I immidiatly woke up after that. What the hell was that all about? Looking around the room to try and find Cory, I remembered that he had left once he was pretty sure that the whole 'Freddy-Krueger-Cut-My-Cheek-For-Reals' was just a farce and that I had only just sleep walked. Maybe he was right? Maybe my watching all these horror movies are coming to bite me in the butt.

It was only now that I felt a papery object that I had been clutching. Bringing it out from under my blankets, I read the scratchy scrawl across the paper: Meet at 1400 south. Leave at 10 pm. Tell whoever cares that you're going to a friends or something. I don't know, just lie. Bye.

Okay, so it wasn't a threatening message, but still...it's fucking weird. Did Cory want to meet up somewhere tonight? But didn't he have plans tonight? Was it really Micheal, Jason, or Freddy?

Holy shit, I'm going completely bonkers. It's too early for this. I need to get some coffee.

Stepping down the stairs I was met with the blarring noice of a news caster predicting the weather for the rest of the day. However, no one was sitting on the couch watching. This could only mean one thing. My dad was getting ready to leave for work. This is where the 'Dun-dun-duuuunnnn' would be playing because if you ever were to come across my dad as he was trying to put things together you would be one of two possible things: dead or screamed at. Of course the dead is a bit of an exxageration since it hasn't happened...yet.

Deciding to stay out of his way, I plopped myself on the couch and watched as the newscaster talked about the latest car crash on highway whatever. News is boring, so I let my mind loose as it started to replay my latest dreams.

It didn't make sense. First Freddy tries to kill me, then he and two other murderers now try to welcome me as some trainee? Trainee for what? They never told me that. Bet it was in that bull crap contract that I purposely couldn't read.

"What're you doing up this early?" a tired voice rumbled from behind me.

Turning I saw my dad adjusting his tie in the hallway mirror, his toothbrush sticking out the corner of his mouth, "I woke up early, so I just decided to sit out here." I turned my head back to look at the electronic clock sitting below the T.V. Huh, it's only 3 in the morning on a Saturday.

I could here his retreating footsteps back to the bathroom. Looks like he's decided to spare me this morning. That or he's saving his yelling for his clients. Hate to be them.

A loud curse was heard as my dad rushed out with half of his arm in his jacket's sleeve. He rushingly stuck his hand in his pocket and threw a couple dollars on the table, "Gotta go. Work emergency. 10 dollars, order pizza or something. Bye, sweetie." and with that he was out the door.

It's only 3:15, about 19 more hours before it's time for training. If that's what it is.

A couple hours later Derek came clambering down the stairs and turned on the radio on full blast as he started pulling out random ingredients to prepare himself breakfast.

"Mornin' Lil. Want some pancakes?" He called out over the music.

I lazily laid my head on the couch arm rest as I yelled back, "Yeah! Just don't burn them this time! That's not how they work!"

A loud clang could be heard before he mock laughed at my comment. I would always hold this over his head. Always. I mean, having your perfect brother actually mess something up? Yeah like I'd pass that shit up. Although it isn't the best mess up, it's something. Literally I'll take anything at this point.

When my brother handed me my plate of pancakes, and sat on the opposite end of the couch, he reached for the remote and changed the channel to something more...not boring. I stabbed my fork into the pancake and cringed when I had to yank my fork out a bit in order to break off the chunk of food. I sent a rasied eyebrow side glance to Derek to which he cheekily smiled with his cheeks already stuffed with his own pancakes.

"You're a big dork, you know that don't you?" I smiled back as I began to eat my own rubber-like pancake.

His smile dropped into a pout as he adjusted his sitting position slightly on the couch, "I was expecting you to compliment the lack of burnt pancakes." His eyes looked back up to me before he slowly took another bite.

I sniffed the air a bit before I let my smile drop into a deadpan stare, "You threw the burnt ones away didn't you?"

A smirk came across his face as he put his empty plate on the coffee table so that he could stretch his arms over his head, "Can't get anything past you, can I? But yeah, a few had natural selection come for them."

"Is cooking pancakes even part of natural selection?"

His smirk dropped as he leaned over and flicked my forehead, "I'm the oldest, don't question it."

It was now 9 in the evening. I had just recently texted Cory asking if he was the one who left a note in my hand last night. Of course I didn't get the answer I was hoping I would. He told me that he hadn't left anything besides his hope and desire for Freddy to be real, and that he wouldn't have even been able to meet up with me because his foster parents were throwing another 'We're going to show you how rich we are' party and that he was supposed to stay the whole time and dance with the snob daughters of the snobbier parents.

Well shit.

Okay, maybe I'm just siking myself out. It could just be a stalker and I'm totally blowing it out of porportion. It could be that kid three lockers down who always stares at me and occasionally gives me the weird eyebrow roll. Right? Either way, murderer or stalker, I will probably want to dress in something that I can run like hell in.

Picking up a blue jacket with the logo from my school's track team on it, I zipped it up and slid a rubber band over my wrist. Then I put on my running 'leggings' and blue sneakers to match. Definitly ready to run on a moments notice. At this point I'd thank the lord for the fact that I took track, but curse my luck due to only running the 100 meter. So in other words, I would only have enough energy to run a short distance away before I slow down considerably.

Picking up my phone, I sent a sort of 'goodbye world' text to Cory, telling him that if I were to die, he had the honor of inheriting my bad luck because I didn't want to be alone in the afterlife with out him. If I go down so does he.

He sent back: That's a dick move. But since you're practically gonna die, then I'll sort of accept it with happiness...deep down. WAY deep.

Ah, the beauties of our friendship.

Opening up the front door, I turned to my brother who was playing on his game console and shouting out pleas of 'Fucking come ressurect me!' 'Shoot the sniper!' 'Suck it!' into his little head piece. Also another beautiful sight.

"Hey, Derek! I'm heading over to Allie's house for the night, okay?" You called out to him, watching as he dropped the remote onto the couch in defeat.

"Got it Lil. See ya tomorrow I guess." He turned his eyes from the T.V. to me and gave a weak wave before his eyes got big again, "I wasn't talking to you guys. No, you can't hit her up. Just shut up already and win the match!" He yelled at the T.V.

I wonder if he knows that they can't see him.

Stepping out, I unzipped the jacket pocket that was holding my phone and started following the directions to the area the person told me to meet them at. As I kept walking, however, the houses started to become more spread out, as well as the amount of trees. So no one to ask for help, and no place to hide. Fucking perfect.

You have now arrived at your destination.

My phone spoke. I looked around to assess my surroundings. The road I had just traveled was a dirt one, so I was pretty far from the actual paved road. And as I had observed before the trees and houses were no where in site. The only thing the stuck out was that I was currently standing in front of a tattered and broken barn. This couldn't have sent a bigger alarm off in my mind.

"Yeah, okay. So I'm just going to...leave so..." As I spun on my heal to quickly get away from this place, I smacked straight into something, sending me spiraling back trying to gain footing. Composing myself I looked up with a sneer, "What the fu-" I cut myself off. Well, definitly should have not come.

"Uh...Heyyyy Michael. What's up?"

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