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The morning is beautiful. The sun is basking in all its glory. The birds are chirping melodiously and then there's the run down motel a few blocks over from this scenery where two brothers are arguing at the top of their voices, probably not caring about the neighbors in the vicinity. They might just be this close to trading blows.

"Why can't you just take my side for once Dean!?" Sam yelled at his brother.

Dean growled in exasperation. The same argument had been going on for three days ever since John had called in, saying that he'd be back early to pick the boys up. He was due in two hours. "I'm trying to take your side Sam! How many times do I have to say it? I talked to Dad. He won't budge. And you know how important the job is! This could be a potential lead on –, " Sam cut him off.

"Mom's killer. I know," Sam said in a cold voice. "I know how important it is okay? But I for one have never even met her. I wouldn't even know what she looks like if it wasn't for the photos. And the fact that you just said that proves that my early graduation means absolutely nothing to you," Sam finished with hurt written all over his face. He'd worked so hard for this and he was graduating a year early. After all this time, his sleepless hours and vigorous studying had paid off.

Dean immediately fell silent. He didn't know what to say. "Sammy, I do care. It means the world to me and you know that. You're only pissed because Dad said we have to leave before your graduation ceremony."

Sam felt his blood boil at Dean's statement. Even after all he said, he was still taking Dad's side. "I'm pissed? I'm beyond pissed Dean! If it means so much to you, why won't you talk to him?" Sam yelled.

"I DID! HE WOULDN'T BUDGE!" Dean roared. He immediately cut off on hearing Sam's cry of pain. Sam had fallen to the ground clutching his head at Dean's sudden outburst.

"Shit, Sam? Sammy, you okay?" Dean asked as he hurried over to his baby brother.

Sam felt like his head would split in two. Dean's loud yell had somehow just magnified is headache ten fold. He shook his head as he clutched it. "N-no. My head...hurts," he said through his teeth. He was trying very hard not to scream.

Dean's eyes went wide in recognition. This was the third time in five days that Sam reacted like this. They didn't always fight when it happened but Sam had been sensitive to bright light or loud noises. Dean had noticed that Sam winced in pain whenever they encountered such situations. "This is happening again," he said gravely.

Sam huffed out a breath as the headache seemed to be dulling a little. "I know. I have no idea what it is Dean. I-I'm scared."

Dean immediately held Sam by the shoulders and cupped his face to make Sam look at him. "Don't be. We'll figure it out. We'll tell Dad, okay? And I'll try asking him about your graduation ceremony again."

Sam's eyes immediately brightened through the slight pain. "Really? You'd do that?" he asked. Dean snorted.

"You're my baby brother right? I'd do anything for you," he said, smiling.

Sam stared at Dean. "Christo," he muttered.

Dean frowned. "What was that for?"

Sam smirked. "Who are you and what have you done to my brother? 'Cause as far as I know, my brother hates chick flick moments."

"Shut up, bitch."

"Whatever, jerk."


The Impala was silent; dead silent. You could literally hear a pin drop. John had made it back and after 30 minutes of arguing with Dean (Sam had lain in bed trying to drown out the loud sounds. His head was pounding.) John had finally given in to their request. They could stay a day more so that Sam got to graduate.

The silence? It was because Sam had refused to come along on the hunt. John hadn't believed Sam when he'd said that he felt like his head was going to erupt like a volcano. Dean figured it could be a migraine, but he wasn't sure. And since he wasn't sure, John didn't hear any excuses from them.


Sam silently tried to calm himself down as John yelled at him yet again. The more everyone yelled, the more his head hurt.

"Dad, I'm not lying. My head hurts really bad. I can barely walk straight without Dean holding onto me," he said sitting up in bed. Dean inwardly winced at how Sam seemed to sway slightly even as he sat up.

John looked sternly at his youngest, oblivious to his condition. "You've been worse Sam and you've still come on hunts. I'm not taking any excuses. You're coming and that's final!


They were on their way to the motel room from the hospital so that Sam could rest. They'd just finished ganking a shape shifter. Only, it had resulted in Sam almost having a seizure because of the loud gun shot sound. After taking care of the dead shifter, father and brother Winchester had rushed to the hospital with the youngest to find out that he was suffering from migraines. The cause seemed to be unknown but the doctors said it wasn't too much to worry about. Migraines weren't uncommon but if a seizure followed an unusually painful migraine then Sam would need to get checked out. Thankfully, it hadn't gotten that far. He was discharged soon after being prescribed some pain killers. John had cursed himself for not listening to his sons yet again. Every single time, he'd ignore his sons because of a hunt and almost 70 percent of the time, it would result in something bad or worse.

He gritted his teeth and tightened his knuckles on the steering wheel as he pulled into the motel parking lot. Dean immediately lifted Sam into his arms and walked into their mote room, successfully managing to unlock it without dropping Sam. John silently commended how much Dean took care of his brother. He sat still in the car as thought began to flood him.

He knew it wasn't fair to his kids and he could have gotten Sam killed today. He didn't want to push his sons away, but he knew that when the time came; this would pay off. He needed the boys to be more co-dependent on each other than their father. John was really close to finding out what happened to Mary and he'd even received some startling news about Sam. He had an idea of why Sam started having migraines and it wasn't a pleasant thought. He knew that the road ahead wasn't going to be easy for any of them, but the more Sam and Dean relied on each other the more bearable it would be for them.

"I'm so sorry kids. This is how it has to be," John said as a silent tear streaked down his cheek.

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