Leave me Love3 What a box full of dipping chocolates inspires…

Just a little bit of love for the wee!chesters (Sam -5 Dean -9)

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Dean rolls over on his side of the bed, semi-conscious hand seeking out the warmth of his baby brother's body. Finding nothing tangible, Dean fluttered one eye open. The space was empty- where was Sammy?

Dean languidly got out of bed, and shuffled towards the hallway. The doors to his Uncle Booby's room and the guest room dad was sleeping in was locked as tight as a virgin's chastity belt. Walking down the staircase, dean could notice where Sammy had stood up on the stairs and gripped the spindles at his height. They were covered in some sort of substance. On the last step, he paused, now which way did he go? Deciding to head towards the kitchen Dean soon realized this was the right direction to go, he always seemed to have an impeccable Sam-radar.

Standing outside the slightly cracked kitchen doors dean smelt something that wasn't quite all Sammy, curiously he nudged the doors open and there was his little brother, the little boy in his charge sitting on the floor surrounded by dozens of melted chocolate wrappers. So that's where they went to Sammy looked up at him with those puppy dog eyes and a gigantic smile, that reminded him of Mom's or what he could remember of her smile.

"Dea" Sam cooed up at him while trying to open the latest melted chocolate from its wrapper.

"What are you Sammy, the chocolate monster?" Dean said bending down at eye level with his brother and taking the unopened treat from Sammy.

"Rawr Rawr" Clawing hand motions in full affect as he went to pounce on his brother.

"Oomph" Dean's lungs whooshed out as a giant 73 pound Chocolate Monster that resembled a lot like his greatest pride and joy, Sammy catapulted into his arms.

"Rawr Rawr" Sammy roared at his older brother while wrapping his sticky chocolate covered fingers around Deans neck.

"Here you go Chocolate monster" Dean said while handing the last gooey piece of chocolate over to his little brother. Sammy relenting let go of Dean's neck in favor of the piece of candy and stuffed it into his mouth.

With Chocolate stained lips Sammy leaned in and kissed Dean's cheek. "Thanks Dea" Sammy said while wrapping his brother in a chocolate covered hug.

"Anytime Chocolate Monster" Dean mumbled into his Sammy's hair.