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Prologue: The First of Many Pokemon

Thousands of big-eyed Trainers pass through Pallet Town every year with their first Pokèmon in tow. Pallet Town is every Trainer's beginning; it's the first stepping stone on every thousand-mile trek to the Indigo Plateau. But what is so special about the Plateau? After all, it's just an uninhabited pocket of land resting precariously over a few caves five miles northwest of Pallet; what could possibly be so sacrosanct about such a pedestrian place? It's because the Indigo Plateau houses a lone building where the greatest battles mankind will ever see take place. Millions of young boys and girls have dared set foot on the grassy Route 1, eyes fixed on the ultimate prize: to battle for the Pokèmon League Championship atop the Indigo Plateau. Of course, one cannot simply pick up a raw Bulbasaur, slay a few Rattatas along Route 1 and arrive at the Plateau in a heartbeat. The Indigo Plateau is guarded by eight locks, and each one of the keys is scattered on a different corner of the eclectic country known as Kanto. It takes eight Gym Badges to break the seal guarding Pokèmon's highest authority, with each badge guarded by a master of a different element.

Pallet Town is significant because of the Oak Pokèmon Laboratory, a Pokèmon research facility managed by Samuel Oak: the most famous Pokèmon Professor on the planet. During his tenure at Kanto University, Oak developed the Pokèdex, a handheld electronic tool for recording and documenting Pokèmon. The rights to the Kanto Pokèdex were almost immediately bought by the Kanto Pokèmon League for millions of PokèDollars, and before long, every aspiring Champion began their journey with a Pokèdex as well as a starter Pokèmon. Wealthy enough to retire, Oak built his own research laboratory in Pallet Town and before long, Pallet became the de facto town for Trainers to begin their journey.

But enough history. This is a story about a Trainer named Lolcat. This Trainer has lived in Pallet Town all sixteen years of his life, but one day felt bidden to take the Pokèmon League challenge. After taking a few classes at Pallet Pokèmon Academy, Lolcat began his journey at Oak Pokèmon Laboratory… … …

A thin, wiry teenager slipped through the double doors to Oak's Laboratory. The boy was not physically impressive; he stood an unremarkable five foot ten and couldn't have weighed more than 125 pounds. He had short, brown hair and rather pale skin. He was intelligent, though, seeing as he passed the Pallet Pokèmon Academy's basic courses in little more than three months. Oak stood in the center of the expansive laboratory in front of three closed Pokè Balls. Reading the same scripted speech he tells every new Trainer, Oak began:

"Hello there! Glad to meet you. Welcome to the world of Pokèmon. My name is Oak. People refer to me as the Pokèmon Professor. This world is inhabited far and wide by creatures called Pokèmon. People use Pokèmon as pets, battle them, and as for myself...I study them for a living. So, Lolcat, tell me about yourself."

Lolcat responds, "My name is Lolcat. I don't want you to embarrass yourself and ask me if I'm a boy or girl, so I'll just say I'm a boy and we can move on."

"Thank you.", replies Oak, "Let me introduce you to my grandson, who is also beginning his journey today. His name is Blue."

Blue Oak didn't need any introduction, as everyone in Pallet knew who the boy was. Blue had inherited many of the genes that made his grandfather the most famous man in Kanto, as he has been aiding his grandfather in his research for almost half a decade. Blue was born one year after Lolcat, but had been preparing for his journey ever since he could pick up a Pokèball. Although Blue had no Pokèmon to his name as only registered Trainers could legally possess Pokèmon, he could rattle off the names, common moves, and just about any random fact about just about any Pokèmon you can name. Blue looked almost like a palette swap of Lolcat, he was an equally tall, equally thin boy but with dirty blond hair and a face reflecting the fact that he's two years Lolcat's junior. While Lolcat was calm and a bit timid, Blue is defined by his arrogance and hotheadedness.

Oak continued with the introduction: "As you both know, you receive one Pokèmon to begin your journey. Remember that this is all you receive, and if this Pokèmon were to pass away before you catch any new ones your journey will end just as quickly as it began. Now, as for the Pokèmon, let's see what we have for you…"

Oak stepped toward his desk and picked up three Pokè Balls. He clicked the button on the first one, releasing a two-foot tall blue turtle with a red shell. The second one housed a little salamander with a flame on its tail, and the third one had a four-legged dinosaur with a grotesque flower on its back.

"Lolcat, you're the older Trainer, so seniority dictates you get the first pick. Or at least that's what my grandson said. How nice of him to let you go first, huh, Lolcat?"

Realizing the blatantly obvious trap that Blue set and that Blue would just pick the Pokèmon with the advantage over Lolcat's, Lolcat simply chose the Pokèmon he liked the most.

"Give me Squirtle, the Water Pokèmon."

Blue haughtily walked to the desk and selected Bulbasaur and Oak offered some closing remarks. Inspecting his Pokèmon, Lolcat saw that his Squirtle had a rather boring Quirky nature with a saddening Attack stat.

Lolcat thanked the Professor and strode out of Oak's machine-filled laboratory…or that's what he would have done if an annoying voice hadn't begun ringing in his ear.

"Hey, Lolcat! Your Pokèmon is so bad!It's like a turtle, but worse and stuff! Actually, what is a turtle? Why do we call it a turtle? It's a Squirtle because all it can say is Squirtle! Regardless, my bulbous sore will destroy you!", announced the spiky-haired Trainer in the room.

"Uh, your what?"

"Shut up, Lolcat! You only have that Squirtle because you're lucky enough to be friends with my grandpa! I'll put your stupid Squirtle in its place!"

"Uh…I have this Squirtle because I registered to be a Trainer. I've never seen your grandfather in my life before today…"

Blue countered Lolcat's cool logic with a temper tantrum: "Ugh you loser just freaking battle me! I'll wreck your dumb Squirtle so fast you'll be sorry!"

"Uh, dude. We're in a lab filled with numerous million- Pokèdollar machines. Do you really want to have our Pokèmon smash into each other right here…"

"You scaredy-Meowth, you know that if two Trainers lock eyes, it's a challenge to battle! You're legally obligated to battle me you coward!"

Although Lolcat was amused at Blue invoking a two-hundred year old law that was passed to curb the Pokèmon population back during the Great Rattata Outbreak of 1811, nobody had bothered to repeal it so Blue's challenge was valid. Lolcat tossed his only Pokè Ball into the air and released Squirtle to match Bulbasaur.

Squirtle leads off with a Tackle to hit the Bulbasaur, and Bulbasaur retaliates with a Tackle. Squirtle Tail Whips to soften the dino, and Bulbasaur Tackles again. The two beasts tackle again, with Squirtle at a slight disadvantage. Squirtle tackles again, but misses his target, and Bulbasaur lands another hit. Bulbasaur has a little over half his health, and Squirtle has just over one-third The two beasts collide a second time, and Squirtle takes a turn for the red. However, one more swift Tackle smites the 'Saur and seals the fight for Lolcat.

After an intentionally poorly commentated battle, Blue storms off towards Oak's healing machine to protect his Bulbasaur from further harm. Lolcat heads home to heal Squirtle's wounds, as tomorrow…

The Nuzlocke Challenge begins.

End of Prologue

Thank you all for reading this chapter. This is more of a prologue, so don't worry, the action's going to pick up sooner than later! Also, this is probably going to be the shortest chapter. I intend for this story to have about 20 chapters total, and hopefully this will turn into a series! Please R&R this and future chapters :D

The rules for this Nuzlocke are:

1. You can only catch the first Pokemon in each Route/cave/area, no exceptions.

2. If a Pokemon faints, it must be released.

3. No items can be used with the exception of Key Items, PokeBalls, hold items, and TMs/HMs. Basically nothing that goes in the "Items" pouch of the Bag is legal, but other items are.

4. There won't be any trades from other games or anything.

5. Battle style is "set", so no free switching!

6. No Legendary Pokemon can be used in the challenge.