, rather than heard, how Naruto let out a shaky breath and inhaled a new one. There was a pounding in his ears that drowned all other sounds out, and when Naruto raised a hand to put it over his heart he realized that that was where it came from.

"Did you fall and hit your head on your way from the bedroom?" Naruto asked, releasing a brief, nervous chuckle before wetting his lips. "You really are weird right now."

Putting his other hand on top of the washing machine Sasuke leaned in, brushing over Naruto's lips in a feather-light caress, feeling the hand on his chest tense momentarily.

"Honestly, I've been feeling weird for a while now" Sasuke continued, pressing his mouth to Naruto's cheek, jaw, below his ear; each little kiss lingering for a few seconds. "I don't know what to do about it."

Sasuke couldn't see it, but Naruto's eyelids fluttered shut for a moment when hot air fanned over his ear, lips thinning before he swallowed thickly.

"Sasuke…" he breathed, pressing his hand firmer against the pale chest, wondering just how things went from him doing laundry for distraction to Sasuke distracting him from everything but the very thoughts he tried to suppress.

"When you think about the future, do you really see us together, like this, until we die?"

Naruto stilled for a moment at hearing the question, then Sasuke could feel the smile against his cheek.


And just like that, Sasuke knew he was done for. This was how things would be from now on; this was the power Naruto held over him.

And what a sweet, sweet power it was.

"I should have known you were mine from the moment you threw sand in my eye when we were four."

Naruto chuckled, the sound vibrating straight to Sasuke's heart.

"You never apologized for that, by the way" he added, his hand on Naruto's stomach sliding around to press against his lower back.

"Teme, why would I apologize for becoming your best friend? Not that you ever apologized for ruining my sand castle."

"Dobe, why would I apologize for that? I did the world a favor ridding it of that horror."

"Ugh, you're such an ass" Naruto groaned, dropping his forehead onto Sasuke's shoulder.

"Well, you're lucky to be stuck with an ass, I have to deal with a moron for the rest of my life."

Naruto kicked him, but then he hugged him tightly and sighed contentedly into his neck.

"I was so mad at you yesterday" he mumbled, rubbing his nose against pale skin. "You'd better make it up to me."

"Hn. I'll go buy rings tomorrow."

Naruto shot up violently, hitting the side of his head on Sasuke's jaw. Eyes wide he searched dark ones, gripping Sasuke's arms harshly and finding nothing but the same old smirking bastard he was used to seeing.

"Uchiha Sasuke if you're making fun of me I swear to ramen and all that is holy you'll be sleeping on the couch for a month!" he threatened, glaring when Sasuke gave him that look as if he was mentally rolling his eyes in contempt towards his lack of intelligence.

"As if you'd last that long" Sasuke replied, silencing Naruto's protests with a hand over his mouth. "And I'm not kidding," he continued, voice low and serious, eyes digging into Naruto's, "I want a ring to shove up people's faces when they hit on me."

Naruto released a frustrated noise behind Sasuke's hand before pulling it away, kicking him again and harder this time.

"You smug, self-satisfied bastard" he growled, "For once you do something that makes you seem like a nice person and then you go and ruin it like that. You suck at proposals!"

"I've been told I may have to suck some other things too" Sasuke purred, a seductive look springing up in his eyes, hand releasing itself from Naruto's hold to run up and down his bare thigh.

"Fuck you" Naruto spat, but spread his legs so Sasuke could press up between them, pushing him against the machine behind him.

"Hmm nope, I'm still top" Sasuke stated, teeth nibbling a tan earlobe as his hand decided to explore the inside of Naruto's short, loose boxers.

"One day" Naruto groaned as Sasuke played with his balls, effectively turning him on, "One day I'll have your ass and you're going to love it."

"I'm sure" Sasuke breathed with amusement, tickling his ear, mouth descending on his neck instead to litter kisses all over it.

Deciding that discussion time was over, Sasuke tugged Naruto's boxers down and wrapped a hand around his hardening length. By now, he would consider himself somewhat of an expert at male on male sex, a few teasing tugs and a fresh new hickey over a tan neck resulting in several moans.

Or perhaps he was just an expert on dobe anatomy.

Naruto twisted fingers into his hair, forcing him up to meet him in a kiss, blood rushing south at the feel of tongues battling for fun and pleasure. They'd had all kinds of sex together – drunk sex, angry sex, make-up sex; sex because they were horny and sex because they were bored. Grinding harshly against the blond Sasuke thought, that now they could add engagement sex to the ever growing list.

"Mm take 'em off" Naruto mumbled between nibbles on his lips, lowering a hand to tug at the hem of Sasuke's pants.

Making quick work of the offending fabric Sasuke resumed his grinding, rolling his hips in circles and making sure the friction elicited more of those delicious sounds from Naruto's throat. He was running his hands all over Naruto's thighs and sides, brushing over sensitive parts and raking his nails along the muscles, leaving angry red marks and making his lover arch into the touch.

Massaging a nipple with one hand he let the other trace his hip down to his ass, Naruto letting out an impatient sound when Sasuke squeezed it. Holding it firmly he pushed Naruto against himself, their movements harder as their arousal increased. He sucked his blond's tongue into his mouth, sliding a few fingers between his cheeks to rub against his entrance, swallowing lustful moans that appeared at the action. He wanted Naruto so much. He wanted him, all of him, he wanted him to himself and no one would ever come between them. He wanted to be sure he was Naruto's one and only.

"Naruto" he said huskily, panting lightly as their lips refused to part fully, "You love me right?"

"Mhm" Naruto mumbled, capturing his mouth again in a heated kiss, arms moving to embrace his neck and pull him even closer.

"Say it."

Naruto's eyes opened briefly to blink at Sasuke, then he smiled, a bright smile Sasuke felt all the way down to his toes.

"I love you Sasuke."

Throwing his arms tight around Naruto it was all Sasuke could do not to sigh lovingly into Naruto's mouth, focusing his feelings into the passionate kiss, his head dizzy and his limbs trembling.

Forcing their lips apart a few minutes later Sasuke latched onto the tan neck, leaving large marks sure to stay for days. Naruto's heavy breaths and choked moans ran straight from his ears to his groin, adding to the pressure and his need to thrust deep inside his moron, his perfect, sometimes annoying moron. With a painful feeling of cold he released himself from Naruto's grip and almost ran over to the shower, fumbling as he snatched the lube from its place in there.

Turning around to go back he stopped, enthralled by the sight of a flushed, panting Naruto who looked like he wanted it, and he wanted it now, blue eyes darkened with lust and a hand stretched out demandingly towards Sasuke.

"Come here" he was ordered, and like a man under a spell he was sucked into Naruto's arms again, pushing him to sit on the washing machine.

Placing kisses over Sasuke's face Naruto put one arm behind himself for support, fingers brushing through strands of black as he heard the distinct pop of the bottle opening.

"Hurry" he whispered breathlessly, feeling his heart throbbing heavily, fiery anticipation coiling in his chest and stomach.

If he was honest to himself, there had been doubt lingering in his mind even this far into their relationship. Sasuke was incredibly important to him, and he was scared to lose him. Regardless of that he knew his best friend needed to be pushed into things sometimes, needed Naruto to nag and bother him about stuff before he realized the need to accept his own feelings about it. But sometimes, he pushed too hard. Forcefully moving in had felt like a breaking point – if Sasuke was remotely serious about them he'd agree, and he'd spent many nights and days after bringing it up worrying that it was too much, too soon.

And here Sasuke was, having admitted to loving him, coating his dick to fuck his brains out after proposing. And although it was a very Sasuke-ish proposal, it made Naruto want to smile and smile forever, whether or not he was ready for a step like that didn't matter, because in this case it really was the thought that counted.

"What?" Sasuke suddenly asked, breaking Naruto out of the daze he hadn't realized he was in.

"Sorry, you were so slow I fell asleep" he grinned, almost laughing happily when Sasuke growled and slammed one of his legs up and positioned himself.

"You'll regret that" Sasuke threatened, eyes narrowing dangerously but lips quirking upwards teasingly.

Moments later Naruto threw his head back with a shout, his fingers twisting in hair, Sasuke wasting no time in starting to pound into him. As Sasuke moved he grabbed the dark spikes harsher, pulling Sasuke's head against his still clothed chest as he kept moaning out loud, pleasure coursing through his body. The sounds filled the room, all Naruto could hear and feel and breathe was Sasuke, thoughts blown out of his mind and worries leaving him in sync with the steady thrusts. He knew it didn't take long for the pleasure to mount up until he couldn't hold back any longer, but as he released he couldn't help but think that the moment lasted for eternity, that right now in this instant they weren't really the Naruto and Sasuke with differences and pride and lack of communication.

In this moment they were one.

Sasuke gasped into Naruto's chest, his scent filling up his nostrils and adding to the stormy swirl of emotions erupting in every little cell of his body, all focused around one point. The point, that he revealed in a sudden rush of breath as his orgasm pushed it out of his throat, a whispered promise delivered with such certainty that yesterday's confession shouted in the heat of an argument felt thinner than a spider's thread.

"I love you"

~Line breaker~

Later, they stood in the shower, silent as the enormity of what they'd just decided slowly sank down on them. Getting married. Now that was a crazy joke if they ever heard one.

Despite that, there were no voiced objections, no further discussions, doubt cleared from their minds. After all, there was nothing half-assed about their friendship, and so there shouldn't be anything half-assed about their love.

"Uchiha Naruto…" Sasuke mused. "Doesn't sound too bad I guess."

"What the hell?! What makes you think it'll be me changing names, what's wrong with Uzumaki Sasuke?"

"Hn. Anyone can hear it sounds stupid. I'm doing you a favor here giving you an awesome name like mine."

"You little shit!" Naruto growled and pushed Sasuke's chest, forcing him to take a step back for balance. "I don't even know where to begin, your name is so full of crap and arrogance!"

"Dobe, you're just jealous. But don't worry, I'll make an exception and share with you just this once."

"Teme you suck so much even the priest will feel sorry for us if we don't take my name!"

And so began another fight, out of many future ones to come. In fact, they even had a small fight walking up the aisle over Sasuke not smiling enough and Naruto walking much too fast.

Every time someone would ask them how they met, or how they started dating, Naruto would grin at Sasuke who would simply roll his eyes, silent words passing between them while the questioner puked at the love oozing in the air (or gushed, depending on what level of romantic they were) before Naruto's grin would widen as he answered:

"Oh you know, a little onsen trip was all it took!"

So apparently, onsen trips are great ways to have gay sex and later marry your best friend... haha. I hope you had fun reading this fic, all comments etc are very much appreciated;) It turned out kinda sappy but it was nice to finally have Sasuke catch up feelings wise:p I will see you in another story!