There once was a bird who was pure white. Everywhere he went, he was met with remarks about how beautiful his pure, white feathers were. However, this little bird in particular didn't like his color, he desired more and more colors.
"I want to be more than just white", he said.
"I want to experience more colors."
And so he did.
He went through a blue ocean of tears, an orange sunset of smiles, through a pink of sneezes, and many more colors.
Sure enough, he became more and more colorful!
But the little bird wasn't satisfied.
"I want to be more colorful!", he said.
And more colorful he became. His feathers, originally a pure white, now have become a vivid array of red, blue and yellow.
Still not satisfied, the little bird began mixing the colors together, creating new colors!
His feathers now entailed shades of purple, green and even brown!
Once he began creating the colors, the bird found that he couldn't stop. And so, he began experiencing more and more colors, albeit against his will.
"I think I've seen enough", he said.
But that wasn't enough to stop himself from making more and more.
One day, the originally white bird, awoke to find himself unable to recall his original color! To this, he became afraid.
Yet he still mixed colors. He mixed and mixed, and mixed, until finally, the bird, once white, finally died, wasting away with what now became black feathers.

A/N: Just a short Vignette. It's a children's book! I apologize if any of you thought it would be long and drawn-out epic tale of grand proportions. :P

-The Sun