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He had been changed about a decade ago, and now he hated his miserable existence. That's right, not life, existence. Lovino Vargas was a vampire, immortal therefor doomed to stay at the physical age of 17 forever. Every few weeks he had to eat, which meant he had to kill another human. He loathed himself, a monster that roamed around killing with no point to existing.

Contrary to most beliefs there weren't that many vampires left in the world, the humans had basically pushed them to extinction. There were a few in North America, but as far as he knew Lovino was the only one of his kind in Europe.

Sighing he looked up at the sky and saw streaks of yellow and orange appearing on the horizon. It was time to find shelter for the day. The sunlight would only hurt him if he was in contact with it for more than a few minutes, but why take the chance? Grumbling he jogged over to the forest on the side of the road, going as fast as he could, and snapping tree trunks. It was fun to do that sort of thing sometimes, and since Lovino was faster and stronger than a human it was just messing around. He found a nice sheltered spot and went to sleep as the sun pulled itself into the sky.

Licking his lips the Italian knew that he would have to feed soon, since the last time he had eaten was almost three weeks ago. It was the longest he had ever gone without, and it was starting to urge him on to find a human somewhere. Walking slowly down the street he entered a town, then a small café appeared in his view. The owner had his back to him and was locking up for the night.

The rest of the street was already empty and dark, temping Lovino even more to sink his teeth into the brown haired café owner. Looking away he tried to get himself under control, he hated having to kill people to survive. When his gaze lifted back to the man he realized that the bright green eyes were trained on him as he walked closer.

Standing still Lovino watched him approach. Then out of nowhere a cheery voice broke the silence as the stranger spoke.

"Hola, mi llamo Antonio. ¿Y tú?"

"I don't speak Spanish you bastard!" He hissed back in his face, accidentally showing his fangs. Antonio just laughed.

"Sorry, hello my name is Antonio. What's yours?" Lovino was shocked; usually at this point the person that he was speaking to was begging for mercy, screaming or dead. This Spanish guy was laughing. Growling Lovino refused to answer him, then another random statement burst from Antonio's mouth.

"You need a place to stay tonight? Please? I almost never get to invite mis amigos over!" Lovino was wondering why he hadn't killed Antonio yet when he heard that.

"What the hell?! You just met me!"

"You're nice, so you're my friend." A breathtaking smile flashed across the Spaniard's face. "Come on." He grabbed one of Lovino's hands and began pulling him towards his house. The vampire could have easily crushed his fingers into a pulp, or yanked away, but he did neither and followed behind his new 'friend.'

It was getting painfully hard to resist, Antonio's pulse was beating against his hand, practically begging… Stiffening up he vowed not to eat until they were inside the Spanish idiot's house. As they turned the corner and approached a house, Antonio asked him another question.

"Lo siento, I never did get your name."

"Lovino." Why was he giving information? Because soon this man would be dead. A smile appeared on the Spaniard's face.

"Lovi~ You have such a cute name!" He unlocked his door and walked in, when Lovino didn't immediately follow him he turned.

"Hurry Lovi my house is going to get cold." 'Shit why didn't I think about this beforehand? I can't go in unless he invites me.'

"Lovi come in before my heating bill skyrockets por favor, I'm not rich." Internally sighing in relief Lovino walked into the house, closed and locked the door behind him. Antonio danced into his kitchen, expecting his guest to follow him.

"What do you want for dinner?" He asked as he pulled ingredients out of the drawers and refrigerator. Lovino hesitated; it would be so satisfying to say 'you' before pouncing and pinning the Spaniard down. He watched as Antonio juggled garlic, the stuff had no effect on him at all, neither did wooden stakes. A cross however… Antonio turned to get Lovino's answer.

"Nothing, nothing." He whispered before turning away. Antonio walked over to him and stood in front of him and leaned closer towards his face.

"Are you okay Lovi?" It was almost unbearable and he knew he was going to crack. Hastily he pulled away and backed himself into a corner far away from Antonio. This human was different, and he was determined not to kill him. He opened his mouth and started panting slightly from the effort of staying away from the Spaniard on the other side of the room.

Clearly exposed were his fangs and Antonio saw them, he walked closer to Lovino.

"I understand now. It's okay." He was touched that his friend reined in his instincts to protect him. Reaching over the counter Antonio grabbed a knife. 'He's going to try to kill me with it, I don't blame him.' Sadness overtook Lovino at these thoughts before he caught himself. 'No I don't need anyone!' Shock pierced him as he saw Antonio make a cut up the side of his arm. Then Antonio lifted his arm up to Lovino's face.

"You can have some, I know you need it, and I don't want you hurting." Lovino didn't want to make his only friend scared or grossed out by him drinking blood from his arm.

"Y-you don't have to do that bastard." He could feel his resolve weakening as Antonio's arm got closer to his mouth.

"Just because you're different doesn't mean we can't be friends." Antonio had a understanding and friendly look on his face.

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