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"Victoria!" I snarled and began to shack even more.

"She told me that your mate killed her mate. She changed me to hurt you Bella." He crocked out.

"I don't give a damn what she does to me. I'll find her and kill her." I snarled again.

Then someone rushed in.

"Master there has been a report of a red head of side the walls she's trying to get in." said a dark haired boy.

Aro nodded.

"Aro if I may request can I go deal with her."

He was hesitant for a moment then nodded.

"Felix go with her." Aro said

Is sure as hell good that it was night and no one was on the street, because as so as I set a foot out the door I shifted. My paws hitting the stone of the street as I raced down an ally way and leaped over the wall, without even stopping.

"Damn Bella." Felix yelled just barely keeping up with me.

Then I spotted her that bitch who messed with my family.

"Die you red headed bitch." I snarled and jumped on her

He head rolled off to the side as I stood of her. Not even breathing hard. Felix set the fire and stood beside me.

After a while we left to go back to the castle. This time at a slower pace and I wasn't a wolf anymore but a big dog.

"I never seen you move like that before." Felix said

"I have never been pissed enough to do so."

We were then back at the castle and in the throne room. Felix showed Aro what happened and when he did Aro looked wide eyed at me.

(soo if you don't know yet yes Bella is a shape-shifter)

I was looking around for Jason.

"where's Jason?"

"he left right before you got back." Aro said sadly

I huffed and curled up on the floor just below their thrones.

Few hours later.

Caius pov

"I must do what! Aro why she seem's to able to take care of herself."

"Brother, that's is why she is to carless with her emotions I want you to keep one eye on her. Matter of fact she will stay with you during the day. Aro said


"Fine." I huffed and stormed out of the room.

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