The Wrath of Amaya

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"So this is the man that considered himself the father of Amaya?!" Riki sneered. "Pathetic! No foul creature could give life to such a Goddess! Amaya is above you! Never think that she would ever except you! I am the only one worthy enough to look at her!" He roared. Riki raised his hand up once more, ready to destroy Goku. "Farewell, filth!"


Lady Onra screamed as her eyes snapped open and she jerked her head up. Tears were sent into the air from her sudden movement. Riki looked over at her, surprised. Lady Onra stared at Goku, who was barely hanging on. She watched him helplessly for a moment before closing her eyes as if she was in a trance. A bright light surrounded Lady Onra as she pulled herself out of the door and landed on the ground in her battle outfit. Cold and unforgiving eyes met Riki's. Lady Onra stood up, with a fearful aura bursting out from her and filling the air. She kept her eyes locked with Riki.

"All who dare to trespass on this ground, the ground most sacred to Destiny must be punished. It is my duty to execute those who violate the ground." Riki glared at Lady Onra.

"And what can you do about it?! Mari said so herself, you can't pass over the Lake of Death!" Lady Onra merely stepped out onto the lake. She walked on the water and stopped when she was in the middle. Her eyes narrowed. Her head ordainment she wore cracked. A bright light shined under it. After a few more cracks in the ordainment it broke. Her symbol that had been on the doors was on her forehead. A bright gold glow covered her body. A beam of light came out of the water and Lady Onra stood in the middle of it as it reached towards the sky. Her hair broke free of the pony tail and was blown around in the still wind. The waves crashed against the rocks as water seemed to be pushed away from Lady Onra. A single strand of hair turned sky blue. Others followed as she grew taller. The battle outfit she wore shattered. The pieces were suspended in the air and turned into a white light. They shot back to Lady Onra. Her eyes were closed as her hair grew. Soon her bangs covered one eye. There, in the middle of the Lake of Death, stood the Goddess of Destiny, Amaya. Amaya held out her hand. A faded blue ball of ki formed above it.

"I am the Goddess of Destiny, Amaya. I guard the Gates of Destiny to ensure that no one interferes with their destiny!" The blue sphere transformed into the staff she carried as Amaya. Amaya grasped the staff firmly. Riki panicked and formed a ball of ki in his hands.

"No, you won't interfere!" Riki screamed. Amaya's hand snapped up at Riki and froze him. The ki faded as Riki was unable to move. Amaya pointed the staff towards Riki, who watched in frozen horror.

"However, do to a failure on my part, destiny was thrown into chaos." Her ice cold eyes rested on Piper and then on back on the terrified Riki. "Riki died that day, however, Piper carried the Life Seed. A rare gift that only appears once every few eons. Piper was suppose to be a . . . disciple of Mari. But she crossed paths with Riki. A man twisted and filled with greed. Because of this, the two set out to see their destiny. I could not kill her because only Mari or Tomiko could decide that. So she altered Destiny in an attempt to save Riki." Amaya pulled the staff back and raised it up in the air with her eyes closed. She slammed it down to the water and the rings clattered. She repeated this two more times. Finally she looked back at Riki. "But in that attempt, she merely made him a walking corpse. In a sense she granted him eternity life by using her Life Seed to hold his string together. Making it impossible for even Mari to kill him." Amaya closed her eyes once more and twirled the staff around. "So I must break the final devout taboo in order to correct this terrible error." Amaya knelt down on the water as she twirled the staff above her head. "It is the only way to correct this terrible error. I must alter the path of Destiny." She abruptly stopped the staff. "TEARS!" Her eyes snapped open once more as she glared at Riki. "OF!" She put her left hand out to the side. "DESTINY!!!!!!!!!!!!" She hissed as she gentle put a small part of the staff's top down to the ground. A bright light filled the red gem at the top of her staff and the rings seemed to defy gravity. The area around her seemed to loose gravity. Amaya felt the powerful wind push her bangs up. On the center her forehead, covered by her bangs, was the symbol of destiny. Dark red threads seemed to come from the staff and covered the room. Amaya reached out and grasped the red gem. It came out of the staff and floated in front of her. The staff evaporated as she let go and reached forward. She held her hands to the sides of the gem. Her eyes glowed an eerie red as she clasped her hands around the gem. "Gaitou innen, gaitou kokushibyou, ore yobidashi otaku. Tenshi kokushibyou, ore yobidashi otaku. Kaitou kono tameni mai doumeiijin."((Answering to destiny, answering to black death, I call you. Angel to black death, I call you. Answer this for my namesake.)) The threads seemed to pull themselves back into the gem and Amaya's hands started to burn. Riki felt his breath shorten. He fell to the ground, weak and he started to age. "Now is the time where I correct the error. Now you will no longer be a walking corpse. Riki, you will die as you should have all those centuries ago." The mark of destiny on her forehead disappeared and reappeared in the red gem. "I alter destiny. I know my price for doing so. Now the strings of destiny had changed forever." Amaya felt the wind pick up and water rose. It splashed around her. Amaya held the gem above her head and stared up at it. Soon the symbol of destiny faded and the red gem disappeared after a moment along with the wind. Mari stood up to her full height and had a joyful look on her face as she stared at Amaya. The shine in her eyes faded and Amaya began to sink.

"Amaya!!!" Mari yelled and ran towards the water as Amaya's ankles went under.

"Don't." Amaya's voice was barely above the still wind. "Not even the Goddess of Life can cross this lake." Amaya coughed alittle, blood splattering into the dark water. "This lake will guard destiny far better than I ever could." Her eyelids seemed to get heavier by the second.

"Amaya, you have to get out of there!" Mari pleaded with her. Amaya smiled at Mari faintly.

"No, I have broken the eighth and most sacred devout taboo. As penalty for this, my life is taken. Destiny will only allow me to change its course if I offer my own life in the process." Mari shook her head as the water passed Amaya's knees.

"No! No, Amaya, just get to shore! I can bring you back!" Amaya shook her head.

"I'm afraid that you will never be able to do that." Amaya shifted her empty gaze to the Sayian laying against a rock and watching her with weak eyes. "Goku . . . do not blame yourself . . ." The water reached to her waist. ". . . Lady Onra and I chose this fate. Destiny would only accept us if we were willing to die for it. It was not until Riki threatened to destroy you that Lady Onra decided to give her life back to destiny." Amaya's elbows sank below the water. ". . . I . . . I only wish that we met you before all this . . ." Goku fought the pain as he stood.

"W-what do you mean? Why do you talk about yourself as though you're not Lady Onra!" The water began to swallow her bust.

"Lady Onra and I are like two different pieces of a picture. I cannot access her powers, nor she can mine. She is my human counter part. But . . . while we are different people, we are only different parts of one mind." The water licked her shoulders. "Goku . . ." Amaya smiled, a real smile with no hint of sadness.

". . . . I love you papa . . ." Lady Onra's voice came out of Amaya's mouth as the water pulled Amaya's neck under. With a final tug, Amaya was pulled into the darkness. Mari fell back to her knees as she stared at the water.

". . . no . . . no, Amaya!" Tears formed in her eyes. The lake lit up for a brief moment before returning to total darkness. Soon a river of tears formed upon her cheeks. "AMAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Mari screamed as she sobbed for the fallen goddess. "No . . . please don't . . . you're the only friend I have . . ." Her body shook with sobs. ". . . I don't want to be the only one left . . ." Mari stood up and stepped into the lake. Eerie green lights started to come from the bottom as Mari felt her energy drain away.

"NO!" Goku grabbed Mari and pulled her away from the shore before the hands of ghosts grabbed her. "Onra wouldn't want that! She wants you to live!" Goku yelled as Mari fought to get out of his grasp.

"No, I have to get Amaya! I can bring her back! Or atleast be with her!" She yelled. After a few minutes of fighting to get back to the shore the goddess stopped struggling and just sob. "She was my only friend . . . she . . . she was all I had left." Goku let Mari fall back to her knees. Mari pounded the ground as she sobbed. "It's not fair! She didn't deserve any of it! She had to be at those damn gates for most of her existence! Then she got stuck in the crystal! She didn't deserve any of it! And now this?! Amaya should have been free, like the rest of us! It's not fair!" Mair screams and sobs soon stopped.

Alex smiled at Bulma's mother as she left. Trunks was with Goten, training. 18 had opted to stay at home to play with her little girl. The rest were there.

"So," Goku began. "What are you going to do now?" Alex looked at Goku for a moment. Remorse filled her face.

". . . I don't know what to do . . . I am the only god left . . . well, there is that mystery god but I don't know anything about him." Alex stared down at her tea. "Without the other gods I am at a loss. I suppose I could stay at the Divine Star of Eternity but . . . . I have never really been alone like this. I don't know how to live countless eons alone." Alex stared sadly at her tea. "I will never know how Amaya was able to do so. I don't think I ever will. Amaya . . . ." Alex closed her eyes as she fought back tears. "Amaya was something else." Alex looked up at Goku. "But she was always so sad. You would know that, wouldn't you?" She choked out. Goku nodded quietly.

"Yeah, Onra . . . you could see it in her eyes. She would smile and laugh but . . . there was always some kind of sadness in her eyes." Alex nodded.

"Except for that last smile. It was the only true smile she ever gave. . . . perhaps . . . I could stay here on Earth. It seemed like these planet was the only place Amaya was alive." Alex smiled sadly. "Yes, Lady Onra and Amaya only truly lived here on this planet. The gates of destiny . . . she didn't exist there. Only here."