Okay, so. Vampire!AlfredxHuman!Arthur story for you. What I did for the vampires is take different powers from vampires from The Vampire Diaries and Twilight along with bits and things from Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler). I sorta twisted things, I guess

The sun was just starting to set in London, England. Alfred lounged lazily on the edge of building towering more than a thousand feet up above the busy London street, people making their way home. He watched them uninterestedly, bored of London already. He let his foot right foot dangle over the edge of the building he was perched on. His throat burned incredibly, but he was simply not in the mood to look for lunch. He toyed with his black leather gloves he wore. He inhaled deeply, suddenly perking up. He stood and did a gainer, landing in the shadows perfectly. He dusted his black and white Chuck Taylors and gave his glasses a small push up before perusing that wonderful scent. He ended up following a lone man to one of the many abandon alleyways.

Oh, how he hated the alleyways. Unlike the rest of the roads, the alleyways were usually made of cobblestone, untouched since the Victorian Era. Alfred's shoes were audible on the cobblestone. He stepped into the shadow when the man turned back. The man shrugged and turned back around, beginning to walk again. Alfred followed him, his fangs beginning to grow as his hunger did. Slowly, the beast inside of him began to come out, sensing fear.

Yes, the man had grown quite scared. He heard someone, but he saw no one. His pace quickened each time he turned around. Soon he was running, that extra pair of feet coming towards him at a much slower pace, yet he easily kept up. The man knew the streets of London well, having lived there all his life, yet when it came to the alleyways, he knew nothing. He jerked left and right, slowing down when he came to a dead end. He came to a stop all together inches from the wall, the blood draining from his face.

Alfred smirked at the man's back. He ran towards the man at supernatural speed, slamming the man against the wall with his neck exposed. He pressed his well-muscled chest against the man's strong back. His tongue danced over the petrified Brit's neck before he sank his fangs in, a loud scream coming from his prey. Alfred had to hold onto his meal, the man struggling far too much for his own good.

Once the beast within the American was satisfied, Alfred pulled away from the struggling Englishman's neck, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. He returned his fangs to his neck and another scream was released. With Alfred back to his normal self, he continued the same routine he did with any male he fed on. His hand neared the man's private areas, expertly rubbing and kneading his member. The scream faded into soft moans. He'd released him so the man could brace himself against the wall. When he felt completely full and his fangs shrunk back into his gums, he licked the blood oozing from the man's neck.

Replace pain with pleasure.

That's how Alfred worked. He quickly had the man panting and moaning loudly. Alfred knew this man was close to his release. Having enough heart to not let the man walk around London with a stain on his pants, he took his leaking member out and stroked it with a fast, hard jerks. He rubbed his leather clad thumb over the tip, pushing the man over the edge with a raspy moan.

"Alfred! You took too much from this man!" a voice said in his head.

Alfred stared at the now limp Briton. She settled him back in his pants, scooping him up in his arms. The faint heartbeat told him the voice in his head was right. Using the alleyways, he brought the man to his home in London, a small apartment complex he shared with fifteen other vampires.

Alfred sat on his bed, waiting, waiting for the man he nearly killed to wake up. His baby blue eyes soon caught sight of the man's emerald green eyes. He nearly gasped when he saw how beautiful they were. He shook his head, the man's weak pulse catching his attention. Grabbing a knife off the bedside table, he climbed onto the awakening man. He pressed the sharp blade against his own skin and with a flick of his wrist, he made a shallow cut in the palm of his hand, but the cut was healing quickly. He pressed it against the man's lips, looking him directly in his emerald eyes, speaking to the man for the first time.


Hesitantly, his lips and teeth locked around the cut, doing as he was told. A soft sigh escaped the American vampire as he felt his blood being slowly taken. When the Brit's heart returned to normal he pulled his hand away, the wound healing instantly.

"What the hell is going on? What the hell happened to me?" The man touched his gauze wrapped neck, wincing as a burning feeling coursed through his body by the touch. He looked down, noticing he was wearing an oversized grey t-shirt. He lifted the blankets. He wasn't even wearing his own boxers! (Though he did have to admit, they were much cooler than the ones he'd previously had on: plain white boxers.) He had on a pair of Nike socks that stopped some inches below his knee. " T'e bloody hell happen to my clothes?"

"Arthur….Dude, please calm down," Alfred said as he reached out to unwrap Arthur's neck, only to have his hand slapped away.

"Don't bloody touch me!"

Alfred sighed softly, capturing the Brit's eyes. Soon Arthur found himself unable to look away from Alfred gorgeous baby blue eyes. His own green eyes started to slowly close. He settled back into the soft, zebra stripped pillows, pictures of fairies and unicorns dancing in his mind. Alfred didn't want to put the man to sleep like he did, but he was irritated already. The other vampires had teased him enough.

-Especially Gilbert.-

The American vampire shook his head and unwrapped Arthur's torn neck. Alfred himself winced at the sight. Arthur's struggle really did take a tole on his neck. Some of the flesh there hung loosely, exposing a major artery. His neck looked more like an animal attacked him than just a caution thirsty vampire.

Alfred gritted his teeth. He knew he himself didn't do it, but his other side, his wild side, his inner beast, it had done this damage. He sighed and sliced the skin, quickly pressing it to the severe wound. He removed his wrist at the feel of the wound healing. He watched the tissue repair and skin close up, leaving nothing but a smooth, dark scar from where he was bitten. Arthur woke up a few minutes after his neck was healed.

Alfred's mentor –and creator- opened the door to his bedroom. He had scary aura around him, just made the atmosphere cold. His violet eyes examined Arthur. His mouth turned into a smile. Sitting on the bed, he began feeling the Brit (his arms and stuff, I mean!) up.

"Good, job Alfred!" he praised in a thick Russian accent. "It seems you're learning well, da!" He examined Arthur's neck, running his thumb over the new scar. "This one's cute~ You should keep him, da~!"

Alfred's eyes lit up. "I can!? Totally awesome!"

"But he's not staying here, da."

Alfred frowned. "But he can stay in my bed! Plus, once I've-"

"Just wait a bloody damn minute!" Arthur snapped. "Who the fuck said I was going to be own."

Alfred blinked and looked at the Russian for a moment then at the Englishman like he was crazy. "I did." He turned to his creator. "Didn't I, Ivan?"

"In a way," Ivan said. He considered what was just said. "He can stay for a while. He's your responsibility now. You feed him, feed from him, provide him with a bath, clothes. All those necessary things, da. Understand?" Alfred nodded, his face lightening up once more. "Most importantly, mark him."

Once again the American nodded. "The other vamps better understand, or I'll kick they're sorry asses!"

Ivan chuckled and hit Alfred over the head with an empty bottle of Russian Vodka. "Alright, alright, da! I get the point." He stared in Alfred's eyes, his own pupils dilating as he spoke. "Compel him. Now, and shut up, da! You're quite annoying at times."

Alfred's pupils dilated as well. Ivan smiled and left the two alone. Alfred shook his head and frowned and muttered something inaudible to the human in the bed who stared at him as if he was crazy. He soon cheered up, recuperating quickly from his moment of gloominess. He turned towards Arthur with a serious look, staring the man his eyes. Arthur could not look away from those beautiful blue eyes. Alfred's pupils dilated once more, Arthur's doing the same as he spoke.

"You are now mine. You will not have any sort sexual contact with anyone other than me. You will stay by my side until I instruct you to leave. Most importantly, you won't struggle when I bite you. Got that?"

Arthur nodded, running a hand through his hair awkwardly. His stomach growled loudly. Alfred frowned upon hearing it, standing up and motioning for him to get out of the bed and follow him. The Englishman did so, stopping when he remembered he wasn't wearing any pants.

"Come on," Alfred said, grabbing Arthur's wrist.

"But I'm not wearing any pants!" Arthur spat. He tried to pull his hand free, but the vampire had a tight grip on it.

"So. Do as I say. Come on," Alfred gave a hard glare, letting go of his wrist. "Now."

Arthur crossed his arms stubbornly, standing, well rather sitting, his ground. "And since when did some stranger tell me what to do? I don't have to."

A low growl erupted from within the American Vampire's chest. His fangs grew on whim, something he could never manage to do unless he was thirsty until now. He pinned Arthur to the bed with one hand, easily holding down his thrashing victim. He leaned down to whisper menacingly in the Brit's multiple-pierced ear. "I can kill you easily, you stupid Brit. I have a bad temper problem that I can't control. I will not hesitate to punch my hand through your chest and rip out your heart." He slipped his hand under the grey t-shirt and dug his sharp fingernails into his chest, penetrating two layers of skin for emphasis. "You best do what I say, when I say it, and don't ever talk to me like that, you understand?"

Arthur winced, nodding repeatedly. The blood in his face had drained out the second Alfred growled and pinned him down. Out of the corner of his green eye, he noticed Ivan standing in the doorway. He sent a silent plea for help towards the Russian.

"Alfred F. Jones, what did I say about-" Ivan was cut off by a fierce snarl that scared even him. It was a moment before Ivan found the guts to speak. After all, he knew a pissed Alfred was not a safe Alfred. "Now you've done it, Brit. You've caused Alfie come out, da."

Alfred's nails withdrew from Arthur's chest, standing up and taking a deep breath, eyes closing. Soon a smile and bright eyes replaced the sadistic look on his face. He turned Ivan, speaking lightly, "That wasn't Alfie; that was all me."

Arthur was confused. Who was Alfie? Could he really be that bad? With a name like that, this Alfie couldn't be too bad. Arthur looked up at Ivan when he began to speak, his Russian accent thick and layered with concern.

"Just be careful with him, da. You don't want him to end up like the others."

Arthur gulped. Like the others? He didn't all too much like the sound of that. He glanced at Alfred, who had turned to him with a smile on his face. He was motioned to follow and instantly obeyed, slipping on a pair of Nike slides in front of the bed and staying close by his side when he exited the room in nothing but his boxers. He was tense about being around a house full of vampires, but gradually relaxed as none seemed to really notice his presence.

None, except one.

"Honhonhon~ An Englishman, eh?" said a Frenchman. "I would love to have a taste of him." He stepped forward towards Arthur, his eyebrows raised suggestively.

Alfred took Arthur's arm and pushed him against the wall, pressing back firmly against the man, his arms blocking in side reaches the Frenchman tried. A fierce snarl escaped Alfred's lips, causing every vampire (which wasn't but six or seven) in the hallway to turn towards the scene.

"Come on, Alfie~ He's human!" he said.

Another snarl came from Alfred. "This is not Alfie. You do not want Alfie here!" Alfred a small breath of air to attempt to control his anger before Alfie really did show up. "You will not touch him. He. Is. Mine. I will not hesitate to fucking kill you, Francis, if you do. Ivan will not help you then, as he is afraid of what I become when I'm too far gone to care what happens to my victim," Alfred said in a deadly voice, layering it with ice, ice he hoped the stupid Frenchmen would not dare to break. *"Foutez le camp loin de mon homme."

Francis did not hesitate to turn and walk away, his blonde locks bouncing behind him. Once Francis disappeared into the elevator down the hallway, he took two steps forward. He grabbed Arthur's wrist, pulling him under his arms and growling at anyone who looked at his human.

"What did you say to him?" Arthur asked after a while. He had been taking down two flights of stairs.

"No sé," Alfred muttered, shoving his hands in his pockets.

"Yes, you do, or you wouldn't have said it," Arthur countered, showing his ability to understand Spanish.

"No es importante. En serio."

"Why not?" he pushed, examining the fairly decorated halls as they walked.

"Muérdeme," he mumbled.

"Counting on the fact that I'm obviously owned by a vampire…"

"Just drop it, okay. Just…Just keep quiet."

Alfred suddenly picked Arthur up, throwing him carelessly over his shoulder, Arthur crying out. He kicked for a bit, stopping only when he realized that his efforts were futile. He huffed and wrapped his arms around his neck, closing his eyes, A door was opened and cold air chilled his bare legs. He shivered violently, wrapping his legs under Alfred's arms in an attempt to keep warm. Alfred chuckled softly and rubbed his legs. Another shiver coursed through his body and he quietly cursed them man for not letting him put on pants. The shoes he had on were starting to fall off. He sighed and reached down to grab them, grunting softly. The American vampire realizing what he was doing, he reached back and took the shoes, sliding one into each of his deep back pockets of his own jeans.

After what felt like thirty minutes later, Arthur sighed when another door opened and heat rushed up against his cold, pale legs. He opened his eyes to take in where he was at. He was in a small Chinese restaurant. Calming music played in the background, giving the place a nice, comfy feeling. The people chatted quietly, happily. Alfred took his human off his shoulder, easily holing him up with one arm. He slipped Arthur's shoes out of his back pocket and dropped them on the ground in front of him. He sat him down, Arthur slipping on the shoes.

"Come on," Alfred said with a smile. "I get to eat in the kitchen. That means so do you."

Arthur's stomach growled at the sound of food. Alfred chuckled and held the Brit's hand as he dragged him through that said 'Authorization Only'. Theirs were greeted by loud shrieks in a foreign language.

"Likai! Ivan! Buyao zai wo de chufang!"

The American smiled widely, giggling. "It sounds like someone's coming onto Yao at work."

"Yao Wang! No ya lyublyu tebya!" Ivan whined.

"Wo buzaihu! Dengdao wo wancheng wo de gongzuo!"

"Seks?" It was asked innocently

There was a long pause in the speaking. England glanced up at Alfred, confused as to what was going on. Alfred, on the other hand, knew exactly what was going on. He eased further into the kitchen, being as quiet as can be. Alfred pointed to an empty bar built in the large kitchen especially for its guests. The two took a seat at the bar quietly. Alfred already knew that the two could hear them, but it was fun to try to be sneaky anyways. Alfred listened intently to what was said next.

"Jingxi. Xing."

There was a cheer, a gasp, then a moan. Alfred took that time to interrupt whatever the hell was going on past the small wall the two were hidden safely behind.

"So, what's for dinner?"

There was another small gasp. Alfred sighed and stood, glancing at his watch. He motioned for Arthur to follow him. Alfred mumbled something about sex in the kitchen and moved to the guest frig in a small corner.

"Ivan, do you really have to take him in the kitchen," Alfred said casually, opening the frig. "Arthur, don't look. You'll be-"

"Oh my God…"

Alfred sighed. "You looked anyways, didn't you?" He grabbed a two turkey sandwiches out and turned to grab the stunned Brit. "I got you food."

Arthur's head snapped towards the American vampire. He followed him back to the small bar. They took a seat where there were. Alfred passed the sandwiches to Arthur, who only accepted one. Alfred watched as he hungrily tore into the sandwich. He ran his tongue across his lips to wipe away crumbs and mayonnaise. He finished off the sandwich a few bites. He looked at the second one and reached out to take it, but he paused, looking up Alfred with huge green eyes.

"Are you going to eat that?"

Alfred chuckled and shook his head, watching as the Brit took a bit out of the sandwich. "Alfie took a lotta blood from you yesterday. I'll be good for a week or two…."

Arthur swallowed what he had in his mouth. "Who's Alfie?" the Briton asked, taking another bite, chewing more slowly than he did with the first sandwich.

"Oi! 'Who's Alfie' you ask?"

The two turned around as a large group swarmed into the kitchen, stopping momentarily at the sound of a moan, a rather loud moan.

"Are they at it again?" Francis asked. "Can't we eat a decent lunch without the sound effects?" He glanced at Arthur, smirking slightly when he saw mayonnaise on the side of his mouth. "Doesn't your mayonnaise taste like cum a bit now?"
"I was trying not to notice it, but thank you, Frog," Arthur said tersely.

The Frenchman was taken aback by the last part. "Frog? Hononononon. You are surely mistaking me with someone else, monsieur."

Arthur glanced of Francis, shaking his head. "No, I'm not mistaking you with anyone else." He finished his sandwich quietly.

Francis reached out to grab Arthur's shoulder, turning him around on the spinning stool. "I bet I can make sweeter love to you than he can," he said, pointing at Alfred. "I can get you higher than he can~ Won't you try me out?"

Alfred growled and got off his stool, his fangs showing. Side conversations had stopped. The sound of clothes being put back on filled the silence. Vampires shuffled out of the way just in case a fight broke out in the kitchen. Francis slowly removed his hand, raising them in defense.

"How many times do I have to tell you, dick? Gardez. Votre. Putain. Mains. Off. Mon. Humaine."

"Ne me tuez pas! Ne me tuez pas! Ne me tuez pas!"

A Chinese man stepped in between the two, a fierce growl escaping his chest, causing all eyes to fall on him. "Alfred, leave. Take your human with you. As for you, Francis, get a damn mop. There's a mess back there calling your name."

Francis did not hesitate to do as he was told. He walked back to where the man kept his mop and moved to the love scene, gasping when he saw how big the mess was. "I'm not sure I'm coming here to eat ever again. I really hope you though it was funny to dump a jar of mayo on the floor. Goddamn!"

The Chinese man blushed darkly, kicking everyone but Francis out of his kitchen.

"But Yao-Yao, can't I stay?" Ivan whined.

Yao grabbed a frying pan and proceeded to beat Ivan over the head with it. The Russian yelped and covered his head, still being beat with it until he was completely out of the kitchen.

"Vse chto vam skazatʹ bylo 'net'!"

Well what did you think? Too many languages? All you have to do is Google Translate it. Just the Spanish and French bits. The Russian and Chinese translations….Well, just make something up. This is about all I can do for you:

Seks- Sex

Jingxi. Xing- Fine. Sex

Vse chto vam skazat' bylo net- All you had to say was no.

Anyways I hoped you like this story. More fucked upness to come in the next chapters. Until then~!