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The Order Redeems: Chapter 48 – A word on Naboo.

It was very safe to assume that Lux was panicking as he ran. Surly a Jedi Master like Anakin wouldn't hurt him; would he? On the other hand, Lux was aware just how protective Anakin was of his former Padawan and in truth, the activities that him and Ahsoka had been doing were largely her idea.

Her getting pregnant, as wondrous as that was, wasn't exactly planned either. Looking back at those times, perhaps they should have been more careful, but he was human, Ahsoka was Togrutan. Even though he knew they were compatible, as he understood it, everything had to be just right to produce a child. Apparently, everything had been right and Lux was beside himself with joy over the fact he was going to be a father; if he survived to be one, that is.

He glanced behind himself. Just because he couldn't immediately see Anakin didn't mean that the Jedi had given up. Lux was aware just how determined Anakin was likely to be and in truth, Lux didn't really want to hear what Anakin had to say or feel the pointy end of Anakin's lightsabre.

Lux looked dead ahead as he ran over a bridge across one of Theed's many canals. Up ahead, he saw a maze of what looked like market stalls. Hopefully, he could at least hide in there until Anakin calmed down. He ran into the market and headed across the square.

Unfortunately, Lux didn't even notice the wall he ran into as he raced around a corner flat out, and to his horror, as he landed on his back staring at the sky, a rather angry looking Anakin Skywalker came into his view. Lux gulped and he sent a prayer to whatever deity controlled angry Jedi Masters. "Er, Master Skywalker…"

Anakin smirked; got him. Secretly, after he had run halfway across Theed in chase of Lux, Anakin had thought a bit about Ahsoka getting pregnant. If he really thought about it, although it was obvious to him that Ahsoka was slightly fearful about her pregnancy, there was no doubt that there was unparalleled joy in her as well. He knew just how much Ahsoka had always adored younglings and he knew all too well that she would be ecstatic with a child of her own. Of course, there was the problem that both Ahsoka and Lux Bonteri were still teenagers and he wasn't that happy about it. However, even Anakin had to admit that it was too late to worry about that.

No, the important thing to worry about was what was going to happen now and Anakin knew that largely was going to depend on Lux. Anakin secretly laughed about how he had teased Ahsoka rotten over Bonteri and he knew what Ahsoka really wanted. Indeed, Ahsoka had even admitted it him on many occasions and Anakin decided that Ahsoka was going to get what she wanted, so after a few minutes of thinking, Anakin was very happy for the young teenage couple. Of course, there was no reason to tell Lux that.

Deciding to keep up his front, Anakin frowned and snarled at the young senator. "Bonteri, didn't I warn you about hurting Ahsoka?"

Again, Lux swallowed as fear crept into his soul. "I haven't hurt her. I love Ahsoka; there's no way I would ever do anything to harm her."

Anakin raised an eyebrow and smirked. Yes, he was getting to Lux. That is exactly what Anakin wanted if he was to steer the young senator in the correct direction. "So, sleeping with her without being careful does not qualify as hurting her in your opinion, does it Senator?"

Panic gripped Lux as he headed the Jedi's words. Yes, he should have been careful. Although those activities had been Ahsoka's idea, she had been mentally unstable at the time and she probably wasn't in any fit state at the beginning to think of any consequences. He really should have done more. Still, it had been Ahsoka's idea. "I know, Master Skywalker. I perhaps should have done more, but she was so hurt and so insistent. I love her and I couldn't say no to her." He closed his eyes and prayed some more. "You have no idea how happy I am with Ahsoka or how blessed I feel that she is going to provide me with a child."

Anakin shook his head. His voice was vicious as he answered, "Oh, I know what it's like to love a woman so much, I'm married remember, and I know what Ahsoka is like and what she needed. No, I'm upset by the fact that you weren't thinking. Yes, before you say anything, that includes Ahsoka as well. Don't think you're getting away with this." In truth, Anakin wasn't upset at all. He knew that Lux had been vital to Ahsoka recovering and he could never repay Lux for that. Again though, there was no reason for Lux to know that.

Lux got on his knees and pleaded. "What are you going to do to me?"

"That…." Anakin replied in an angry tone, "…... depends on you, Senator. If you love Ahsoka as much as you say you do, then you 'll know what you must do, otherwise..." Anakin called his lightsabre to his hand to force his point home, before he put back on his belt. "I'll leave you to think about it, Senator." Feeling suitably amused, Anakin turned and walked away back over the bridge, knowing that he had scared Lux half way to Hoth.

Lux sat on the ground for a minute; his fear tangible. What in the Force's name was Master Skywalker on about? Still, he had to consider what to do next. He did not want to lose Ahsoka; or his own life for that matter. Yes, this would require some thought.


Ticarti fumed as she waited to be called in. She had sent a rather insistent message to Master Yoda just a few minutes before and now it was time to lay into the idiots on the council...again. She had lost count how many times she had required words with the council over the ten years since she had been knighted. It never ceased to amaze her just how little the council could care for the health and wellbeing of the Order's Jedi on occasions.

This time, she was incensed that the council had allowed Ahsoka on that mission in her condition. Yes, Ahsoka was the first female Jedi to become pregnant since the alteration of the code, but that was no excuse for the council.

The wait also gave time for Ticarti to think how she was going to manage Ahsoka during the pregnancy. Ticarti was a counsellor as a specialty, not a midwife. At least she was a very capable normal Jedi healer as well, so she did have some knowledge in the area. Nevertheless, she knew after reading the council the riot act, she would have to consider securing Ahsoka a midwife. In addition, she decided to make a counselling appointment for Ahsoka. Ahsoka was still only seventeen and had just recovered from a terrible mental trauma. Her getting pregnant was likely to have caused the young Togruta some serious anxiety.

Finally, after waiting for what seemed like hours, she was called in. Ticarti had to wonder just when the council were going to stop making people wait for endless hours before they would see them. She shook her head; Tatooine was likely to become an ocean planet before that happened. Still, she could at least make her unhappiness known now.

She strode into the centre of the council chambers and gave the council members her own form of special stare; that one that becomes essential to master when one becomes a healer in the Jedi Order.

Master Yoda studied the human woman in front of him and sighed. In his nine hundred years, he had grown to learn the signs of an angry healer and Master Ticarti Mai was beyond legendary when it came to her getting angry with the council. Instantly, the grandmaster had a feeling what this was about. To both his dismay, but also, interest, the Force seemed to confirm it as well. "Ah, learnt about young Tano, you have?"

"Yes," she replied angrily. "But funnily enough, I learnt it from Barriss Offee rather than this council." She gave the council another stare. "Am I right to assume that you all sensed her condition before she was sent on the mission?"

The council members all looked at each other and even Mace Windu had to grin a little. Ticarti was, in many ways, as predictable as Skywalker. Her anger was not a surprise. "Knew, we did," Master Yoda continued.

Ticarti closed her eyes and she fumed. She had suspected as much, but to hear Master Yoda just confirm it like it was nothing; she had no idea what to think. Even at the best of times Ticarti hated formality, but here, it didn't even enter her head. "Then, why did you even let her on that mission? A dangerous assignment that is likely to contain any kind of combat is no place for any pregnant woman; Jedi or not."

Master Yoda couldn't help chuckling. Just like anyone else, he had gotten used to Ticarti's approach to the welfare of her patients. "Still early, she is. Influenced her mission, her condition did not."

"Besides," Master Windu cut in, "Knight Tano is a Jedi and everyone here knows that the mission must come first." He decided against pointing out that the change in the code would lead to these kinds of problems even though it did go through his mind. "And, she did have help on the mission."

Ticarti raised an eyebrow. "Yes, Barriss Offee. I assume to put her on the mission for this reason."

"Yes, we did," Master Plo Koon answered. "Padawan Offee needed to be tested to see if she could resist the dark side and, with her being a healer, she was perfect to assist Knight Tano and Ahsoka had chosen a Padawan."

"Even so," Ticarti fumed, "you could have at least informed me and Ahsoka herself. That was reckless."

Master Yoda was visibly amused; it was rare for anyone to call him reckless. In many ways, he felt it was an interesting change after nine hundred years. "Reckless, hmmmm, in your eyes, perhaps. In Ahsoka's...needed the surprise she did. Besides, being reckless; one of your specialties, that is. Share it with Skywalker, you do."

Ticarti stared at him. It was true in many ways. Ticarti had to admit she could be reckless herself if it meant helping her patients and there was that one time... She decided not to think about that, but she could have been in Ahsoka's situation herself then and at the time, it still hadn't been allowed. Still, she had to wonder how was it that Master Yoda always had some kind of an answer ready? It was a skill that must come from being a devious little green troll, she reasoned. Nevertheless, she was still angry, but it didn't seem she was going to get anywhere with this. Again, this was typical of the council; they only ever listened to themselves on many things.

Indeed, Ticarti knew that all she could do now was concentrate on what was going to happen now. Ahsoka's current health and the health of her child was the most important thing. "Well anyway," she demanded, "When Ahsoka gets back, I want to know immediately. She will need a full medical check-up." She breathed in and out before she added, "And in future, if the council finds out about any other female Jedi becoming pregnant, please inform the circle of healers."

Still fuming, Ticarti, turned tail and left the room before she added something she would likely regret. She had done it before, several times in fact, and she would likely do it again.


Lux gave a deep breath as he entered into the living room. It had been over an hour since they had all returned to the house belonging to Padmé's parents. At that precise moment in time, Ahsoka and Eleesha were meeting and talking to Padmé's parents and Eleesha was meeting Katooni which gave Lux this brief opportunity. He noticed that for once, Padmé was tending to Luke and Leia on her own and he needed to speak to her.

Since his "talk" with Anakin earlier in the day, Lux had been thinking hard. He couldn't deny that he had to take some of the blame for Ahsoka getting pregnant and, as brilliant as it was, he therefore had to raise his game so to speak. In addition, he had also realised that he could no longer live without Ahsoka. She completed him in a way that he did not believe possible and it was for both of these reasons that he had come to a decision now. It was that decision that he needed to speak to Padmé about. "Erm excuse me, I'm not bothering you, am I?"

Padmé gave a brief giggle at Leia sucking her finger slightly before she turned to Lux. She could see instantly that the young Senator was nervous. She could only guess at the fear that her husband had put in the poor young man. Sometimes, Anakin just never changed. She smiled as she answered, "Of course not, Lux. What can I help you with?"

Relief flooded Lux as he closed the distance. He fidgeted with his hands as he stuttered out, "I wonder...Erm, do you know if there... if there are any decent jewellers here on Naboo?"

Padmé stood up straighter and looked at Lux for a second. "Jewellers?" she questioned before realisation hit her. She had never considered herself as a childish woman. Even when she was fourteen, Padmé had been a queen so being a child had never been a possibility and now, she was chancellor, but she could not stop herself letting out a childish squeal. She clapped with glee as she knew the joy this would bring to Ahsoka. "Of course, I do. In fact, ..." She quickly finished dressing Luke and Leia. "...I'll take you to the jewellers that served me as queen. Ahsoka deserves nothing less."

Lux sighed. "Thank you," he replied. Try as he might, though, he couldn't help but worry. Ahsoka meant everything to him, but would she really say yes? "Emmm, I know Master Skywalker wants me to propose to her, but will...will Ahsoka say yes? What if she doesn't?"

Padmé shook her head with amusement. Anakin had turned Lux into a fearful wreak. Yes, she would have to have words with her husband over this at some point. She out her hands on the young senator's shoulders. "Lux, Ahsoka loves you; more than you could ever know. She beams around you and trust me, she is beaming over carrying your child. I know; I was the same." She smiled and added, "She'll say yes; trust me and if she doesn't, I'll order her to. It won't come to that, though. You two are made for each other. Even Anakin knows that."

"Master Skywalker...sure."

Padmé let out a laugh before she picked up the twins. "Come, let's dump these two on their father and get going."


Evening had drawn in and Ahsoka sighed as she came into the room. No matter how often she rested or tried to eat, her stomach had other ideas. Indeed, this had been the third time that night that she had seen her supper again. So far, pregnancy had proven itself to be far from her favourite condition. At least this time, she did feel better so perhaps, just perhaps, she might be okay now and be able to enjoy the rest of the evening. At that thought, the young Togruta allowed herself to smile a little.

So far, she had greatly enjoyed her time on Naboo. Padmé's parents had been very welcoming and, to her delight, Katooni and Eleesha seemed to be getting on very well together. Indeed, earlier in the day, Anakin had suggested that maybe the two Padawan's might could spar and help each other; an idea which, for once, Ahsoka had agreed with fully.

As she looked around the room, Ahsoka could see that everyone in it seemed to have a face of concern on them. Surprisingly, Eleesha and Katooni seemed to be worse than Anakin. Mind you, he had seen this in Padmé, so maybe he wasn't that concerned, for once. Lux was by far the worst, though and Ahsoka had to admit that she did find that slightly amusing. Indeed, Lux looked to be quite sheepish and where he had gone earlier in the day, he would not divulge.

"Better now?" Padmé asked with concern, interrupting Ahsoka's thoughts. Indeed, she had every sympathy for Ahsoka. It hadn't been long before that Padmé herself had gone through the same.

"Yes, thank you." Ahsoka replied. She then let out a load sigh of frustration, "I don't think I'll be able to eat again."

As everyone in the room watched with concern, Padmé had to chuckle. "I remember that well." She pointed down to the twins currently in their father's arms. "With those two, I don't think I had more than a day without seeing my lunch again." She pointed at her husband, "Yes, that was your fault Ani."

"Hey!" Anakin shot out in shock as the whole room broke out laughing. "How is it my fault?"

Ahsoka burst of laughing. "Really, Skyguy? Really?" She then turned to Lux, "And you're to blame for my condition as well." She added with a smirk

Lux visibly swallowed as everyone laughed. "Erm...Erm, yes, maybe...erm."

Ahsoka couldn't hold it any longer and fell over laughing as her boyfriend panicked. Oh, she did love doing this. Lux was almost as fun to wind up as Anakin; almost. She sat next to Lux and laid her head on his shoulder. "Come on Luxie, you know I love you, really and I'll love our daughter as well."

"Daughter?" Lux questioned, "How do you know that?"

Ahsoka smirked. "Just a hunch!" In truth, she knew, of course. Her future-self had told her, but Lux didn't know that yet.

Lux gave his girlfriend a slight frown. He didn't know much about the Force, but he did know enough to know that her statement had that hint of the Force about it. There was now no doubt in his mind that Ahsoka knew what sex their child was already. Their child; that very thought brought out, love joy, happiness and a hint of panic in Lux as he remembered his trip to the jewellers.

Padmé had dragged him to the most exclusive jewellers in all of Naboo and she had stood over him as he picked out the best ring he could. Indeed, the ring he had picked was in two halves. He would give Ahsoka the first half tonight and the second on that special day in the near future when Ahsoka Tano would become Ahsoka Bonteri. At least, he hoped that's what would happen.

Lux glanced across and he could instantly see an insistent face on Padmé and he could see her urging him to do what this was all about. He closed his eyes and composed himself as Ahsoka continued to lay her head on his shoulder. It was now or never and it wouldn't get any easier if he waited. He prayed that Ahsoka agreed as he stood up.

Ahsoka had a perplexed look on her face as she watched Lux stand up; what was he up to? She was starting to get a little nervous. He had been acting funny ever since she told him she was pregnant. In panic she had to ask if he was backing out. Fear gripped her a bit until Lux dropped to his knee in front of her.

The whole room went quiet as Lux brought the ring he had brought earlier. "Ahsoka, I love you more than I thought possible. You have both changed and saved my life in more ways than I can count and now you are going to provide me with my first child. I know we are both very young, but I want you forever. Will you marry me?" Instantly all eyes swept to Ahsoka.

Ahsoka's eyes widened and a surge of joy swept through her. She just could not stop herself as she threw herself into Lux's arms and burst into tears of pure joy. "Of course, I will Lux," she stuttered out as she wept.

Lux threw his arms around Ahsoka and held her tight as he too, started to weep a little. He didn't even notice as the whole room erupted into cheers and applause and he faintly noticed as Padmé moved over and embraced both teenagers. "Congratulations both of you and I'm helping with the wedding."

Ahsoka smiled wildly as she looked at the gloves on her hands. There was no way she could wear her ring with those, so she came to a decision. The Clone Wars was over; there was no need for them anymore. She pulled her gloves off before she offered her left hand to Lux. A final roar and cheer erupted as Lux slid the ring onto Ahsoka's finger; the message clear. They were now destined to be together forever.

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