What are friends for

What are friends for? Part 1

Disclaimer: Digimon is not mine. I just happen to like the show.

Dribble. Dribble. Bounce. Bounce. Skip. Skip. Grunt. Grunt. Squeak. Squeak. Bang.

"T.K dribbles, fakes left, fakes right, goes up and down the court. He's on fire! No one can catch him, he shoots, he scores!" T.K cried while shooting hoops in the basketball court. The big basketball game was coming up next week and T.K wanted to prepare himself. The Odabai Tigers were going to take on the Yokoyama Bears. (Remember them from my other fic, Girl's Kick Butt? Well, their basketball team is worse!!)

"Nice job, Takaishi," one of his teammates commented, clapping.

"Oh, hey Hashima," T.K said, blushing. He threw the ball to him. "Wanna practice with me?" T.K was in high school now. He grew to be 6'1" and he was just a sophomore. (Can you say dammmn!?) He was a most excellent basketball player and co-captain. In his own words, he leads his team like a general leads an army! He was practicing with every free moment he had so the team would be ready for the game. He was also dating Kari, but his practices cut their time short. On top of that, there were quarter exams during that week.

"No, your girlfriend is probably wondering where you are so you guys can study!" Tommy Hashima laughed.

T.K laughed back, "If Kari gets lonely she can tutor Davis for a while." Then his jaw dropped, "uh, maybe it's better for me to go, just incase Davis makes any more moves on her. Can you believe the guy can't even get my name right? Still!?"

"He's a soccer player, T.K," Tommy said with a shrug, "they don't know nothin'!"

"And you don't know proper grammar!" T.K corrected, folding his arms. He then reached his hand to his mouth as he yawned. "But you should practice, Hashima, I've seen you double dribbling in practice!"

"I do not double dribble!" Tommy cried.

"Yeah, right. I'll see you at practice tomorrow." He waved at him and left the gym. T.K could hear Hashima dribbling as he walked out, "you're double dribbling again!"

"Dang," Tommy mumbled, "it's like he's got eyes in the back of his head!"


Ring. Ring. "Hello??"

"Kari, hey!"

"T.K! Hi, was just going to start our tutoring session without you."

"Please don't," he said into the phone.

Knock, Knock.

"Who could that be?" Kari asked, the receiver inches to her mouth.

"Maybe you should answer it." T.K said.

She opened the door to see T.K standing their holding a cell phone. "Hey!"

"T.K! I didn't know you had a cell phone!" she turned the phone off and put her hands on her hips.

"I got a beeper too. So when you need me, just beep me."

Kari smiled. He was so sweet. "You know I will. Let's get ready to study, okay?"

"Do we have to?" he groaned as he fell on her coach.

"Yeah, if you want to stay on the team."

T.K gasped, "sweetie, I happen to have very good grades. And I'm the team co-captain, you think they kick me off just because I got a not-so-great grade on a stupid test?"

Kari picked up the large literature book, "come on, it should be fun. Don't you like literature?"

"Sure, that's where most of the movies come from. Speaking of movies, let's go to one!"

"T.K!" Kari groaned, "let's just get this done, okay!?"

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Nothing," she moaned, "I'm just a bit tired."

"Has Davis been saying anything to upset you?"


"C'mon, Kari, you can talk to me. What did Davis say?"

Kari smiled, "T.K, everything's fine," she half lied. Actually, she's been having doubts about their relationship since they were kids. T.K was always sweet, but still, something bothered her. Something that she couldn't quite put her finger on. "Now let's get started so you can have a good night's rest. If you're lucky, maybe I'll make you a treat!"

"Then toss that bad boy over here!" T.K cried, pointing to the book. Kari gave it to him. And he motioned for her to come and sit on his lap. Kari sighed and sat on his lap while looking through the textbook. They did all of the problems and got them right. If he played his cards right, T.K would get an A on the test.

"Very good, T.K," Kari said. "You got every answer right."

"So, what's my treat?" he grinned mischievously.

"Let's study your math now."

"Nuh-uh, I want my treat!"

Kari sighed. "Oh, okay." She sat up from his lap and made him an ice cream sundae. She even fed it to him. "How did practice go? Are you ready for the game next Friday?"

"Not yet," he responded, "but I'm practicing every minute I can."

"Well," Kari said, "you bet I'll be there to cheer you on."

"Thanks." He smiled as he started to kiss her.

"T.K," Kari mumbled, stepping back, cutting the kiss short, "it's getting late. And we both have tests tomorrow."

T.K raised an eyebrow. She never backed away from him before. Where there things happening in their relationship that he didn't know about? "Yeah," he nodded, deciding not to get into it. He looked at his watch. "See you tomorrow, Kari."

Kari watched T.K open the door, turn around to look at her once more and close the door behind him. Kari immediately went to the door and locked it. She went to her room, sat on her bed and reached her hand to a picture of her and T.K together. She liked him, she couldn't' deny it. She liked his smile, his blond hair, the way he said "hey Kari, what's up?" but still, she was having these feelings. Was she falling in love with him? Or was it something else? Then she thought of Davis. The other guy in her life. Since she and T.K were dating, Davis called her t everyday to "check up" on her. He wasn't trying to make her feel guilty by saying "you picked TJ over me?" Sure, at first he was a bit jealous, he still felt jealous. But he tried to hide his jealously by trying to accept the relationship. If he owned the digiegg of courage and the digiegg of friendship, then he was supposed to understand his courage and his friendship. He just called to ask how she was doing and stuff. Sometimes he'd ask if she wanted to go out somewhere, especially when he noticed she was down. Kari turned down every offer.

Ring, Ring. Kari picked up the phone, "Yes?"

"Hey, Kari, it's Davis."

Kari let out an agitated sigh. She knew he would call her. This being the second call today. "What do you want?"

"You looked upset today, Kari. Anything wrong?"


"Come on, Kari. I saw you at lunch today. I sat right across from you and TJ, remember?"

"T.K." She corrected.

"Whatever. Well, you hardly touched your lunch."

"Wasn't hungry," she explained.

"Yeah, I don't like the school's food much either, but shouldn't a person eat?"

"Davis, I appreciate the call, but I'm tired. I'll see you tomorrow, K?" she hung up before he could even say goodbye.

Davis stared at the phone, "um, bye Kari." He shook his head as he hung up and called T.K's number. "Is T.A there?"

"Sorry, you must have the wrong number," T.K's mom said and hung up.

Davis hung up. "Well, I'll just have to talk to T.I in person."

*~*~*~*~THE NEXT DAY*~*~*~*~

"Yo, T.D!" Davis cried, running up to him.

"My name's T.K!" T.K shouted over his shoulder as he opened his locker. He opened it to reveal dozens of pictures, some of him and Matt, 2 him and his family before they split up, one picture of a pro basketball player and all the rest of him and Kari.

Davis looked at the pictures, "Certainly got a lot of pictures of you and Kari together."

"Yeah," T.K responded, taking a book out of his bag and into his locker just to take out another one out of the locker and into his bag, "I guess that's what I get for having a girlfriend with a hobby in photography, huh?"

"Listen, TJ, have you talked to Kari lately?"

"Of course, dude," T.K said, "she's my girlfriend. I talked to her just last night. And it's T.K."

"I talked to her last night too. I'm worried about her."

T.K raised an eyebrow, "what do you mean?"

"She's not acting like herself." Davis explained. "Have you noticed that she hasn't been eating lately?"

T.K's eyes bulged, "what?" then he suddenly remembered of the time she got a terrible fever in the digiworld. He remembered looking down at her on that bench, seeing her so pale, her forehead drenched with sweat, hearing her cough, and feel so helpless.

"TJ, what's wrong?" Davis pushed his shoulder, "hey, wake up!"

"You say she hasn't been eating?" T.K asked, finally coming to his senses.

"And she looks very tired too," Davis added, "I bet she's not sleeping well either."

T.K sighed, "yeah, she's not acting herself lately at all. She's not her cheery self."

Davis looked at his watched, "I better get going, we'll talk later."

T.K nodded and thanked Davis. He walked to Kari's locker. He had two minutes until the final bell. He didn't' care if he was late for homeroom or not. He was going to talk to Kari and get answers from her.

"Class is going to start, T.K," Kari said, closing her locker door. T.K noticed that some of the photos of them were missing.

"We need to talk," T.K said, grabbing her hand.

"Can't it wait?" she asked, "I have a test in Psychology!"

"I have a test in literature and in science." He tightened his hand on her slender wrist. "But I'm not leaving this spot until I get some answers!"

"We have two minutes." She told him.

"That's enough time."

"T.K, I really must be going," she said, stepping away. "If I need you, I'll beep you, okay?" and without letting him respond, she ran down the hall to her class.

Why, Kari? T.K thought, Why are you shutting me out?

With all the stress on his mind, T.K did the best he could to concentrate on each of his tests. I can't do it, he thought, man, what a week! My girlfriend won't talk to me, I've got all these exams and we're facing the toughest team Friday! At least Davis isn't on my case. He answered the questions to the best of his knowledge and started to write a note to Kari.

Hey Kari,

Listen, sweetie. I'm worried about you. Davis is too. You know if there's a problem, you can talk to me. I'll listen to whatever you have to say. Did I do something to make you mad? Did Davis make you mad? We're both worried about you. I guess that's all there is to say.

Love, TK

When the bell rang, he went straight to her locker and popped the note in. He noticed that Davis did the same thing.

"She wouldn't listen to you either, huh?" Davis asked, walking away from Kari's locker with him.

T.K shook his head.

"Maybe she misses the digiworld or something." Davis suggested, looking on the bright side.

"I'm afraid it's not that simple, Davis."

"What do you mean?" Davis asked, confused.

TK was hoping for the best, but was prepared for the worst, "I think, I think Kari's going to break up with me." He looked at Davis, waiting for him to cheer for joy. "Well, now's your chance, Davis. You've always had your eyes on Kari. You can have her now."

"TD, you know me better than that," Davis snapped, surprised by his reaction, "there's plenty of girls for me to choose from."

They went to their next classes, took their tests and went to lunch. TK and Davis found Kari sitting alone, with practically nothing on her tray.

"Hey, Kari, over here!" Davis cried from another table. Then Yolei grabbed her arm and led her over.

"Here, Kari," TK gave her half of his sandwich.

"My dad said you should never throw away food unless it smells bad," Cody chided.

"And it smells good to me!" Yolei laughed.

"What's going on here?" Kari demanded.

"You haven't been eating lately," Davis answered.

"I've lost my appetite," she explained. And stood up from the table and left.

TK picked at his salad. Something in TK told him to follow her. "Kari?" he said when he opened the door. He heard a lot of commotion and saw a group of kids in a circle.

"Are you okay?" a girl asked.

TK gasped, taking in all the air of the hall. "KARI!" he ran down the hall and pushed through the circle. Kari was on the floor, unconscious. "Kari, speak to me, baby."

Kari blinked, "Hey."

The others ran out of the doors and to TK and the weary Kari. "Kari, are you okay?" Yolei asked.

"Tai's gonna be so mad at me," TK mumbled, lifting Kari up in his arms. He walked to the nurse's office, with Davis right behind him. The nurse asked for them to go back to the cafeteria, but TK and Davis weren't leaving. The nurse shrugged and went in the office to check on Kari.

"You don't' need to stay, Davis," TK muttered.

"Hey, she's my friend too," Davis said, "besides, you look like you could use one right now."

TK smiled, "Thanks, Davis."

"What a week this has been, huh?" Davis asked.

"Yeah." TK nodded, "I have no idea how I'm going to play in that game next Friday."

"Hey, it's just a week away. And we have a great basketball team."

"We're not ready to face the bears. They're like playing against a bunch of Ken's all at once. And trust me, basketball's nothing like soccer."

"Maybe Ken should join the team," Davis said.

"He doesn't play basketball," TK said.

"The guy's a genius. I'm sure he'll pick it up in a few days. I can even join if you want me too."

TK forced a laugh, "You? Come on, you only know how to dribble with your feet!"

Davis shrugged. "Okay, it's your loss, but can't I at least shoot some hoops with ya?"

"Sure, why not? I'd appreciate it."

"Hey, what are friends for?"

"Yeah." TK said, smiling at Davis and then turning his head to his feet.

The nurse came out and TK and Davis immediately stood up. "What is it?" TK demanded.

"It's nothing serious. Just mild dehydration and sleep depravation. She needs to go home and plenty of rest and fluids. She looks like she hasn't been eating well either."

"She hasn't," Davis said.

"Any reason why she'll be trying to starve herself?" the nurse asked, "is she over conscious of her weight or--"

"Kari isn't like that!" TK yelled, "I love her just the way she is and you telling me she's anorexic is just plain nuts!"

"Come on, TA," Davis cried, pulling him back, "you're yelling at the nurse!" Davis peered over TK's shoulder and smiled at the shocked nurse, "poor guy has had it rough lately." He explained, "come on, TJ, let's get going, okay?" He pulled him out of the office and into the hall.

Kari wasn't able to come to school until she got better. But she wasn't getting much better. It was now Monday and the game was this week. Sora and Matt and Izzy came to see her every now and then. And so did Yolei and Cody. Davis and TK came more often. Tai didn't let Kari out of his sight. He made sure he was eating everything he put in front of her. Sometimes she just wouldn't eat it and so he called TK to help him.

"Still won't eat?" TK asked, closing the door behind him. Kari wanted to be left alone and get some sleep. But she couldn't. She listened to Tai and TK's conversation. She also read the notes TK and Davis left her. They were almost written exactly the same. They were both worried about her and wanted to know if there was something they could do to help.

"Yeah," Tai answered, walking into the kitchen. He offered him a glass of water. TK thanked him and took a swig. "I don't' get it, Kari's been doing much better since we returned from the digiworld after fighting the dark masters and Apocyplsmon. Really, she was. She didn't have pneumonia attacks, colds or anything."

"Pneumonia?" TK mumbled, setting down his water glass.

"I didn't tell you, did I?" Tai asked. "I told Izzy about it though, that time we were all separated."

"I remember," TK said, "the time Kari got sick."

Tai nodded, "When Kari was around four, she got really sick. It was pneumonia. We almost lost her, TK. It would've been all my fault too."

"Your fault?" TK asked.

"Yeah, I got back from soccer one day. Kari wasn't feeling all that great, so I took her outside with me so we could play. I thought it would cheer her up. She kicked the ball wrong and when I picked it up to show her how to kick it," Tai sighed and wiped away a tear when he remembered that awful, disturbing memory, "Kari was on the ground."

"But, but she made it, right? She got better, didn't she?"

"Yeah, and then she said something to me that I'd never forget."

"What was it?" TK asked.

"You wont' like it," Tai mumbled, "when she came back from the hospital, she said 'Tai, I'm sorry I didn't kick the ball very good, you probably won't want to play with me anymore.'"

"She said that!?" T.K cried.

"And that wasn't the only time," Tai told him, "Kari had a lot of illnesses. Colds mostly, but she went to doctor after doctor."

"Poor Kari," T.K muttered.

"And now this happens," Tai said, "what could make my sister anorexic right when she's getting better? It doesn't make any sense!" Tai turned and walked to the living room and sat down, his heads in his hands. "I'm her big brother, I'm supposed to take care of her and watch over her, some big brother I am, huh? I'm a worse brother to my little sister than Matt is to you!"

TK didn't noticed Tai's remark. He was too busy thinking about Kari. She was sick again and for all he knew, it was because of him.

"TK, what's the matter?" Tai demanded, standing from his seat when he saw that TK wasn't saying anything," do you know why Kari's sick? You're her boyfriend, she must've told you something!"

TK stood still and didn't speak.

Tai marched to him and shook him, "Damn it, TK, tell me!"

"I don't know, Tai. She hasn't told me a thing. Davis noticed she wasn't eating well before me, to tell you the truth. I was in basketball practice most of the time, preparing for the game."

"So, Davis was watching out for Kari while you were too busy shooting hoops with your friends?!" Davis demanded, shaking him again. Kari sat up her bed and put her head to the door. She couldn't believe they were shouting at each other.

"This game's important," TK said, "and Kari really didn't seem to mind."

"She's like that, TK, don't' you get it? She never thinks about what she wants!"

TK didn't want to hear this. He heard enough. "I better, get going. Let me know if she gets better, okay?" TK turned and walked out.

Tai folded his arms and unfolded them again. He sighed as he opened the fridge and took out the juice pitcher and went back to Kari's room. When Kari heard him coming, she rushed back to her bed and underneath the covers.

"Kari, you still asleep?" Tai's voice came.

Kari closed her eyes.

Through the darkness, his footsteps came forward and he put more juice in her juice cup. He sat on the edge of her bed and kissed her cheek. She felt him push the covers around her.

"Sleep well, Kari," Tai said and walked out. If he had the light on and if he looked at Kari just right, he would've noticed that there were tears streaming down her cheeks.

Wow, I didn't know it would be this long. So, I'll split it into parts so it won't be so long. Okay? J