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A-Z PruHun one shot collection~! It's worth reading because I promise there will be A to Z- I won't just stop because well, I personally hate when that happens. So here is A! Will probably be updated soon.

A: Annoying

Cackling madly the albino male ran though Austria's house with a blow horn at two am. Dashing through the halls he ran into the piano room and very kindly began hammering away on the ivory keys.

A disgruntled Roderich burst into the room, glasses askew, hair a mess and night gown wrinkled.

"Stop it now you obnoxious moron!" he yelled

Gilbert smiled and stopped. "Or what? Little night gown Roddy gonna chase me?"

"Why are you so insufferably annoying! Egotistical and irritating and just bluntly annoying?!" he yelled

Gilbert's smile fell.

"I'm not that annoying." He muttered

"You are a thorn in the side of everyone that knows you!" the irritated and tired Austrian yelled

"N-nein!" he protested, somewhat hurt

"You're a waste of space! You're a nuisance! You were tolerable at one point and got worse as time went on! Grow up already you annoying over grown boy!" he yelled angrily

Gilbert's shoulders dropped and he slowly left the room, head hung and sad faced looking like a whipped puppy.

He ran from the large house into the forest, where no one would find him.

"Stupid Roderich… I'm not… annoying!" he yelled at the nearest pine

Back in the house Roderich tiredly turned off lights and walked to his room. He was stopped by a steaming Hungarian.

"What did you do?!" she yelled

He blinked "What?"

She hit him "What did you say to Gilbert!"

He yelped and held his now hurting head "That he was annoying and obnoxious, so nothing he hasn't heard before by everyone else!" Roderich said frowning

She glared at him "I heard the whole thing! He may be obnoxious but don't say that to him!" she yelled, oddly irritated with the Austrian

He squirmed, fearful of her anger and more importantly, her frying pan

"He's gotten more and more annoying and obnoxious though!" he argued

"Since he was dissolved?' she screamed

He thought about it "Ja… he got worse after that."

She got the frying pan out and whacked him "When he was a country you couldn't miss him! You couldn't forget or ignore him! Now that he's dissolved he's looked over, some even forget him. Being annoying is how he makes sure no one forgets him!" she yelled at him

He blinked at her "Oh…"

She glared at him and turned to go find Gilbert.

He was out in the forest, sitting against a tree looking at the sky, Gilbird jumping around next to him. A crow dove down, and Gilbert scooped up the frightened yellow chick, protecting it.

"You miss being a big black eagle don't you? I miss being remembered… and feared…" he spoke to the bird sadly

"You are still remembered Gil." a voice said from behind him

He jumped up and spun around. Eliza was leaning against a tree looking at him.

"Ja? By who?" he asked quietly and bitterly, looking at the ground

She walked closer to him. "Your brother."

He scoffed "Only because I live in his house. Because I'm useless and don't have one!"

She sighed, and stood directly in front of him "France? Spain?"

He shook his head sadly "They know I'm here, but they're busy…it's like they don't remember me half the time"

Running out of people she quietly said "I remember you..."

He looked up, some surprise in his eyes. "Y-you do?"

"It is hard to forget the brave knight and proud nation of Prussia…" she muttered, looking away from him

His voice was cold "Until a proper gentleman comes into the picture. Who has a better country, more money, and clearly a better choice."

Glaring, she got into his face "We went over this before!"

"I know." He said quietly "I was at the wedding too…"

"I…I know…" she spoke softly, biting her lip

"I guess I was annoying then to huh?"

"Well you did dump a mug of beer over Roderick's head…" she said laughing

Gil grinned "Well had to have some fun!"

They were both quiet for a moment, before he said "I am sorry for bringing it up again…I guess Roderich was right. I am just an annoying ex nation.
"No…he was wrong. You're a fun and lively man who happens to be an ex nation."

He rolled his eyes, and kept silent.

"If…I had to pick again…"

"You'd pick him!" he snarled, glaring as he cut her off

Eliza smacked him "Let me finish you moron! No, I'd pick you!"

Rubbing his head, Gil looked at her surprised "You would?"

Red faced, Eliza nodded

"Well…in that case…" he muttered, looking in the eye "You want me, or him?'

Smiling, he was tackled in a hug "I pick the annoying one."

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