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Part 9: Halfway to the Pokemon League!

Giovanni walked slowly and confidently across his underground tunnels, thinking to himself:

"Hmm...I never thought this tunnel between Silph and Celadon would be necessary. Good thing I'm always one steps ahead. But still, that kid...he just entered my lair, disposed of all my guards, and reached me in my office. That Hideout was designed to be impenetrable. And then my battle...Even my Kangaskhan was defeated, and I didn't land a single KO. That Lolcat character must have a weakness..."

Giovanni continued walking for nearly half an hour. Even though Saffron City lies in the palm of his hand, Giovanni still could not forget that brutal loss he suffered at the hands of Lolcat. He strode into the President of Silph Co.'s office and summoned both the President and a Rocket Commander, speaking to the President first:

"Mr. Silph, you have one month to surrender your corporation's assets to me. Until then, report to your holding cell on Floor 9. "

Two burly Team Rocket guards escorted the man back to his prison. Giovanni then continued speaking to the Rocket officer:

"We're losing ground in the struggle to conquer Kanto. Though nobody will ever touch Saffron City, Team Rocket needs to make its presence known across the region...

Attack Lavender again."

Lolcat, armed with a Silph Scope taken from Giovanni's office, returned to the Pokemon Center for the night. The night was uneventful; nothing was on TV and the nightmare decided not to strike Lolcat again. The next morning, Lolcat woke up early in order to mount a challenge against Celadon's Gym Leader, Erika. Erika specializes in Grass-type Pokemon, so Lolcat moved Fearow's Ball to the front of his belt and kept Vileplume's Ball close by. If Fearow ran into problems, Vileplume would drench Erika's Pokemon in Acid.

An old man stood in front of the Gym, staring into one of the many windows. Lolcat approached the old man, who began speaking to Lolcat,

"This Gym is great! It's full of women in little gardening dresses! Though it's kind of hard to feel happy after what just happened in Lavender Town..."

Intrigued, Lolcat replied, "What happened in Lavender Town?"

"Oh, haven't you heard? Team Rocket attacked the Pokemon Tower again yesterday. It's not looking good, either. All those Rockets that got driven out of Celadon had to go somewhere, I guess..."

Lolcat dropped the Gym Challenge and hopped on his bike with Lavender Town in sight. Pokemon Tower is well fortified, and the Channelers in Pokemon Tower control powerful Ghost Pokemon. Team Rocket would have trouble taking over the Tower in a day; Lolcat could return to Lavender Town before the Tower fell into Giovanni's control.

Lolcat left Celadon City almost as quickly as he entered. The run through the Underground Path felt like an eternity, as every minute wasted traveling to the Tower was another minute Team Rocket could use to attack the innocent citizens of Lavender Town. Route 8 was no different until a passing Gambler challenged Lolcat to a Pokemon battle. The common Trainer specialized in the Water type, so Vileplume had a field day blasting the man's Poliwag and Poliwhirl to pieces.

After a few hours traversing the familiar Route 8, Lolcat arrived in the eerie city. Much to Lolcat's surprise, the streets of Lavender seemed empty even though it's late in the afternoon.

"Hmm..", Lolcat thought, "Could Team Rocket have already attacked? Are the citizens hiding, or were they...captured? Worst of all, the Pokemon Center is barricaded and bolted shut. The only open building is Pokemon Tower!"

Lolcat takes his first few steps into the tower and his eyes see pandemonium: dozens of Lavender denizens scrambling across the Tower floor in what seems to be a panic. One Channeler stood by the stairs leading up to the second floor. Lolcat began a conversation:

"Hello, ma'am. I was here about two weeks ago, what's happened since?"

The Channeler spoke to Lolcat calmly, "Team Rocket attacked Lavender Town again. I fear they are trying to expand their sphere of influence...The spirits are at unrest again, and this time...the Rockets have taken Mr. Fuji prisoner. With Fuji taken and the residents of Lavender Town either missing or seeking refuge in the Tower...I foresee bad times for Lavender Town..."

"Where are the Rockets now!?", immediately asked Lolcat

"Hmm...I have not seen any Rockets leave since they invaded today...The top of the Tower is where they are...You...You must climb the Tower in order to stop the Rockets...However...The other Channelers have been trained to attack any uninvited guest to the upper levels...I fear they might attack you...

Good luck, Lolcat...the spirits give you their blessing..."

Lolcat didn't expect to battle the Channelers along with the Rockets, but decided that wasting time at the Pokemon Center was out of the question. Hell, there's no reason to believe that the Center was even open. Placing the new recruit Vaporeon at the front of the party, Lolcat ascended the stairs to the floor where he had his duel with Blue.

After a second flight of stairs, Lolcat arrived on the third floor of the Tower. This floor, for some reason, is covered in mist or some kind of smoke. Lolcat decided that it's probably some religious incense that the Channelers use during times like this. Hundreds of tombstones litter the floor, and Channelers stand by some of the stones to challenge any intruders. There was no time to question how Pokemon were buried on the third floor of a building; Lolcat walked up to the first Channeler and a small movement occurs in Lolcat's peripheral vision...


Lolcat, seeing a motherf*cking ghost, cries out "VAPPY KILL KILL KILL OH MY ARCEUS IT'S A FUCKING GHOST!"

Vaporeon shoots a large ring of water that rams into the ghost, immediately sending it back to the tombstone it arose out of. After he came to his senses, Lolcat realized...

"I could have caught that thing, couldn't I?"

Vaporeon nodded.

Lolcat then speaks to the Channeler, who replies with,

"Evil Spirit! You must be a Rocket! I shall defend this Tower to the death!"

The medium possessed a Gastly, but it was swiftly knocked out by Vaporeon's Water Pulse. Lolcat proceeded on the tile floor until he reached another set of stairs. Before Lolcat could put his foot on the stair, a familiar voice stopped Lolcat in his tracks.

"Miss me, Doc?"

Lolcat swiveled his head and saw nothing. Then he dropped his head and his brain could not process what his eyes saw.

It was Wartortle.

"Why ya looking so surprised? The lady said I was on the third floor! So, how's it been the last couple months?"

Lolcat stood speechless in front of his deceased partner. The tortoise continued talking.

"So, let's see the new party. After two-thirds of us got wiped by that Dugtrio you had to put something, together, right Doc?"

Lolcat releases the five Pokemon from his Pokeballs.

"So, a Vaporeon, huh? I guess ya gotta replace me with something! And I'm glad that Water Pulse TM got put to good use! Us Water-types got a reputation around here, so don't be letting this Vappy get beat by a Critical, ya hear Lolcat? And whats ya got here?"

Wartortle turned towards Graveler.

"So, you're a new guy too? Ya have to be, 'cause I don't remember ya! My name's Wartortle; I was running this team until I got in a little accident with a few moles and some critical hits. Eh, it ain't so bad here though; I'm hanging with my buddy Butterfree and a couple Voltorb that got a little crazy with Selfdestruct a few weeks ago, and we keep each other company until whenever Arceus uses Judgment. Well, Graveler, just stay away from Surfs and Solarbeams and you'll be on the Championship squad in no time!"

Wartortle turned to Lolcat's middle Pokemon, Vileplume.

"Oh, a Vileplume? Doc, you've picked up a lotta new Pokemon since I left ya! Is this that Oddish we caught back when I was still around?"

Lolcat nodded.

"Ya don't say! Well, it looks like you've evolved a couple times! How's it feel to be on the main squad now? You're the only three-stager on this team right now, that must put you in charge, right? Heh, good luck Plumey, you've got a pretty damn good Trainer trainin' ya!"

Wartortle turns to Lolcat's fourth Pokemon, who he seemed a little less than happy to see.

"Oh, it's you... Dugtrio. So how's it been since ya put me here? And before ya ask, I'm not mad, not mad at all! I know you're a good egg, and if you can hit some of those Rockets the way you hit me, this world will be a better place, no?

Wartortle turned to Lolcat's final Pokemon, Wartortle's best friend, Fearow.

"Fearow! Two months and you're still flappin' your wings right into yer opponents' skulls! I bet you sent a hundred Pokemon here, so thanks for giving me some more friends, heh! Just remember, now that I'm gone you're this team's elder, so don't let the younger folk upstage you!"

Wartortle turned to Lolcat to give his final words.

"Heh, so you're still around here, eh Doc? Well, promise me after ya become Champion ya visit me again, ya hear? Well, I've eaten enough of yer time, so go on and kick some Rockets!

The deceased turtle sank back into the mist of Pokemon Tower, and Lolcat solemnly ascended the stairs to the fourth floor, unsure if that was Wartortle talking to him or just his imagination... The fourth floor contained another maze of headstones. About half a dozen Channelers stood on the floor as well, guarding the sacred ground from intruders. The first Channeler challenged Lolcat to a battle; however, her pair of Gastly were no match for Vaporeon's Water Pulses.

Lolcat slowly passed by the gravestones, blinking heavily when the mist entered his eyes. Although the floor was littered with items, Lolcat soon realized that the items lie right in the Channeler's line of sight. As soon as Lolcat bent down to pick up an Elixir, an item that he could not use,, a Channeler began to scream and charge right at Lolcat,

"Grave robber, begone!"

Before he knew it, another Gastly floated right in front of Lolcat, braced for attack. Before the Channeler could order the spirit to attack Lolcat, Vaporeon had already dispatched of it. "Hmm...", Lolcat thought, "These Channelers have definitely been terrified by the Rockets. I mean them no harm, and yet they risk their lives to stop me from saving them..."

After finishing off another Gastly, Lolcat stepped up to the fifth floor. This floor was different than the others. The headstones and mist was still there, but this time the headstones made a circular path around a blue force field in the center, which one Channeler stood in. Many other Channelers formed a ring around the circular path, and Lolcat knew that he would have to battle them.

The first Channeler stared at Lolcat with crossed eyes and an unknown Pokemon behind her. This priestess did not act like the others, but rather spoke in a loud, explosive voice as five other white-clad women giggled insanely around her.

"You...shall...join...us...", the woman spoke. Lolcat was frightened that the Rockets did such damage to the residents of Lavender Town just by kidnapping Mr. Fuji and killing a Marowak. The woman commanded the Pokemon behind her to fight, and Lolcat again retaliated with Vaporeon. The Pokemon spoke, "Haunter...Haunnnn..." before lunging at Vaporeon, who launched a Water Pulse. Though Haunter was faster than the Gastly, it still couldn't get the drop on Vaporeon before falling to one Water Pulse.

In the middle of the circular path, a lone Channeler stood in the middle of the blue rectangular space. Lolcat made eye contact with the woman, signaling a fight. The woman, instead, invited Lolcat into the field and began to speak.


Lolcat, startled, responded, "How do you know my name?!"

"Of course I know your name. Your friend Wartortle lives here. Have you forgotten what we Channelers do? Our...profession...is to talk to deceased Pokemon and to...facilitate communication between the dead and the living. He told me all about you, and warned me that the Rockets were to attack this Tower, so I created a safe zone for you and the Channelers. However, none of the other Channlelers could reach this protected ground before the Rockets attacked. You see, most Channelers rarely ever leave the Tower; I haven't left this ground in five years. They do not often see outsiders besides those that come here to visit their loved ones. When they saw the Rockets, they thought all Pokemon Trainers are like them, so they attacked you. Lolcat, if you can defeat the Rockets who reside two floors above, you can restore the minds of the Channelers and save Lavender Town. Here, step in the center of the field."

Lolcat felt a wave of calmness wash over him. His Pokeballs assumed a teal color for a moment, then reverted back to normal. The Pokemon were healed, and ready to continue the fight.

Immediately after leaving the force field, Lolcat heard in the distance,

"Zombies!" Hearing the Channeler's shriek, Lolcat used the opportunity to test Vaporeon's new Bite technique which worked quite well on Ghosts. One Channeler later, Lolcat marchedto the sixth and penultimate floor.

This floor was the mistiest yet. Lolcat, looking down and with his eyes barely open, spied a Channeler. Knowing that a Water Pokemon such as Vaporeon can see through mist , Lolcat sent the beast to battle a bloodthirsty Channeler.

Vaporeon bit at the Gastly, but by the end of the battle Vaporeon fell over with his eyes closed. Knowing that the Vaporeon sustained no damage in the battle, Lolcat approached his Pokemon and decided that the mist was to much even for a Water Pokemon to see through. The only Pokemon who could see though the mist was Fearow because of its Keen Eye, so Lolcat gave Fearow its time to shine.

After demolishing more Gastly with Aerial Ace, Lolcat stood at the base of the stairs to the top floor of Pokemon Tower. Two steps later, an invisible force smacked Lolcat's shin and the Trainer let loose an unholy yell as he tumbled down to the bottom of the stairs. Unable to see what caused the fall, Lolcat unsheathed his Silph Scope and saw a Marowak charging at him at full speed. Thinking quickly, Lolcat flung Fearow's Pokeball out and orders the bird to lift him above Marowak's reach.

Lolcat grabs onto the bird's talons and watched as the Bone Keeper Pokemon's club bashed his weapon into the floor, leaving a massive dent. If Fearow had been a second slower, Lolcat would have joined his friend Wartortle in the Tower. Fearow tdeposited Lolcat a safe distance from the Marowak and stared down Marowak, asking for a fight. Fearow was to battle the Bone Keeper for the right to summit Pokemon Tower.

Fearow moved first, slamming the Pokemon with a Secret Power. The energy from the blow knocked Marowak back, but Marowak focused on Fearow as the well-trained avian smacked it with another Secret Power. Marowak, fed up with taking hits, shot his bone at Fearow, who lazily flew up and dodged it. One more Secret Power earned Lolcat the right to enter the seventh floor of Pokemon Tower.

The peak, unlike the other floors, was not a maze. Very little mist, too. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of headstones surrounded a small circular path. Three Team Rocket grunts hovered over an old man, presumably Mr. Fuji. The old man was kneeling in front of a headstone, probably in prayer. Deciding that the only way to rescue Fuji was to ram through the Rocket Grunts one by one, Lolcat sent out Fearow and battled the first Rocket. The man's Zubat and Golbat were not Fearow's caliber, although Golbat did survive one Secret Power attack.

The second Rocket Grunt sent out a Koffing that went head-to-head with Vileplume. The flower moved first, and Absorbed a bit of Koffing's health. The Rocket donned a devilish grin.

"Koffing. Do it.", the man said.

Koffing took a deep breath, stored up poison in its body until the pent-up gasses exploded in an almighty Selfdestruct. The explosion wracked the Tower, sending two nearby headstones flying. Vileplume took the brunt of the attack. The flower immediately collapsed to the ground and lay there. Lolcat was unsure if the Pokemon would wake up. A second passed. Then two.

About four seconds later, Vileplume stood up. The Grunt's gambit had failed. In a rage, the man threw out a Drowzee. Vileplume Absorbed the Drowzee's health to recover as the Drowzee failed to scratch it. Once Vileplume had enough HP to feel comfortable, Drowzee was dispatched by Acid.

The final Rocket Grunt went up against Graveler. Graveler showed off its Rollout technique on Zubat, then another Zubat, then Rattata, then Raticate. Each fell to a single hit.

Only Mr. Fuji remained on the floor. The man spoke in a voice that contained authority and serenity even though he had just been kidnapped.

"Hm...you are here to rescue me? I'm sorry, young one, but I do not need to be rescued. I came here of my own accord when these Rockets attacked me. I simply ignored them, and they could not do me any harm. The spirits of the Tower would never allow me to be harmed by such vermin. Well, I do suppose that you went through a lot of trouble to reach the top of this Tower. I bet those Channelers didn't make it easier, either! Do not blame the Channelers for their ways; we residents of Lavender are a simple, sectarian people. This Tower has never been attacked before. Forgive the Channelers for how they reacted."

Fuji asked Lolcat to accompany him to his house in the southern half of Lavender Town. In the house, the man shared a few words with Lolcat,

"Lolcat. Your Pokedex quest will be difficult, but I bet you really don't care for catching a bunch of insignificant Pokemon especially when you're doing a Nuzlocke challenge. In fact, you seem troubled. Has something bothered you recently? The loss of a Pokemon, a nightmare, maybe you feel...watched?"

"Yes, Mr. Fuji" replied Lolcat."Ever since I started winning Badges, I've been having these nightmares. Some...voice starts speaking to me, trying to convince me to pack up and abandon my journey. Often, I see these horrific images of my Pokemon dying or being harmed. Each time I win a badge, the dreams get worse. "

'Ah. I've never dealt with this specific instance before, but in my years I have dealt with many a tortured soul. Dreams are a...fascinating concept. You know there are research facilities in Hoenn trying to read the dreams of Pokemon? There is even a facility in Unova trying to enter the dreams of Pokemon. I believe your slumber is being invaded by another man using a powerful Pokemon to do so. Pokemon like Drowzee and Hypno are capable of this, you know. However, I've never seen a man attack another man's dreams before; I wouldn't know how to...counter this phenomenon. Maybe it's all in your head? Maybe you lack the confidence to challenge the Pokemon League, and these dreams are just your repressed fears surfacing? I will research your troubles, as my job is to comfort the citizens of Lavender and those that pass through. If you are ever in the area again, please visit me. I will keep in touch. Oh, and here. This is a Poke Flute, it's a wonderful musical instrument. It'll wake up the sleeping Snorlax blocking your path, and learning the Poke Flute can help you take your mind off your journey and your troubles. Best of luck, Mr. Lolcat."

After hearing Mr. Fuji's kind words and taking his Poke Flute, Lolcat returned to Celadon City to duel Erika after a day of traveling. Lolcat checked into Celadon Pokemon Center and quickly nodded off to sleep.

The next morning, Lolcat traversed Route 8 and the Underground Path again and quickly arrived in Celadon City. Lolcat had already been to this city, so he located the Gym easily and saw that the Gym is teeming with Trainers. At least they were all female. The first Trainer was a Beauty, but no amount of beauty will protect a group of Bellsorouts from Fearow's rage.

The rest of the Gym Trainers really weren't that interesting. Imagine a small bird. Now make it twelve times bigger. Make it shoot fire out of its nostrils and have a machine gun for a beak. Now think of a little plant. A harmless, inanimate plant. The bird is Fearow. The plant is every one of the Gym Trainers.

After the massacre, Lolcat approached Erika. The lady began to speak,

"Hello, Trainer. As you know, I am the Grass Gym Leader, Erika! I use the Grass-type because of their limitless potential. Grass-type Pokemon can lead an offense, provide support with tricky tactics like Stun Spore and Sleep Powder, and restore their HP with Synthesis and Giga Drain! Yes, Grass-type Pokemon are the ultimate fighting force, and it's time to show you the pinnacle of Grass-type mastery!"

Lolcat threw out Fearow to match Erika's first Pokemon. "Oh, a Fearow. I haven't seen one of those in a while. Go Victreebel!"

The ugly flycatcher stood face-to-face with the great bird. Fearow charged the Grass Pokemon with pinpoint accuracy and jabbed it with its beak and talons, landing an Aerial Ace attack that barely failed to knock Victreebel out. Victreebel fell over, but before going down he released a mountain of Stun Spores at Fearow, whose muscles locked up and dropped Fearow out of the skies. Fearow quickly finished off the Victreebel.

Erika, distraught that her prized Victreebel fell so soon, sent out a Tangela. Fearow took a Constrict, but retaliated with an Aerial Ace that sent Tangela down for the count.

Vileplume was Erika's final Pokemon. Because of Fearow's paralysis the flower got the first strike, launching an Acid attack on Lolcat's bird. Fearow struck back with an Aerial Ace that just barely failed to knock it out, so the Vileplume went for another attack. Barely damaged at all, Fearow struckthe Vileplume again and won Lolcat the fourth Gym Badge.

Four Gym Leaders down. Four more to go.

End of Part 9

Team Status:


Fearow, Level 34, Jolly.
-Secret Power
-Aerial Ace
-Mirror Move
-Fury Attack

Vaporeon, Level 31, Serious
-Water Pulse
-Quick Attack

Dugtrio, Level 32, Careful
-Fury Swipes
-Sand Tomb

Graveler, Level 32, Careful
-Defense Curl
-Rock Throw

Vileplume, Level 32, Naive
-Bullet Seed
-Sleep Powder


Assorted weak Pokemon.


Wartortle, Lv. 21
Butterfree, Lv. 19
Butterfree, Lv. 13

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