Hi I'm Isabella Swan. Call me Bella don't ever call me Isabella or I'll rip you apart. My family has worked and protected for Volturi for years. I am over….Wait! Why should I tell you my age? Screw you, not gonna (not a typo) tell you tell later. I'm no human either. Want to know? Well im not gonna tell. The thing is the Cullens don't know what i am or that my family have known the Voultri since they came to power.

There are over two-hundred newborns after ma and I can do a damn thing. The other thing is I have to go to Italy and stay with the Volturi. I dont mind but Edward doesn't want me to go.


"Damn it Edward if it is the only thing i can do to help then let me go. Stop treating me like a child!"

"Bella im not about..."

I didn't let him finish.

"Well to god damn bad Edward." I hissed

He sighed and sagged his shoulders.

"Fine i give if it's what you want."

End of flashback

So now im at the airport going to Italy.

"Be careful Bella." Edward whispered

I rolled my eyes.

"Dont worry so much, i'll be fine." I muttered and got on the plane.

4 hours later (Not sure how long the plane from washington to italy is so just go with it)

I had gotten of the plane. Edward told me they sent some one i couldn't miss.

He was right there was a big bulky guy waiting for me.

"Yo! Bella."

"hey Felix." I smiled

I have only met the 'kings once, but the gaurd many times and i'm very close to Felix.

"How are things going with Edward."

"He's being an over protective ass."

Felix chuckled.

"It mus suck that you can't tell them." Felix said with a smart-ass tone

I punched him on his arm.

"Shut-up." i grumbled

We were then at the castle a few moments later.

We then entered the throne room.

"Master i have returned." Felix bowed

"Bella it's good to see you again." Aro beamed

"It's good to see you again too, Aro. Marcus Caius."

They just nodded.

"It's great to have you here, Bella, It's been to long."

"it has Aro. It's great to be back." I smiled