I changed things completely at the end, but I'm still not quite satisfied with it. It may change again later on. I don't know if it alerts you if I replace a chapter, so those of you following sorry I guess.

After Antonio did his dare the two of them went to bed. Making sure that the other immortal was asleep Lovino crept closer to him until they were almost touching, then he settled in and fell asleep himself.

The next morning Antonio awoke first, but couldn't get up without disturbing Lovino. So he just readjusted his position and waited for the Italian to wake up. Grumbling a few minutes later Lovino started to drag himself awake. For the most part they just messed around for the free hours until the realtors arrived. When the realtors finally came Antonio signed the papers and the two supernatural beings left. Both were fully aware that they might not be in the area for at least a few decades.

Shortly after departing they got into a fight. Lovino wanted to go to Italy, and so did Antonio. What couldn't be decided was what half to visit first. Lovino was convinced that the southern half was better in every way possible. Antonio had heard that the people in the northern side were nicer. In the end Antonio caved in after the Italian started a physical fight. And won. The happy go lucky Spaniard knew he could have beaten Lovino if he wasn't scared of injuring him.

Giving in with good grace Antonio agreed to go to south Italy first. Sighing in relief Lovino grabbed his hand.

"Thanks," he practically whispered.

"Anything for you Lovi~" Answered back the Spaniard. Sputtering and blushing Lovino turned away.

"Aw, don't do that! It makes me feel alone..." Antonio tried his best to sound sad, it was actually difficult for him because of his cheery personality. He must have done okay though, because the Italian turned back towards him.

"You're never going to be alone again bastard." Touched Antonio stopped running and hugged him.

"That means more to me than you could ever know." The Spanish man hugged Lovino close. "Te amo Lovi~" For once the Italian didn't try to pull away and melted into the hug. After almost an entire minute standing there in that fashion Lovino finally pulled away and they resumed running.

As the sun climbed higher into the sky the two decided to stop and look for a place to stay. Eventually they ended up sitting under a tree, chatting.

In that fashion they continued moving around. Everyday Lovino accepted the hug more, and even offered his own sometimes. Then the night came when they had no secrets from each other, and everything was lain out for the other to see.

Lovino loved the Spaniard, with all his heart, but that made him unsure of how to act. How did he behave now that Antonio and him were close? His entire life no one had really cared about him, so the wall merged with his true personality.

Over the next few days he tried out a few different moods, and after awhile always reverted back to the original. Frustrated every time he would stop talking to Antonio and think for a little bit before trying a new angle.

Antonio was a bit confused, but didn't question it. If the Italian was in some phase of self discovery he would be the supporting crutch that helped him through it. Determined he continued to put up with Lovino's odd mood changes. The Spaniard didn't know how much his steadfast personality was helping the Italian on his inner quest. By comparing their actions together it was easy for Lovino to immediately discard some of his ideas.

And by the end he was acting the same way as before, just a bit nicer most of the time. The swear words were still in daily conversation though because it seemed that they were somehow important. Relieved that it was over Antonio picked up the pace and they covered ground faster.

They traveled the world over the years, and went to just about every place imaginable. But no matter how many decades they circled the globe the number of them was always the same two. No more, no less. No humans were worthy of them, and over the years neither of them had seen or smelled another vampire.

They'll probably continue in the never-ending cycle of going around the world, responsible for the many missing people that are, and never will be, found.

This is the end, so most likely this won't be updated again unless it's changing the ending. Thank you very much to those of you who have followed, favorited or reviewed! It means a lot to me that people out there are enjoying what I write.

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