Theme : Who?

"Have you seen the latest movie with Vanitas Fair in it?" Kairi asks. I look back at her, tilting my head back instead of fully turning my body. She's holding a magazine, and smiling. Her cherry red hair is fixed into a bun, twisted back from her face, and she wears a pink sweater. Like she's trying to look classy.

"Who's that?" I take a sip of smoothie through the pink and wipe striped straw.

Kairi's face falls, and she gives me the "You're kidding me, right?" look. That's what she says to me next, and I shrug indifferently. Why does it really matter if I've seen 'the newest Vanitas Fair movie'? What is so special about Vanitas Fair?

Kairi seems to read my mind. "Seriously Namine, get your head out of the sketchbook sometime and watch some tv!" She straightens and adjusts her sweater. "I mean, like, Vanitas Fair is the hottest guy on tv!"

"Oh really?" I put the glass down on the coffee table, and moved my sketchpad aside. "Let me see."

"I have a picture of him on my phone…" Kairi mutters, rummaging through her bag and pulling out the small cell phone, moving her thumb around the screen, and handing it to me. A man, early twenties, pale skin, and extremely spikey black hair stands on the red carpet. His eyes are amber; they must be contacts or something. They don't phase me.

I push the phone away. "Cool. Now, I was working on something…"

"Don't you think he's hot?" Kairi interrupts.

I sigh and push a lock a hair away from my ear. "Yeah, sure Kairi." She begins to pout, but I don't pay attention to it. I pick my pencil back up and begin to draw, blocking out the image of Vanitas Fair in my head.

"Well, he's a drug addict. If you want to help him out, he's coming to town in a week." Kairi stands up and smoothes her pants. She sees me staring. "It's part of your job, isn't it?"

At first, I wanted to do something completely different for this challenge, with the same couple but a different style, but this will do too.

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- Silver Dawn

P.S. : Listening to the song Fences by Paramore might help you understand why the story is called Fences.