Okay this is just a random story I thought of when I was bored.


The Hive Five (AN: Jinx is good now!) slipped into the museum. There was a new jewel collection that they had set their sights on. As they crept over to it and all of a sudden

POOF! I appeared in front of them.

"AHHH!" They screamed like little girls.

"What's your name gunk eater?" Gizmo snarled.

"Well that's not very nice!" I said from behind him. "Oh and I am BlueReader but you can call me Blue!"

"How'd you do that?" He asked.

"I'll never tell!" I screamed.

"Are you a Teen Titan?"

"Nope" I said. "But I can take you down."

"Just try it!" Billy Numerous sneered.

"Okay!" I said and punched Gizmo in the face.

"OW!" He screamed indignantly. "Get her!"

Everyone charged towards me so I tripped Mammoth and he crushed everybody except Gizmo. I grabbed Gizmo by his shirt drew back my fist and was about to punch in the face him again when there was a big BOOM!

The Teen Titans burst in. "Freeze Hive Five!" Robin yelled. They saw me holding Gizmo by his shirt.

"Ooh you're the Teen Titans!" I screamed dropping Gizmo.

"Uhh… yeah." Robin said.

POOF! I appeared behind him. "AH!" He screamed like a baby.

"Can I see your tower?" I pleaded. "I stopped the Hive Five."

"Fine." He gave in.

"Awesome!" I shrieked standing on the ceiling. "I'm BlueReader. You can call me Blue. You're Robin, Beast Boy, Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, Mas, Menos, Bumble Bee, Speedy, Aqualad, Jinx, Kid Flash, Jericho, and Kole."

"How do you know our names?" Beast Boy asked.

"I can read minds." I said mysteriously.

"Really?" He asked eagerly.

"Heck, no. I watch your T.V show. Hey that rhymed!"

We then went back to their base. I was walking down the hall with Kole and Jericho was walking towards us. "Oops." I said tripping Kole so she fell into Jericho.

I went over to Beast Boy and dragged him down the hall then knocked on Raven's door. When she opened it I shoved Beast Boy into her. "Sorry!" I fake gasped.

"My bad!" I called locking Kid Flash and Jinx in the supply closet.

"Whoops!" I said pushing Robin and Starfire out the window.

"My mistake!" I apologized handcuffing Cyborg and Bumble Bee together.

I went up to Mas, Menos, Aqualad, and Speedy. "You guys want to play videogames?" I asked.

"Sure." They said.

I was beating Speedy for the tenth time when everyone else walked up. "Were you trying to get us together?" They asked.

"Yeah." I answered not looking up from the game. "Did it work?"


"Oh well." I shrugged walking out. "Bye!"

"Esa chica era extraño." Menos said.

"Muy raro." His brother agreed.

"I HEARD THAT!" I shouted.