In a dark cave on planet Earth there was an archeological team. They had been walking around for months. A man turned to the woman next to him.

"Dr. Lane . . . I think we should go back. All the other tunnels were traps. We have lost several members to this expedition." Dr. Lane turned to the man.

"Baka! This is the last tunnel! If the Toram civilization had put that much effort into traps and extra tunnels than there must be something great down there! This will be the find of the century!!! And I won't give up anyway! My father and his father spent their life trying to find out what a key that my grandfather found when he was young! So the answer will always be no Dr. Tray." Dr. Tray sighed. Then the team came to a giant blank stone door. Dr. Tray looked at Dr. Lane.

"Well Dr. Lane, I guess this is as far as we go." He then turned to the rest of the team. "Let's go back."

"Wait!" Dr. Tray turned around to Dr. Lane.

"What is it Dr. Lane?" Dr. Lane pulled out a wad of leather. She carefully unwrapped it. In it was a key. The key had writing on it. Then it was like someone was writing on the door with light from the inside. The writing slowly appear. "Dr. lane what is the writing? I have never seen it before." Dr. Lane smiled.

"This is it!!!" With that Dr. Lane stuck the key key into a key whole. The giant door slowly opened. The team walked into a dark room. The room was lit up by only one source. A giant crystal in the middle of a pool of a dark liquid. The crystal looked like there was a storm inside. Old vines had come out of the the walls long ago and they held the crystal. It looked as though the room had never been entered since it was built. Around the pool was some kind of writing. There were also circular designs cut into the ground. One circle inside the other. A line connected each one of them. The pool of liquid was inside the last circle. A team member stepped forward. He stepped on a line of one of the circles. A bright light spread from where he had stepped. It spread from circle to circle. Each circle stayed lit up. The vines moved slowly. They started to wither and die. There were spots on the the crystal that lit up for only a second. Then the crystal became clear. There was a girl that looked 11 inside. She wore a strange outfit. ((Think of something similar to Ayeka's battle outfit.)) Her hair long jet black hair was in a high pony tail. She wore a strange head ornament that was like several vines wrapped around each other and dipped slightly in the middle. Her bangs covered it. She had on her head a dark lavender tiara with sapphire crystals in it. Dr. Lane slowly walked over to the crystal. She stepped into the liquid. Dr. Lane placed her hand on the crystal. "This girl had to be very important. I never saw anyone in the Toram era be buried like this." Dr. Tray looked at the girl.

"Or she could have been very evil." Dr. Lane looked at him.

"Baka na! But she was only 11. How could anyone that young be so powerful that this was done to them." Dr. Tray shook his head.

"But she doesn't look like she died." Dr. Lane shrugged.

"Maybe they knew this was going to happen and they had all this done before she died. That would explain why there is no decay or anything."

"Yeah that does make sense but there is one problem with the theory. They didn't have the medical science to know that."

"Well, maybe her family had a heart problem and so they knew this was going to happen. Or . . . she was important enough to be able to do this for when she died. Or her parents did this for her." The writing around the pool lit up. Dr. Lane looked at it. She shook her head. Dr. Tray screamed. She looked at what he was looking at. The girl's extremely intense blue eyes that had a tint of turquoise were open. Her eyes fell upon Dr. Lane. The was a smashing sound. The girl broke through the crystal and she grabbed Dr. Lane.


Goku laid in a meadow. He heard an smashing sound and an evil laugh. Goku jumped to his feet. The girl in the crystal appeared. He looked at her. She smiled. She raised her hands and a ball of energy formed and flew at Goku. For Goku it seemed like slow motion. He fell to the ground in extreme pain. Blood seemed to be everywhere. In the distance voices could be heard. It was Goten and Gohan. The girl telaported out of there. Gohan and Goten came into the clearing. Gohan turned to the 18 year old Goten when he saw his dad.

"GOTEN!!! GO GET MOM!!!" Goten turned and ran for help. Gohan ran to his dad's side. "DAD!!!" Goku looked at him.

"Go-han . . . it . . . was-"

"Tou-san you need to save your strength."

"No . . . it was. . . so powerful . . . it looked like a small-"

"Dad . . . if you don't save your strength then-" Gohan couldn't think of what would happen. It had happen before. Many times. But he could take it if it kept on happening to his dad, his family, his mom.

"Gohan . . . I want you to know what . . . it was . . . it was a . . . child . . . a girl . . . I think she was 11. You need to . . . stop her . . . she" Chichi ran up to Goku with Goten behind her.

"GOHAN! GOKU!" Then she saw Goku. Tear stung her eyes as she ran and held her husband. "Goku," Her voice was a whisper. "It's going to be alright. Don't worry." Goku looked up at Chichi and smiled.

"Chichi . . . I . . . love . . . you." Goku fell limp. A great warrior, a great man, a great legend. Chichi's face was streaked with tears as she rocked herself back and forth with Goku's limp body.

"No . . . no . . . NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME! I CAN'T TAKE IT AGAIN! Come back!" Chichi begged Goku to come back. Then, slowly, Goku's body began to fade. Goku disappeared. Chichi held herself and rocked back and forth. Gohan looked away tears falling down his face. Goten fell to his knees as tears fell from his eyes. The whole time Chichi was muttering to herself about how Goku should come back and that she couldn't take it. She was there rocking herself back and forth muttering that she needed Goku to come back. The day was turning to night. It was then she started to cry blood.


The girl stood in the forest watching the scene. She held her hand up by her shoulder. A dark lavender crystal ball with lightening and something that looked like a nebula in it flew into her hand hard. She smiled. She looked at the ball in her hand. It fit perfectly in her palm. She laughed.

"Well-well-well-now. What do we have here? Alright then, this is going to be fun."


Vegeta and Bulma sat at the breakfast table. Neither of them had eaten anything. Vegeta sat, staring at the food in front of him. He wasn't hungry. Not at all. Bulma stared of into space. Today they were going to Goku's funeral. This had happened many times before, him dying, but never like this. It was always heroic, brave and noble, it was for the planet. If he had died fighting, if he hadn't died so easy, it would have been easier. Vegeta, one to always hide his feelings, one to hide behind his Sayian pride, one to act as though he didn't care what happened to others, one to seek a new way to become the strongest in the universe, fought back tears. Goku had died before. Never had it hurt this much. This bothered Vegeta. Why did he care so much about Goku this time. Every time Goku almost died or did die Vegeta did not shed one tear. The answer was simple. Goku's death was never in vain. But this was different. Goku died without a fight. No one knew who did it as they had before. And he did not stop the threat somehow. He was killed without difficulty. By a child that looked 11. By a small girl. How was it possible? Goku, a great warrior, a great man, a great legend. Dead. Vegeta thought this over and over again. Hoping to make some sense. He had enough! This was no way for Goku to die! Vegeta stood up suddenly and pounded the table, startling Bulma.

"IT CANNOT END LIKE THIS!!!" Vegeta, realizing what he had done sat back down. Silence. Bulma looked at him. For the first time she realized something. Even though she knew Goku longer, Vegeta was in more pain than she was. How is this possible? Vegeta was Goku's rival. But over time, Goku was one of the few people Bulma might call Vegeta's friend. Vegeta himself would never admit it. And Goku was the only other Sayian alive. And before, Goku had fought to someone his death. A Sayian attacked and killed so easily? Pride of all the Sayians was hurt in Vegeta's mind. Bulma looked at him. She realized how lucky she was. Unlike Chichi, her husband was not killed every time he fought a great foe. She had never really lost Vegeta. Vegeta always came back home at the end of a fight. Bulma's eyes unleashed tears upon her face.

"Vegeta . . . I don't tell you this often. I should tell you this more. I realized that just now." Vegeta looked at Bulma as she got up and walked over to him. "Vegeta . . . I don't ever want you to forget this. I want you to remember this always. I may say that I take it back . . . but I won't mean it. Vegeta, I love you." More tears fell from her eyes. Vegeta slowly got up. He leaned close and hugged Bulma. She was shocked. He had never done this. Then to surprise her even more, a single tear drop fell onto her shoulder.


The funeral was going to begin. Everyone was there. Vegeta, Bulma, # 18, Videl, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Yamcha, Piccolo, and the rest of Goku's friends. Chichi was crying now. It was going to start when the doors to the room they were in slowly opened. A girl, 11 maybe, entered. She was not disturbed by the unusualness of the crowd. She had jet black hair in a braid and sharp blue eyes that had a small tint of turquoise. She wore a dark blue Japanese kimono with black roses designs on the fabric and the ribbon about a foot wide around her stomach was blood red. She sat in a chair next to the door. Everyone looked at her. Gohan got up and walked over to her. He sat in the chair next to her. He turned to the girl.

"May I ask what your name is?"

"People often call me Lady Onra." She said as if the title was nothing. She was looking ahead. She held no expression in her voice. Gohan was a little startled at the title. Vegeta was startled by the name. Onra. Bulma turned to him and whispered.

"Vegeta, that sounds like a Sayian name." Vegeta nodded.

"It is a Sayian name. There is an old legend that Sayians always thought to be nothing more than a bed time story to see how easy the child scared. It mentioned something about the name. But I only heard once. If the Sayian empire wasn't destroyed then maybe I would be able to find something about it. The name Lady Onra was the name of the one who the story was about. I can't remember it." Gohan took a couple minutes to find the right words that he should say. So as not to hurt her feelings.

"Well, um . . . why do you have the title 'Lady'?"

"That is a long story and I am sure that everyone here wants to morn your Otou-san and not listen to my past." Still no expression. Gohan was shocked again.

"How did you know he was my father?" Lady Onra had her eyes forward the enter time.

"You look like him."

"So how did you know him?"

"I only met him once. Brief. It was a a few days ago."

"So you met him before he . . . died." For the first time Lady Onra looked at him.

" . . . " Gohan was getting alittle scared of her.

". . . Lady Onra?"

"I am the one who brought the fate of your father."

"What do you mean?" Gohan was confused. So was everyone else who had been listen to Gohan's talk with the girl, wanting to know who she was.

"I am the one who did this to Kakarot." Gohan was on his feet. He started to power up. Lady Onra shook her head. "So you wish to fight me? Don't you want to see your father?"


"Baka mitai! What makes you think he is dead?" Lady Onra started to laugh wickedly. The doors to the room burst open and a strong wind fills the room. Everyone tried to shield there eyes. Then the wind died down. The girl was gone. But her wicked laughter was still there hanging in the air taunting all who heard it. Gohan turned to Chichi was in shock from seeing the girl.

"Kaa-san . . ." Chichi looked at the chair the girl had been in.

"Goku is . . . alive!" Gohan walked over to his mother.

"But we saw him die."

"'What makes you think he is dead' she just said that." Chichi repeated this with hope. Piccolo stood against the far wall.

"Maybe she is just taunting us. Having fun. This isn't the first time someone we have fought tried to get inside our heads. Tried to play mind games with us." Everyone looked at Piccolo. "I say we all try to stay together. That way we won't be defeated so easily. We can head back to the lookout. That's probably is the best place to stay." Everyone nodded their heads. "Alright then."


Everyone was at the lookout. Bulma walked over to Trunks.

"Did Vegeta ever tell you a bed time story or anything like that?" Trunks looked at his mother as though she was crazy.

"Mom . . . this is dad we are talking about. He NEVER told me a story. Just legends of how the Sayians were a great warrior race."

"lie. I meant as a test. To see if you were scared or anything. Did the legends say anything about a 'Lady Onra'?"

"No, one time I asked him about the type of stories he was told when he was young. He said there was one story, about a powerful child, but he said that he couldn't remember it." Bulma sighed.

"Well, this is going to be hard to figure out who she is." Vegeta sat off to the side away from everyone. His eyes were closed. Thinking of the Legend of Lady Onra. He could only remember the name of the Legend. He had been sitting there for three hours unmoving. Trying to remember. Then it happened. A small rain drop landed next to him. Then another fell. And another and another. It started to pour. Everyone expect for Piccolo and Vegeta went for cover. Those two were the only ones outside. Bulma stood and watched her husband. Then Bulma thought of the girl that stopped the funeral. She thought hard about her. Bulma's face lit up. She grabbed an umbrella and walked outside over to Vegeta. She stood next to him in silence. Vegeta would not had realized she was there if Bulma hadn't held the umbrella above the both of them. The rain stopped pouring on Vegeta and he looked up at her. She smiled and sat next to him. Vegeta was alittle shocked. Bulma looked at him.

"Vegeta, this might not help you remember but it is about the girl. I remember that when she walked in I saw something. It was tucked under the ribbon around her waist. A small crystal ball. It would probably fit right in the palm of her hand." Vegeta jumped up in knocking the umbrella out of her hand.

"Bulma! That's why there was a legend." Piccolo and Bulma were alittle startled by Vegeta's reaction. They both looked at Vegeta.

"What is it Vegeta?" Bulma got up.


"So what you're saying is that this girl is the same one in the legend and the Goku is alive?" Vegeta nodded his head at Yamcha's question.

"Baka mitai! The legend is old. It came from the beginning of the Sayian empire." Gohan looked outside at the rain. Vegeta shook his head. "There was no written records of it. After awhile the legend was written down but no knows how much it was changed." Gohan looked at Vegeta.

"What is the legend?"

"It happened while the Sayians weren't on the planet Vegeta. Before they came to it."

"Wait! The Sayians were on a different planet to start with?!" Videl was alittle shocked by this. Vegeta nodded.

"Hai. From the sky a star fell onto the land. The Sayians ran to the place of the star. Out of the crater stepped a young girl. She wore a strange outfit. She was thought to be sent from the gods. The girl didn't have a name. So the Sayians named her. Onra, Lady Onra. They took her to the current king of the Sayians. He was impressed. He had never seen anything like her. And he had no heir to the throne. So he said that she was going to be the princess of Sayians. Many thought she was happy. But though out her time with the Sayians Lady Onra only once allow her emotions never appeared. She never showed any emotion other than one time. That time was when she looked outside her window down upon a meadow. She saw children playing."

"Chotto matte! ! I thought Sayians were always about training." Vegeta turned to Yamcha.

"Baka. This was before Sayians became that way. Anyway, she saw children playing and for the first them though out her time with the Sayians, she showed emotion. She wanted to be out there with the children. So the king arranged children to be brought into the palace and play with her. But she seemed angered by this. After five years of being on the planet with the Sayians she grew tired of the Sayians. She became violent. Unstable. She went on a rampage. She wore the same clothes she had wore when she came to the planet. It was then that she created hundreds of creatures more violent than the next. She rode on the most powerful creature. It was a dragon. A red one. She would laugh wickedly and yell at the Sayians. 'Come on everybody, let's play' and 'What's wrong? Not having any fun?'. The king told her that if she did not stop then he would have to stop her. She took the king's warning lightly. The king had all the Sayians attack her and the monsters. It didn't even scratch them. Then the king ask the gods for help. It was then that the Sayians received their powers."

"You mean like the tail and turning into a giant ape?" Vegeta was annoyed at Videl's 'giant ape'.

"Hai, but the ability the king used to defeat her was not the ability to transform into a giant ape. He transformed into a Super Sayian. He used all of his strength to deflect one of her attacks. It was not her most powerful. It was her attack that sealed her way. She would throw a ball of energy at someone and it would make it seem as though they died. Their body would fade and it would be sealed away in a small crystal ball that wold fit into her palm. The body would be in there and it would cause lightening. It would look like there was a small nebula inside with the lightening. She had a belt of crystal balls. The king deflected it and and it flew back at her. She was trapped in a giant crystal. The other crystal balls fell from her belt and the Sayians were returned back to the way they were. After a few months a strange man came. The Sayians were not as trusting as before. But he said that he would send her back to where she came from. The Sayians agreed, in fear that the crystal would break. He sent her away. But in the process even the Sayians saw that he had weakened the crystal. And she went off in the opposite direction she had come. When confronted he disappeared. After that the Sayian race began to train. Always wanting to be strong. They became barbaric. All in order to make sure that if she ever came back that she could be defeated. That is the legend of Lady Onra." Goten shook his head.

"It doesn't sound that scary. Why would anyone be afraid of the legend."

"Baka mitai! To a Sayian who was raised like a Sayian, it would strike fear into most children. To think that a mere child could have destroyed the great race of warriors is something that might have even scared an adult. And the thought that a Super Sayian had so much trouble." Gohan shrugged.

"Yeah I guess that it would be kinda scary." The rain had never let up. It started to pound into the ground even harder than before. It seemed to be three times are hard. It almost left dents on the tile. Then they heard the laughter again. The girl appeared again. She wore the same outfit she wore in the cave. She stood in the air. On her belt was a crystal ball with a nebula and lightening in it.

"So you finally remember the legend Vegeta." She slowly landed. "I was wondering why it took so long." Her laughter stopped and her face burned with rage. "But that is not what happened!" She blasted them. Everyone had gotten out of the way in time. Barely. Vegeta, Trunks, Goten, Gohan all transformed into a Super Sayians. She was angered by this. Gohan shot her a cold glare.

"What's the mater? You didn't think that we could become Super Sayians like the king who defeated you?" A rage burned in her eyes. She fired several blasts at them. They all dodged with trouble. They all of the fighters attacked. She barely blocked each punch. Eventually she was able to knock each fighter away. It was just her and Vegeta now. She started to fight harder now. With ease she knocked down Vegeta. She flew at him ready to strike the finishing blow when someone kick her. It was Chichi. She had landed a kick in her stomach. The crystal ball fell off her belt. She watched in horror as the ball shattered on the ground. A cloud came from the shattered ball. After a few minutes the cloud cleared away. Goku stood there looking at her. She looked at him. His expression was not of hate or anger, but of sorrow. Lady Onra looked at him confused. But then her expression changed from confusion to fear after a few minutes. For a moment it looked like she was going to cry. She turned and began to run. Totally forgetting that she was far above the Earth. And that she could fly or teleport. She reached the edge and looked over it. She then teleported away. Chichi ran over to her husband and hugged him. Most of his friends ran to him. Vegeta however was confused. Goku was powerful but not as powerful as she was. He got up. Goku was still looking off in the direction Lady Onra had run.


Lady Onra stood in the cave she had been imprisoned in for so long. There were red blood stains on the walls and floor. She stood staring at the giant broken crystal in the dark pool of liquid. She was staring off into space. Someone putting their hand on her shoulder brought her out of it. She turned to see who it was. It was Goku.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Moshi-moshi! This is Goku! We finally learn the truth of the Legend. Lady Onra tells us about it. And we met someone new! Although she wants to just pick fights with us! But Lady Onra is going to have to get use to this new world. She has been gone for awhile. But lucky for us that she trusts me! And with some talk to Chichi I think I can work things out! Let's hope everything goes well from now on!