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There was no heartbeat.

No heartbeat from either of them.

The boy and the creature who had both survived so much, lived even when there was nothing else to live for gone. Dead.

And Stoick could never tell Toothless he was wrong about him. His kind.

He could never tell Hiccup just how apologetic he was.

The villagers hung their heads in perfectly silent grief; the creature wasn't breathing or moving either.

It was nice that they died that way.

Death could not keep them apart and neither wanted it to.

It was an almost entirely silent ride back to Berk as they moved away, carrying Toothless and Hiccup on the ships.

They would have, Stoick promised, a proper Viking funeral.

The arrows were on fire when they were shot up in the air, streaking the clouds.

They all hovered around the rain-stained graves until the rain picked up speed and everyone but Astrid Stoick and Gobber moved away.

Stoick sighed heavily. How he wished he had gotten to make things right!

Oddly, he felt numb. It was like a mist swirled around inside his head chanting, "This isn't real, this can't be real, Hiccup is alive".

It did it over and over again.

Astrid for her part was crying. She had been crying when she had fallen asleep last night and she had cried as she went to the funeral and she cried as they threw dirt over the last bits of her friend.

Viking funerals would ordinarily consist of them sending the two off the island in two separate caskets but Stoick had decided to bury them on Berk, in Raven's Point Forest, for they remembered it was always one of Hiccup's absolute favorite places to be.

Gobber was regretting it. He wished he hadn't told Stoick to send a search party out.

If he wasn't so concerned for the kid's – the kid's damn SAFETY, above all things – this wouldn't have happened.

'If I had not instructed that he go after the Red Death', Astrid thought, 'this would not have happened'.

'If I had even TRIED TO STOP IT,' Stoick said silently.

Even they cleared out eventually and the rain pounded on, hard through the night and eventually wore itself out but never did the boy and dragon lying side-by-side feel anything.

The graves remained forever on Berk, and villagers visited often, keeping true to the words on the carved stones:

"Goodbye, Hiccup and Toothless,

We thank you for your sacrifice,

And promise we will keep your names strong in our hearts forever after."