Kansas Hunterbillies

So I was minding my own business today when for some reason the theme song for The Beverly Hillbillies invaded my brain and I thought hey, maybe I could write an SPN version of this. So, here it is! To any who decide to have a look, thank you and I hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING but the strange rumblings that float into my head.

Come and listen to the story of a man named Dean,

Started out this life the happiest boy you've ever seen.

Then one day at the tender age of four,

His daddy handed him his bro and he headed for the door.

Of the house that is. On fire. Burning bright.

Well the first thing you know young Dean's a hunter's son,

Dad said 'we kill the demon, only then will we be done'.

Said fighting monsters was the way it had to be,

So he put aside his hopes and dreams, even if it was reluctantly.

Hunter, he is. Big brother too. Watch out for Sam.

The End... Although I may write another one of these for Sam. Thanks for stopping by :)