She got out of there as fast as she could. Her dress made running difficult. It was constricting around her ribs so it was hard to breath and the skirt was long and heavy. She had to carry the skirt so she wouldn't have to trip over it. Maybe that's why Grandma Manson makes me wear these big frilly dresses, she thought, they're really hard to run away in. Earlier, she had planned to leave sneak out of the party and go blading around the Ghost Zone with her friends. But the news was too much for her, so she grabbed the backpack she had hidden away earlier that evening and ran out before anyone noticed. She didn't want any of this, why can't they give it to someone else?

She ran down the halls until she had to stop. She sensed someone was in one of the rooms she had passed. Someone human, but not from the Human Plane. She went back and found an open door, it look hacked open as the panel by the door was still blinking "Access Denied" as if it was still shut. She walked in, the laser sensors of the second doorway were deflected by a set of small mirrors.

"Whoever this guy is, they know what they are doing." She thought aloud.

The third door was pried open by a large red metal "X", she walked under it and found the culprit trying to hack into a large storage device.

"You're not from around here, are you?" she asked the culprit.

In surprise he turned around to see who spoke to him. Ophelia saw the guy was wearing a black full body suit with gray gloves with fringed ends and a silver utility belt. He had a tattered black cape with a gray interior and a gray mask made to look like a skull's face. A red "x" was slashed across his chest. He was slim but definitely had muscle.

"How did you guess that?" he asked, his voice was morphed. She assumed there was a device built into the mask.

"Well first of all you broke in using gadgets when everyone knows that humans are intangible in the Ghost Zone." the guy's eyes widened in an "you could have told me that earlier" expression, which was strange to see on someone wearing a mask. Ophelia smiled and continued.

"Second: you're wearing a mask. Some people around hear may wear jumpsuits, but no one has a secret identity anymore. And third: No one in their right mind would try to steal that thing if they knew what it was." she pointed to the large capsule in the now opened storage device.

"Who are you, and why should I care?" he said in a sarcastic manner.

"I'm Ophelia Fenton, and it looks like I'm the one who'll be sending you to jail. A better question is who are you and why in the Ghost Zone would you want to steal that?"

"The name's Red-X, I was hired to steal it. If you're the only thing standing in my way, it will be the easiest money I've ever made." He did a somersault and tried to kick her, but she dodged it easily. She grabbed him by the cape and swung him down to the ground.

"Are you so sure about that?" she taunted.

He got up and swung a punch at her and she blocked it. She punched him and sent him flying across the room. He got up and opened his palm. Red foam shot out of it and aimed straight for Ophelia. She managed to dodge that too.

"Nice suit." Ophelia remarked

"Nice dress." Red-X countered. Ophelia didn't like that. Sharp red x's appeared at his wrists and he ran over to swing at her. He didn't hit her but managed to tear at her dress until it the skirt was above the knee, there were barely any sleeves and the neckline was shortened.

He whistled. "The legs are nicer."

He grabbed at the capsule but Ophelia was able to knock him away. He bounced off the wall and knocked her to the ground.

"I'd like to stick around but I've got a job to do." He grabbed the capsule and pressed a button on his belt. A red x-shaped portal appeared right next to him. "Catch you later, Cutie."

Before he could escape Ophelia got up and knocked the capsule out of his hand. Unfortunately, that also knocked both of them into the portal and it closed after them.

The two of them landed of the rooftop of a four story building. They landed rather roughly as Ophelia had knocked them into the portal. Ophelia looked around her. It was a city, they were on Earth. But this wasn't Ophelia's Earth, she felt that the moment they landed, so she assumed it must be the Earth this Red-X guy resides.

"Where are we? And don't say Earth." she told the punk who tossed her here.

"This is Jump City." he announced irritated.

"Jump City? That can't be it's real name."

"Call it whatever you like, Cutie, you're stuck here. The suit only had enough energy for two trips."

"Don't call me Cutie." she barked. She kicked at him but this time he caught her foot and swung her to a wall. When she got up he stuck her to the wall with and adhesive red x. She tried to go intangible but nothing happened. She remembered that she still had the inhibitor on her wrist. Thanks Grandma, she thought, now I'm really stuck here.

Red-X walked over and lifted her chin so her eyes would meet his.

"Thanks to you, I have to call up my employer and get more xenothium for the suit. He'll end up taking it out of my paycheck and xenothium does not come cheap." He pulled a cell phone from his belt, "Perhaps he'll be more kind once I give him something, or someone, to trade with for the capsule."

He shoved Ophelia's head to the wall behind her before walking away. She struggled in the bondage to no avail; whatever the stuff is made out of, it was pretty strong. In her frustration she kicked the wall hard. She was startled by the sound of it cracking. She gave it another kick and felt her foot leave a dent in the wall. Maybe the cuff shorted on the ride over here, she theorized, and now I've got my strength back. She smiled as continued to kick the wall behind her.

Red-X finished his phone call he turned to find a very large hole in the cover by an X, he ran over to investigate and found only a pair of broken heals and a torn up pink dress lying on a staircase on the other side of the wall.

Ophelia exited the building and entered into the streets. She looked at a shop window to examine herself. For some weird reason, she still had her amethyst eyes and white hair, albeit messed up from the fight. She wore a white tank top under a black mid drift with a wide neckline and long sleeves. She had white denim shorts that was an inch away from being too short. The only thing that was off was her bare feet. She went into her backpack pulled out a pair of Doc Martins and her lucky goggles. She slipped the boots on and place the goggles on her head after she pulled her hair back into a ponytail.
She went rummaging through her bag until she found her phone. She dialed her mother's number to find the phone incompatible to the service of this universe. Frustrated, she threw her phone across the street.

"Okay, I'm in a completely different universe with no powers and no way of getting home." Ophelia thought aloud. "How could this get any worse?"

A motorcycle raced by, nearly running her over where she stood. She was too bad a mood to ignore it.

"Hey Meathead," She shouted after the driver "Keep that tacky rust pile off the sidewalk!"

She heard the motorcycle screech to a halt and then turn around towards her. When it stopped she got to see the driver. He was well built, with grey skin and black tattoos. He wore and black tank top as well as black pants, boots, and fingerless gloves. He was wearing a helmet that barely covered his black shaggy hair.

"You dare call my bike a tacky rust pile!" he shouted at Ophelia.

"I dare, and having a closer look at it I see it's even uglier that I thought."

Usually, she doesn't pick fights like these, but the night wasn't getting better and she didn't have a lot to lose to keep her from picking a fight with a scary biker dude.

"Do you know who I am?" he said indignantly.

"I know you don't only break traffic laws." she pointed to the box strapped to the back of the motorcycle. It had the words "Property of STAR Labs" stamped on it, the biggest dead give away she'd seen. And he wasn't even trying to hide it.

"They're upgrades for my ride, to make it go faster, withstand most weaponry, help me pick up more chicks." He was looking her over when he said that.

"Put diamonds on dirt, it's still dirt. Are you going to steal something to make you a better driver as well? Or maybe less repulsive?"

He was steaming, it made Ophelia smile that she was bruising the guys pride.

"You think I'm a horrible rider?"

"I don't think, I know. I've seen dead people ride better than you, and on more stylish motorcycles at that." Apparently, they don't get a lot of ghosts around here because he was fuming at that comment.

"I'm Johnny Rancid, the best and toughest rider in Jump City. No one, not even Bird Boy can outrace me. I am not taking lip by some brat about my ride."

"Well this brat can outrace you on her roller blades without breaking a sweat."

"That sounds like a challenge to me." he smiled at this, apparently he likes a challenge. "How about a race? First one to the Tower wins."

Might as well, Ophelia thought, got nothing better to do and he might know somewhere that will get me home.

"Fine, where is this Tower?"

An incredulous look spread on his face.

"Titans Tower, the big T-shape building on a small island off shore? Home of the Teen Titans? You don't know where that is?"

"Who are the Teen Titans?"

"Where are you from!" he exclaimed in disbelief.

"Earth." she innocently smiled.

Rancid gave her the directions of the route they would take for the race. Ophelia pulled out her blades from her bag and strapped them on. She also put on a pair of fingerless gloves, just in case. When she was ready to race she put her lucky goggles over her eyes. And stood next to Rancid in a racing position.

"On your mark," Rancid announced. "Get set," left drove off before he said go.

Ophelia raced after him and managed to roll up next to him. He pulled out a laser gun and shot at her. She dodged out of the way and rolled to the other side of him.

"Dirty cheat!" she shouted at him.

"Never said we couldn't play dirty," he smirked and rode off. Ophelia rolled faster and flew past him on the blades. He pushed a button and grappling hook towards her. She rolled to the side and kicked the hook towards a lamp post where it entangled itself. Rancid pulled out a knife to cut the wire before it could pull at the motorcycle. She turned around and faced him, skating backwards.

"I've fought things a lot worse than a tricked out tricycle. You have to do better than that." she then added a bit more juice to lose him. Steam was coming put of his ears in fury. He gave his bike a little more gas to catch up with her.

He didn't catch up to her until they were a fourth of the way there. When he got close enough he shot a water balloon full of motor oil over Ophelia's head. The balloon exploded a few yards behind her, leaving an oil slick in her way. She did a flying somersault to leap over the goo, leaving Rancid to try to avoid the slick. He rode through the slick, it took him a while to gain control of his bike. By then Ophelia was already at the shore. She pushed a button on each of the blades and rockets appeared at the heel, the rockets propelled her over the water. Rancid caught up with her half way across the water. When he got close he swung at her. She dodged by leaping in the air and landing on the handle bars of Rancid's bike.

"Get off, girl!" he shouted.

"As you wish." she got off by giving a mighty kick at Rancid's bike. The force was able to propel her forwards while pushing him back. When she reached the shore of the island and rolled all the way to the large T-shaped tower and touched the wall. Rancid made it by the time the alarms went off.

"Sorry, girl. Looks like you have to face the Titans yourself." With that he rode back to the city laughing.

"You rotten punk, cheat!" Ophelia rode after him and grabbed him before he could reached the water. She threw him off his motorcycle, causing it the drive into the water and drown.

"You little brat! You killed my bike!" He pulled out his gun and shot at her.

By the time the Titans came down to face the intruder, Rancid was out cold and Ophelia was sitting him replacing her blades with the Docs.

When the fight was over and she got her shoes on she was approached by the strangest cast of characters she ever saw alive. They were all teens, Ophelia guessed that the oldest must be almost eighteen. The largest of the group was a black boy with no hair. Half of him was made of mechanical parts and one of his arms was turned into a weapon. The second tallest was a girl with red hair and really green eyes, even the sclera were a lighter shade of green. She wore a really purple outfit consisting of a mid drift top, a super miniskirt, and boots that went all the way up to her mid-thigh. She had a metal collar and metal demi-gloves. She was floating and her hands were glowing with green energy, similar to Ophelia's ghost rays but she knew that weren't. She could tell she was extraterrestrial, even though she never seen or sensed one before. The only other girl had a blue cape with the hood over her head, the cape cover everything else so only her blue-violet eyes shone through. She was floating as well. Ophelia sensed something strong in her that gave her a chill. She didn't know what it was, but she knew the girl wasn't all the way human. The boy next to her was all green: green hair, green skin, green eyes. A fang popped out from the lower left side of his mouth. He wore and black and purple jump suit with grey belt and gloves and purple tennis shoes. Leading the gang, Ophelia sensed, was the only full human of the five. He had spiky black hair and a domino mask. His outfit had the color scheme of a traffic light: a red tunic with yellow straps and a black and yellow "R" insignia (she guessed his name starts with an R) he had green sleeves, green gloves, and green pants with black steel toed boots. This outfit was completed with a black cape with a yellow interior. More capes, Ophelia thought, this universe must be riddled with capes.

"Sorry for intruding on your home," Ophelia said to the teens. "I was racing this guy, I think he said his name was Johnny Rancid, and he wanted this place to be the finish line. I guess he wanted you to fight me if I won so he could give me the slip."

"You beat Johnny Rancid in a race?" said the traffic light boy.

"Well, yeah. He cheats, a lot."

"What happened to his motorcycle?" asked the cyborg.

"It downed in the ocean, taking a box from 'STAR Labs' with it."

"He must have been the robbery call we just got." said the green kid.

The alien girl flew up to Ophelia, with an over excited smile.

"Tell me, please" she said, "Who-are-you-where-did-you-come-from-how-did-you-get-here-and-do-you-wish-to-be-my-friend?"

Ophelia blinked while trying to process the question. "Ophelia Fenton, the Ghost Zone, some thief with a portal, and sure, I don't see why not."

The alien girl squealed in joy and gave her a rib-cracking hug.

"Easy, Star, I don't think the girl can breath" the spiky haired boy said.

"I can't" Ophelia choked out. Turns out she still needed to breath when she is wearing a semi-functional ecto-inhibitor.

Star let Ophelia go, The spiky haired boy helped her up.

"Sorry about that, she can get over excited."

"That's okay," Ophelia said, once she regained her breath. "I should be the overexcited one, I've never seen a real live alien before."

"I'm Robin," the spiky haired boy introduced himself. "The girl you just spoke to is Starfire. The girl in the blue hood is Raven, the cyborg is well...Cyborg, and the green kid is Beast Boy. We are the Teen Titans."

"Those names are cool and all," Ophelia said, "But what are your real ones? It's only fair to know since I told you mine."

The Titans looked at each other a little confused.

"Sorry Ophelia, but we can't just tell you our names." Robin told her.

"This universe still does secret identities?" Ophelia said, truly interested.

"Your's doesn't?"

"We used to, but after Phantom Planet nobody bothered anymore. As for me, I never had a chance."

This opened up a lot more questions than it answered, but before anyone could ask the Titan's communicators went off. Robin opened his and read the report.

"Trouble downtown. Let's move out."

"Friend Ophelia," Starfire said to the snow-haired girl. "Do you wish to accompany us in the fighting of the crime."

"No tanks," was her reply. "I'm actually not a big fan of the sport. If you could, could you direct me to a place that can help me get this off?"

She rolled up her sleeve to show the inhibitor on her wrist. Starfire motioned Cyborg to take a look at it. He was perplexed, having never seen technology like the inhibitor.

"Star Labs might know how to remove it," Cyborg said after analyzing the device "but they'll have to know what it is first."

"That's funny, that punk over there had just robbed the place. I can retrieve his spoils and return it to them while I'm there."

"Do you want us to give you a ride?" Beast Boy asked, "it's downtown so we were heading there anyway."

"Might as well, I don't want to put blades back on just yet." Ophelia smiled as she pulled the goggles off her eyes, revealing them to be a sparkling amethyst.

"We'll be taking T-car, it's a five seater so one of us might have to give up our seat."

"I'll take the R-cycle," Robin said "Besides, I need to take that guy in." he was pointing at Johnny Rancid, who was still out cold on the ground.

"Thanks, I appreciate it."

The Titans dropped her off in front of Star Labs and then headed to their mission. She managed to open the door with the box in her hand. It turned out that the box was supposed to protect the devices insides from anything outside, water included. When she reached the security desk she placed the box on the counter, the loud thud told her that the box was supposed to be too heavy for her.

"Can I help you, miss?" asked the security guard at the front desk.

"Yes, please." She replied sweetly, "I came here to do two things: one is to return this to it's rightful owners." pointing to the box. "And the other is too gain some assistance in the removal of this device." she lifted her wrist to show the inhibitor to the guard.

"It seems like both reasons belong to the same floor, follow me."

Ophelia picked up the box and followed the security guard to the elevator. He pushed the button and gave her a visitors badge.

"I'll call upstairs so they will be expecting you, someone will show you where to go."

"Thank you, sir." Ophelia said before the elevator doors closed.

When she reached the floor he directed her to, however, no one was then to meet her. Curious, she walked down the halls to see if anyone was there at all. She found a door left open and entered. Everyone was on the floor unconscious, the little traces of smoke indicated knock out gas was used on them. The gas diffused enough that it wouldn't affect her but not enough that she couldn't see anything to far ahead. She found a table and put the box down and walked towards where she hoped the window would be. Instead, she found a locked door. The door could only be opened by someone swiping their ID card through the reader. Seeing this, Ophelia went to the closest person to use their card. Their card was gone, she concluded that whomever knocked them out stole their card. She then went over to the next person and picked up their card. She swiped it and the door opened for her.

Ophelia was glad to be in a room with clean air, she wasn't glad with what she found inside.

Him again!

It was Red-X again, he was stealing what looked like red tubes. He was loading them into a case before he saw that someone else is there.

"You again!" he was both surprised and annoyed to find the white haired girl from before.

"What's that stuff, more treasure for your employer?"

"It's Xenothium, thanks to your little disappearing act my employer refused to refuel my suit. Now I have to steal it from here. Luckily the security here is pretty poor."

"I'll say, the security guard let me in here without asking any questions."

He got up and got himself ready to fight. "I suppose you won't let me leave here with the xenothium ."

"I suppose I have to stop you." she got herself ready also. She ran up and did a jumping kick, Red-X dodged out of the way easily.

"Were you trying to hit me?" he asked in mocking tone. He then opened his palms to shoot her with the foam. He was confused when nothing came out.

"Actually, I was gabbing for this." She held up Red-X's utility belt, it doubled as the power source for his suit. He was surprised and angry to find the belt in her hands.

She pulled out a vile of xenothium from the belt and examined it.

"Careful!" he shouted,"That stuff is highly combustable and very dangerous!"

"Highly combustable?" she smiled at the words, "That's just what I needed." she opened the vile and rolled up her sleeve. She poured a drop of the red liquid onto the inhibitor and in exploded on contact. A smile grew when she heard the destroyed inhibitor hit the ground.

Immediately her powers rushed back to life. Her purple eyes glowed in delight, as she floated a foot into the air. Red-X just stood their in surprise and worry, he had no clue what he was going up against.

"Now" Ophelia said. Her glowing eyes pierced into Red-X's, startling him. "Where were we?"

The Titans were having a hard time facing their opponent. It was a giant mechanical centipede, it was eating every metal thing in sight. Starfire was using her starbolts on the beast without mug success. Raven was using her psychokinesis to throw whatever she could find at the weak points in the metal (she thought it would be the hinges). The robot bug was hurt, and swatted Raven towards a building in retaliation. Beast Boy managed to catch her as a pterodactyl before she actually hit the building. Cyborg was using his sonic canon to shoot the thing in the head. This drew the bugs attention to the half-metallic man and it licked it's lips.

"Uh oh," he said before he promptly ran away from the hungry centipede. "Bad bug! Bad, bad, Bug! I am not on the menu!"

Robin was run on the centipede's back and was using his freezing disks to freeze the hinges of the insect so it wouldn't move. That worked... for about two seconds. The hinges snapped the ice off and the bug flung the Boy Wonder a good twenty feet in the air. Starfire grabbed him when he was starting to fall.

Beast Boy leaped onto the centipede as a jaguar and started to claw at it. He then chewed at it as a wolf, then clawed again as a bear. All it got him were broken nails and another reason to go to the dentist. The centipede flung the green teen up in the air and knocked him into a bus.

"Dude," he said in irritation, "We're being squashed by a bug."

Starfire and Robin were on the ground trying to figure out what to next. When a familiar voice was heard from behind him.

"Hey guys," Ophelia said, thoroughly spooking the two of them. "How's the fight going?"

They tried to regain their senses when they noticed something they hadn't in Ophelia before. It was dark as the centipede had eaten all the light posts, but they were able to see her perfectly clear. She was glowing. Her eyes were glowing brighter than the rest of her, illuminating the two in a faint purple light. She was also wearing a grey utility belt with a red X on the buckle.

"Bad," Starfire said when she fully regained her senses. "We are getting the kicking of the butt from the monstrous mechanical beast."

Ophelia giggled a little. "Hah, you're getting squashed by a giant bug."

"That's what I just said!" Beast Boy said fifty feet away.

"It appears to be impenetrable," Robin explained, " made of a strong alloy."

Ophelia took a good look at the machine. "You sure it's not just plated? 100% impenetrable alloy isn't exactly cheap, at least not where I come from. A good blow from the inside might do the trick."

"You may be correct, but how are we supposed to get inside?" Starfire asked.

"Leave that to me." Ophelia said. She put on her goggles and flew up to the mechanical insect.

"Since when can the girl fly?" Cyborg said as walked up to the other two Titans. They both shrugged.

She phased into the creature and found that it was mostly hollow. Their were a few support beams but most of the electrical wiring and circuit boards were along the walls. The guy who made this creature must have been very confident about the plating, she thought, they definitely don't have ghosts here. She took of Red-X's belt and looked at it smiling.

"Might as well kill two birds with one stone while I'm here."

She planted viles of xenothium onto breaking points of the creature. She did this while moving her way up to the head, where she put the belt as well as the rest of the xenothium right in the back of the throat.

When she was done she flew out of the creature. She saw that the Titans were still trying to destroy the monstrous machine.

"Oh, this certainly won't do." She flew over and picked up the first Titan she could find, which happened to be Beast Boy.

"Hey, what gives?"

"Just keeping you out of harms way."

He put him down on the roof of a ten story building. "Stay here." she told him. She went back grabbed Cyborg, who was in the clutches of the mechanical creature and about to be eaten. She turned him intangible and pulled him out.

"Tingly." he managed to say in his surprised state.

"Why does everyone say that?" she asked.

She flew up to Starfire and Raven. "Follow me." she said and the girls did. Starfire was already carrying Robin and brought him with her. Ophelia dropped Cyborg by Beast Boy just as Starfire placed Robin down and Raven landed.

"Stay put, you guys." She told the Titans. "You're not gonna want to miss this."

She flew over to the beast and charged up a large purple ecto-ray. She held it up and aimed for the insect's mouth.

"Fire in the hole!" she cried as she threw the beam into the mechanical centipede, detonating the utility belt as well as the rest of the xenothium. The bug exploded in a vivid red blast. Ophelia turned herself intangible to avoid being hit by flying shrapnel.

She landed on the rooftop in front of the Titans, who were awestruck by the girl's performance. She took off the goggles and smiled at them, her amethyst eyes sparkling.

Robin attempted to speak.

"Um, that was..."

"Glorious!" Starfire interrupted. She flew over and gave Ophelia a hug. She didn't need to breath now so she let her squeeze rightly.

"Yeah," Beast Boy added "the way you flew right into the bug, and then you used that purple ray. You didn't even break a sweat."

"And the way you saved me from becoming a late night snack," Cyborg commented. "How did you even do that?"

"I just turned you intangible and slipped you through. No biggy."

"Well, thanks anyway."

Ophelia blushed. She had always gotten praise after her fights, mostly from her parents and sometimes the police. But she never got thanked by super powered teens before, it made her feel special.

She changed into the form that came most naturally to her back home in the Human Plane. Her green eyes glowed through the long and messy black hair.

"Don't mention it."

At the Tower, the Titans let Ophelia use their communication system to call up her parents. Cyborg helped her get a connection to her duoverse and send a request to their video chat account. It wasn't too hard, he explained, the communicators are already set to work inter-dimensionally since a couple of their members can travel to other dimensions.

The Titans saw two faces on the screen. One belonged to a woman with black hair and lilac eyes. She looked to be at about her mid-twenties. She had the same facial features as Ophelia so the Titans guessed her to be her older sister. The other person was a man about the same age as the woman. He had snow-white hair and glowing green eyes. He was wearing a black jump suit with a white collar, white stripes along the sides of his midsection, and white gloves. On his chest was a symbol of a D with a P inside. He, too, had similar traits to Ophelia so they assumed that the three of them were related somehow.

The two were surprised to see Ophelia on screen.

"Hi Mom, hi Dad" Ophelia greeted. The two on the screen seemed to be happy to see their daughter alive and well.

"Ophelia," said her father, "Where have you been? We've looking everywhere for you."

"We thought the worst when we saw bits of your dress in the vault." her mother added in. "What happened there anyway? It looked like someone broke in."

"That's because someone did." Ophelia answered. "I caught this guy trying to steal the capsule and intervened. He tried to escape into his own universe and I went after him unintentionally. I caught him and brought him to justice, though, so it's alright."

"Why would anyone want to steal the capsule?" her mother asked.

"I don't know, the guy said someone hired him to steal it for them. This place is pretty weird though, so the employer may not know what it was themselves. No offense to you guys." she turned to the Titans, hoping she hadn't insulted them in the process of the explanation.

"Still, they must know what it is in order to know where it is." Her father said. "How would they know how to even get to the Ghost Zone anyway. I'm assume the universe is not part of our set, is it?"

"No, I sensed the disconnection before I even entered the portal. They don't even have ghosts here, apparently the mainstream ideal is that ghosts don't exist." she said that with an irritated tone. The Titans, Raven excluded, were really confused hearing the conversation.

"Dude, do you have any clue what they are talking about?" Beast Boy asked Cyborg. Cyborg gave a shrug.

"Ghosts don't exist, right Raven?"

Raven smiled, she never smiles. "Maybe not in this plane of existence."

Raven sensed something in her, even when Ophelia had the inhibitor. She was human, she knew that much. But she was also was something else. Something familiar and yet not. The conversation between Fenton filled in the gaps. She is half ghost, Raven thought, her and her father both. How is that even possible?

"A universe without ghosts and someone from there tries to steal one of the most dangerous things in the history of the Ghost Zone." Ophelia's mother said. "This has to be investigated."

Ophelia's eyes lit up in shock. She knew what that means.

"Mom, Wait! It could be just a fluke. Yeah, he could have made a wrong turn. I mean, he didn't eve know he could turn intangible."

"I'm sorry, Ophelia." her mother said, she was clearly upset. "This could be very serious. We can't leave this alone."

"No, please. This isn't fair! I don't want to stay here and play detective. I want to go home, I want to see my friends. I just want my life before all this." She was in tears. Something else was wrong here, the Titans could tell. Raven noticed that Ophelia was playing with a ring on her finger. It was green with a skull engraved on it. Raven guessed that whatever Ophelia was talking about, it had something to do with that ring.

Robin went up to the screen and stood next to Ophelia. He pit his hand on her shoulder.

"Mr. and Mrs. Fenton, if I may call you that."

"Professionally, I go by Ms. Manson." replied Ophelia's mother. "In this form he goes professionally by Danny Phantom. But Mr. and Mrs. Fenton is fine."

"Well Mr. Phantom, Ms. Manson. I'm Robin, I lead the Teen Titans. We are a group of super powered teens that protect the world from all forms of evil. I have never seen anything like your daughter before. If she need to stay in this universe to investigate, then we'll be more than happy to take her in. We'll be even happier to make her a full fledged Titan." He pulled out a communicator to offer her.

The Fentons on the monitor looked worried. Ophelia's face was hidden, but the Titans could see the glow of her green eyes from where they were standing. Ophelia was really upset, but she pulled herself together enough to speak.

"Look Robin, this is all very flattering and I know that you mean well. I am not a superhero, I don't want to be one. I just want to have as close to a normal life as I possibly can with my powers. The only reason I'm investigating is because of a law passed against my father and me forcing us to intervene in any crime we come across. I must respectfully decline your offer."

The Titans were saddened to the hear that.

"It's okay, I understand." Robin replied, he was disappointed but sympathetic.

"Ophelia," Danny was speaking. "Maybe it would be a good idea to join the Titans. They should have great forensic skills-"

"The best." Robin added

"If they all have super powers they must have an excellent training program. They might help you when the rest of your powers come in."

"You have more powers!" Beast Boy said, he was completely awestruck.

"And it will also give you somewhere to be while we sort out all this crazy stuff out here."

Ophelia was quiet for a second. Raven saw all of Ophelia's emotions swirl and rage inside her like a tempest. Her anger, fear, joy, and sorrow ebbed and flowed. Ophelia looked at the Titans and then at the communicator Robin still offered in his hand. Finally, her sea of emotions became placid.

"Fine," she said. "But there are conditions to my stay. One: I am not going to be there for every battle, just the ones that you can't handle yourselves. Two: I should have access to all your records to help my investigation, I shall give you the criminal records from my worlds. Three: I should not be inclined to tell you my history or my secrets. I'll tell you whatever you need to know when I want to or when it's important. We can work out the rest of the terms and conditions later, but those are the the most important ones. In the mean time," She took the communicator from his hand. "I accept."

Everyone smiled, including Raven. "You are now an Honorary Titan." Robin happily declared.

"Welcome friend!" Starfire gave Ophelia another of her death hugs. This time, Ophelia let her finish now that she didn't need to breath. "I shall make you the Tamaranian feast of friendship." The rest of the Titans grew pale at the thought of Starfire cooking food from her home planet.

Ophelia shrugged them off. "Can't wait to try it."

Starfire flew to the kitchen to prepare the meal. She looked around her and took everything in. She was in a completely new world. One of superheroes and aliens and criminals in capes. She had no idea what she had gotten herself into, but she knew it would be interesting.