Hi everyone, my third story. Don't worry; chapter 11 of A Gift Lost is in the works, but decided to put this out to see if it was worth it. This answers the question: What would happen if Obi-Wan Kenobi loses it with the council after Ahsoka leaves? The results could save everyone. Rate and comment please.

The Order Redeems: Chapter 1 – A Council Told

"I Know" she said. Those words continue to burn into the soul of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. It had been a month since his faithful padawan Ahsoka Tano had left the order after being falsely accused of murder and terrorism. What hurt him the most was the fact that the council did nothing to help her. The council just expelled her and handed her over to a corrupt senate because it was convenient; no proper investigation, no support nothing. Indeed, if he hadn't have discovered the truth, Ahsoka, his precious Snips, would have been executed by now. 'Thank the force she was alive' he thought.

Anakin felt like bursting out with laughter when Mace Windu said this had all been Ahsoka's big trial. A big trial? He thinks that nightmare Ahsoka went through, that he went through, was a big trial? What planet; no scratch that; what galaxy was Mace in when he said that? No wonder the poor girl turned and walked out the door; he almost did himself. In fact, after a month, he's still not sure why he didn't just follow her out of the order. At least he could openly be with Padmé if he had done that; at least he would know if Ahsoka was safe.

Anakin shook his head; he had been trying to get some peace in the room of a thousand fountains for nearly three hours now, but no matter how much he tried, he couldn't get away from the thought of Ahsoka alone in an unsafe galaxy. He had almost been expecting a clone trooper to report that he'd found Ahsoka's beaten and violated body. It was tearing him apart 'I should've been there for her. She is alone and in danger because of me, because of the council.' He kept on thinking the same thing over and over again.


Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi was stood in the room of a thousand fountains. He had been watching his former padawan for an hour now. Obi-Wan was well aware what Ahsoka's departure had done to Anakin; he could sense the anger, frustration and self-doubt radiate off the younger man in waves.

The truth was that her departure had hit Obi-Wan hard; he was also fond of the young togruta padawan. Indeed, he had played a role in Master Yoda assigning her to Anakin in the first place. He simply couldn't believe his fellow council members had been so cold when she was falsely accused. They didn't bother to listen to her, to Anakin or even Obi-Wan himself. 'I'm supposed to be a member of that council' Obi-Wan thought to himself 'and yet they completely ignore me. Look what it has done, what it has led to. How did we lose our way like this?'

Obi-Wan was secretly concerned about Ahsoka; as she was standing in the chamber listening to Mace Windu's Joke of a statement about this being her big trial, Obi-Wan had sensed there was something else that had hurt Ahsoka; something she couldn't trust the council with to tell. This bothered him; he could sense the hurt from that played a part in her decision to leave, but what was it? He wasn't going to tell Anakin this of course, he had enough worry.

'What of Barriss Offee?' Obi-Wan mused 'what happened to her to turn her into a murderer? How did the council miss it?' Obi-Wan's thoughts were far more extreme than they had ever been; he found himself thinking more like his former master Qui-Gon Jinn. 'What of the Code? If the Jedi Code could lead to such coldness that a pure spirit like Ahsoka Tano was forced to leave because of a lack of trust, then the Code is wrong.'

Looking at his former padawan again, Obi-Wan knew something had to be done, but what? Obi-Wan considered going to Anakin, but what more could be said? Anakin's belief that this was the council's fault was right after all; even Obi-Wan had to agree with this. 'Why did Master Plo hold me back when Ahsoka walked out? Why? Surely if I had have gone with Anakin there would have been a greater chance to get her back.' What concerned the Jedi Master the most is that neither Master Windu nor Master Yoda seemed to have learned anything from this.

Obi-Wan realised that it was no good comforting Anakin, only the council could really do anything to rectify this situation, if they had the inclination that is. Obi-Wan sighed as he realised the garbage about the Jedi Way they would rattle off if Anakin asked them for help about his feelings or if Obi-Wan himself asked them to help Anakin's feelings.

Obi-Wan had realised in the last month that Anakin simply couldn't function without feelings, it was part of his makeup. In fact Obi-Wan was beginning to wonder if anyone, even himself, could truly function without feelings. That is why he was beginning to question the code.

Obi-Wan started to slowly shake his head as he watched Anakin begin to cry again. Obi-Wan noted that Anakin had been breaking out in tears quite a lot recently, he just feels too much Obi-Wan realised, but that is who he is. Obi-Wan decided to stop trying to change Anakin and concentrate on helping what he was. With that Obi-Wan knew what had to be done, and even if it cost him his place on the council, he would make sure the council agreed one way or another. He collected himself and headed out of the door towards the council chambers.


Obi-Wan approached the doors of the council chamber. Since he was now a council member, he didn't actually need permission to enter, but he decided to wait a while at the doors. This was to compose and collect himself more than anything. This discussion was going to be…unpleasant at the very best.

Obi-Wan entered the council chambers. He noticed that a fair number of council members were present; this was unusual due to the war.

"Morning Master Kenobi. A request for us you have hmmm?" Master Yoda stated in a very knowing tone.

Instead of heading to his council chair, Obi-Wan stood in front of the members and answered "Yes Masters now you mention it." He had decided to try and be as casual as he could about it.

"Interesting this is. Casual you are being but concern I sense in you." Yoda obviously wasn't buying Obi-Wan's casual idea.

Sighing Obi-Wan replied "Very well master. I believe this council has recently made very grave errors in practice and judgment and I request that you approve my plan to…"Obi-Wan paused, trying to formulate the correct words "counter the effects."

"Of what errors do you speak?" Asked Master Windu in a very arrogant sounding voice.

"I am referring to the errors involving the unfortunate events surrounding Anakin and his former padawan. Masters, I'm sure you are all aware of the pain that my former apprentice is in over Ahsoka's decision to leave."

"It was her decision Obi-Wan" stated Master Shaak Ti. In truth Ahsoka's decision had disappointed Master Ti immensely; she had always considered Ahsoka to be her spiritual successor as Jedi representative of the togrutan people.

"I know Master Ti, but it was this council that drove her to that decision. Now Anakin is paying the price; he is in pieces masters." Obi-Wan was starting to get a bit more forceful in how his words were coming out.

"We did not drive her to anything" protested Master Mundi.

"Oh didn't we?" Obi-Wan made sure to include himself in this statement. He was a council member after all "We didn't trust her enough to listen to her and we expelled her without any investigation and turned her over to a corrupt senate just so we could be seen to be acting for the senate. It is obvious to me that the girl lost all trust in us after that. I don't blame her either."

"You know the reasons why we had to do that Obi-Wan." Spat Master Windu in a very irate tone.

"What I know is that it was convenient. It was wrong, you all know it. Now not only has a most promising padawan walked away, but Anakin doesn't trust this council any more either."

"Qui-Gon's attitude I sense in you. NEED THAT YOU DO NOT" It was unusual to hear Master Yoda raise his voice.

'Oh I don't do I?' Obi-Wan thought to himself, he then responded. "Would Qui-Gon have stood idly by whilst that girl was put though a nightmare like that masters? No, he would've stood right by her, knowing her innocence, no matter what the consequences were. I'm beginning to see that that is most important aspect of being a Jedi, compassion, not placating a corrupt senate."

"You bring our whole mandate in the Republic in question Obi-Wan?" barked Master Windu.

"No Master Windu, just pointing out that that we have forgotten compassion." In truth Obi-Wan was questioning the Jedi's role in the war. Barriss had been correct about that at least; even Obi-Wan could see it.

"We are at war" began Shaak Ti "in case you have forgotten Master Kenobi."

"I have not forgotten, just wondering what we are willing to do for that war." Obi-Wan let out that response before he could stop it.

"Sounding like Padawan Offee you are Obi-Wan…hmm"

Shaking his head Obi-Wan responded "No Master Yoda. What she did was wrong. All I'm saying is we should do something about the situation our mistake has created."

"What do you propose?" Master Windu asked.

"We need to do something to allay Anakin's fears Masters. He is tearing himself apart over Ahsoka."

After a brief pause Master Yoda uttered "Hmmm. In turmoil young Skywalker is. Something to take his mind off his former student he needs. Teach another he can. Help him it will."

'Oh no, he's not really going down that route is he?' Obi-Wan asked himself in horror. "Are you sure that's a good idea Master? I don't think Anakin will happy to replace Ahsoka."

"It will help him cut his attachment to former Padawan Tano" stated Master Windu.

"I agree" began Master Plo "although I am saddened that Little 'Soka decided to forge her own path. Skywalker must concentrate on someone new."

The other council members nodded, with that Master Yoda stated "Decided it is. Choose for himself another student Skywalker will. Inform him you will Obi-Wan."

'Oh that's going to be fun, but maybe now I might be able to get what I came for' Obi-Wan thought to himself. He paused for a second then replied "Yes Masters. Once he has chosen a new padawan, Can I suggest their first mission?"

"Interesting Master Kenobi. Played on us you have" Master Yoda seemed mildly amused. He seemed to know what Obi-Wan was going to say.

"What mission do you suggest?" asked Master Mundi

"I suggest that we allow Anakin to allay his fears over Ahsoka. We should send Anakin and his new padawan, whoever it is, to find her and make sure she is well. This will calm him down and will hopefully restore some of his faith in the council."

"Share his fear over young Ms Tano you do Obi Wan" Master Yoda was now smiling; he has realised that Obi-Wan has played them.

"I admit I do Masters. Ahsoka is a young child with no knowledge of how to fend for herself or earn credits to keep herself fed and housed. The Jedi Oder is all she has known. Surely we owe it to ourselves to at least make sure she is alive and well." Obi-Wan decided not to tell the council of his other fear over her.

The council members looked at each other, before all nodding. "The council agrees to this on condition that you go with them to keep an eye on Skywalker" stated Master Windu.

Sighing Obi-Wan replies "Understood."

"Dismissed you are. Inform him you will."

"Yes Masters." Obi-Wan bows and heads out of the chamber. Obi-Wan's mind is in bits at the moment, but at least he has gotten what he wanted. Telling Anakin that he has to choose another apprentice is going to go down like a load of bantha dung in a café, but hopefully Anakin will like the mission. Realising that there's no turning back now, Obi-Wan heads off to find Anakin.

Well that's my new idea. What do you all think? Is it worth continuing this alongside A Gift Lost?