Summary No one ever said raising two little time lords would be easy. Trapped in Pete's universe Rose makes do until Torchwood sends her back to her own universe. Now they must find and warn the Doctor of the coming darkness. Rose needs to confess a lie. Let's watch them become a family.

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"Mummy..." Rose woke with a start the familiar sound of little feet pounding across her hardwood floors. "Mum," Tony whispered his brown hair barely peeping over the mattress of his mother's bed as Rory clenched his elder brother hand. His twin brother, his elder by nine very important minutes.

"Well come on then," Rose muttered tiredly moving over in her bed as her boys scrambled up after her. "Your dreams are back?" She questioned, stroking their cheeks, looking into their eyes that were still teary and pained filled.

"Are we gunna die?" Rory asked softly clinging to his mother who stroked his blond hair softly. She was his rock the only person outside of his brother that understood him, that loved him so very much.

"No baby, no. What makes you think that?" She asked her eyes searching Tony's brown ones.

Tony let out a shudder, "The twirling whirling feeling is slowing, something bad is happening blanketing everything in forever darkness. Mummy it's so scary, the stars their disappearing."

"Oh honey, I know," Rose soothed quietly, her gut twisting with worry as she held her boys close to her. "Mummy is here, she's the big bad wolf and she won't let the darkness win, not ever, ever, my little stars."

"You promise?" Rory said pulling back, his brown eyes identical to his father's and big brother.

"I promise," Rose said kissing both of their foreheads tenderly.

"Miss Tyler," Captain Philip McGrath said sharply grabbing his best agent's attention, "my office, now."

"What's going on?" Rose asked taking her customary seat. She wasn't one to follow protocols.

"We've found many weak spots, even a minor tear in one of the parallel walls." Captain McGrath said grimly rubbing his beard, looking over to the one woman who had single handedly changed and improved the Torchwood program tenfold. "Most significantly the slight tear is connected to the universe in which you originally traveled from." He paused unsure how to continue. "With the technology we've received from the Daliluon we can repair, mend these areas. Yet, we've collected data and reading from other parallels and in almost every universe, stars, moons, planets are collapsing, dying and or completely vanishing in a blink of an eye in some cases. Rose Tyler I want to send you home, I believe the Doctor can stop these happening. Once you're through we will patch the tear until it can be healed."

"Home," Rose breathed, flabbergasted.

"Yes, Home Rose. You've help us at Torchwood tremendously. You've repaired damage that our predecessors have inflicted and taught us so much and we could send a team over to find the Doctor; but I believe, no, I know you are our best shot of finding him, convincing him of these happenings." McGrath said speaking freely not as captain to agent but friend to friend. "I can send you tonight. I can't be sure what time period you will land, so I've arranged for you to have a 'hopper' it only has one charge in case say you land in say the year of nineteen twenty-seven you can jump right over to the nice year of two-thousand and nine."

"My boys?" Rose said pained, worried she be forced to leave them behind in a world that would never understand them. In a world that has already labeled them with illnesses like 'dual heart syndrome' and Asperger.

"Their coming with you silly lass," McGrath said with a chuckle. "Your one of my favorites Rose, I am not sending you without resources." He said motioning her to join him as he opened his safe. "You've made an important impact in this universe but it's time you go home."

McGrath and Rose stared at each other. Rose sniffed quietly a wide smile spreading across her face at the thought of being back in her universe.

"This here is your cash, I know… I know it's a lot consider it some of your severance package. This here is all the documentations, paper trail and everything that makes you well you. Terrance has spent all night developing the software. All you've got to do is just plug this baby here into the nearest computer and it will hack into the government and basically activate you and your boys. Your bank cards, Id's, credentials, everything should work after that." McGrath said shutting the briefcase. "You can have the afternoon off to say goodbyes to friends and family. Oh ... only let those boys of yours bring a backpack, I can only send so much."

Rose heart clenched painfully she didn't have many goodbyes to say, just a few guys here at Torchwood. Her mother was still alive and well living with her husband Pete but Rose couldn't move past the betrayal, the hurt. The gradual fall out between mother and daughter had begun slowly enough after the birth of her boys. Then almost two years ago she had come home to find therapists, doctors, scientists of all sorts looking over her twins. Rose felt their once close relationship shattered the moment her mother called the twins, "freaks of nature, screaming little terrors." She had taken her boys and ran never looking back.

"Mummy," Rory and Tony screamed in delight stopping there spinning the moment they felt their mother's presence.

"What were you two silly little stars doing?" Rose asked as they stared at her cheekily.

"Moving with the earth Mummy," Tony said. "It moves so, so, so incredibly fast."

"You're here way early, hours and minutes early," Rory said his tiny face serious. Rose understood how her children could grasp time so easy; it baffled childcare providers how they always seemed so in tune with the time and their schedules.

"I am," Rosa said nodding in agreement. "I came to ask my little stars if they want to go on an adventure to another earth in another world, a world, in which Mummy belongs."

"On our very own real adventure?" Tony asked excitedly, his brown eyes twinkling in delight.

"Yes," Rose confirmed with a little smile.

"Is this the world that Daddy is in?" Rory asked his hopeful glaze tugging at his mother's heartstrings.

"I've told how we got stuck here and it wasn't your father fault. That after Pete saved us there wasn't a way for me to get home to him." The both nodded somberly. "Well Torchwood has found a way to return us home to our right universe. We have a very important job of finding your father and telling him of your twirling whirling feelings and the darkness you can feel." Rose explained.

"Well then come on then mum, much to do." Tony said tugging his mother towards the door.

"Don't you want to say goodbye to your friends?" Rose asked, motioning to the other children in the special care center.

"They think we're weird," Rory said with a shrug, not looking back.

Rose took her boys and hand and led them away.

"Mum, did you know a giraffe can clean its ears with its tongue?" Rory asked, while Rose stood in the doorway watching her boys pack. She had everything she needed her old died cell phone, TARDIS key, flash drive containing all her pictures of the boys.

Rose scrunched her forehead together. "I did not." She took delight in their smiles and was rewarded with another fact.

"And Mum did you know that a giraffe can go longer without water than a camel?" Tony asked Rose smiled at them, their love of entertaining facts. "Giraffe's fascinating creatures." Rory nodded along with his brother, comforted by their mother words. She never thought them odd or strange for their love of information, of that sometimes things just need to be tasted to be seen or felt, or both. She never got mad when they would melt down from the voices when someone would touch them; she had helped them discover that aluminum foil could shield their innocent minds. She had even made them lots of special neat hats to hide the aluminum foil.

She helped them pack their small comfort blankets, flashlights. "Just you're absolute favorite book, most favorite shirt and pants." She said, they might be brilliant but they were still children in need of guidance. She buttoned their superhero capes that they hardly ever left home without.

"Okay Miss Tyler …Tyler Boys hold tight to your Mummy now." Rose squeezed her boys as Captain McGrath continued with his instructions. "Just step through the arch way on my command we only have one shot of this so no one screw up, we won't have another chance for three months. Now Rose we've set the coordinates for Hyde's Park, we're shooting for some time in the morn' and the year two thousand and nine."

Mickey cut in, "but we all know how iffy this technology can be, so, Rose expects anything. I'll miss you my old friend, good luck and safe travels Ro'."

"I'll miss you too Mick, tell your wife goodbye for me." Rose said hugging Mickey goodbye she stepped back with a smile.

"Onto the platform," Captain ordered. Rose scooped up her boys and stepped onto the metal platform. "On my wave when the wall glimmers pass through."

Rose nodded and stepped through at his signal the last thing her old team heard was "Goodbye Pete's Universe," Tony and Rory called out giggling as their mother clutched them she somehow made holding both boys look easy with her practice ease as they passed through the glimmering veil.

"Well it is morning," Tony chuckled as their mother placed them back on their feet. Rory and Tony look up at the stars with matching little smiles.

"This world feels more right-ish." Rory explained softly to his mother who brushed a blond lock out of his eyes. Tony grinned as Rose ruffled his brown messy hair and she kissed each of them in relief as she checked them over before standing.

"Okay boys we need to find a hotel and a newspaper." Rose said leading them out of Park in the wee-morning hours.

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