"WHAT HAPPENED!?" Gliss shouted.

"Nothing I guess- HOLY MOTHER OF DOVE! My wings! They're GONE!" I screamed.

"Sis, look! They're up there!" Tink pointed up at the sky.

There in the cloudy sky was a pair of clear beautiful wings, floating.

"I'll get 'em!" Gliss insisted. She flew up slowly, the shouted and charged at my wings.

"No Gliss! Stop! You're gonna- scare them off. . . . GLISS!" I said.

"Oopsie. . . . Well, see ya laterz!" Gliss flew off into the whitness.

"Oh um hey is that, um, Iridessa calling me? Yes, I think I need the go. Bye!" Ember flew over the border to summer. She was out of sight.

"Well That's Just Lovly!" I cried after her.

"Peri, what about your wings?" Tink asked me.

"We could asked Dewey for help." I suggested.

"But what if he tells Lord Milori?" Tink warned.

"Dewey is like the grandfather I never had, he wouldn't do that to me." I said.

"Alright, I warned you." She said.

Far above in a tree, sat an owl. But this owl was no ordinary owl. This owl was Lord Milori's.

A while after the owl watched it flew off into the distance.

"Dewey!" I called. "Dewey?" Not a sound, only the eco from my voice bounced off the icy walls.

"He's not here." My sister said.

"Maybe he's in his room?" I said as I walked to the back where his room was. "Dewey?" I called his name. Yet again, nothing but the eco.

"Sorry, today I'll be out. Come back in the mornin' ~Dewey" Tink read aloud, she looked at me with wide eyes.

"Well maybe a book or something has an answer." I insisted.

"Or not," Tink said.

Meanwhile. . . .

Milori's owl returned.

The bird chipped, saying what he had just witnessed.

"Well that is impossible," Milori said.

To be continued. . . .