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Prompt by IrumaAckleschia: "9 years old sam vs 13 years old dean, puberty sucks."

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Dean grumbled as he sat on the bed, trying to tune out the crappy cartoon his baby brother was watching. His mind kept roaming back to the 'talk' he'd had with his father a few days back.

Puberty. Dean cringed mentally as words from his fathers' explanation kept popping up in his head. it had been an extremely awkward talk with stutters and mumbling from both sides and had ended in John walking out the motel room door, red-faced while Dean had stoically sat on his bed, trying to process what his father had just garbled. Dean was just glad that Sam had been in school that day.

Dean frowned as he glanced at Sam. Sam wasn't too far off either. A year or two and he'd be given the 'talk' too. Dean just hoped that his father would be the one talking to him and not himself, because that would be extremely awkward.

The older Winchester's thoughts roamed back to that day when they'd gone to the diner for breakfast and seeing the cute waitress coming up to them, he'd felt this sort of unnatural heat pool in his abdomen and had almost freaked when he'd looked down to find…he didn't even want to think about it. It had taken furious eye signals and nodding of heads towards his father for John to understand what his son was trying to indicate.

Dean wrenched his thoughts back to reality. The 'talk' had been done and over as Sam had gone to school, curious why Dean wasn't coming. John felt like his son might need a few hours to process it since it was an important part of growing up. Dean shuddered involuntarily. He was glad to know that he was growing up because he'd learned a few things in school about changes in the body and what not. It was just different, experiencing it first hand. By looking at Sam, Dean knew that there were a few subtle changes in Sam that clearly marked that his baby brother was growing up.

The things that kind of annoyed him was the number of freckles popping up on his face and his gravelly voice. He knew that his voice would turn deeper the more he grew up and right now it was like a mid way stage so sometimes he'd sound like himself and others, his voice would be deeper than usual and it usually meant his little brother laughing and teasing him about it.

Dean groaned as the title song of the show Sam was watching filled the room. "Sam, turn that down, will ya?" he asked, grimacing at the cracking of his voice. Sam turned around, grinning. He found it funny, the way Dean sounded right now.

"Oh, please Dean? This is the best part!" Sam argued, looking at his brother.

Dean huffed in exasperation. "Sam, this is not up for discussion. You've been watching that crappy show for two straight hours. Turn off the T.V.," Dean stated, glaring when Sam refused point-blank to do so; laughing at the cracking of his brothers' voice.

"Okay, that's it," Dean muttered and walked over to Sam. He tried to wrestle the remote out of his little brothers' hand, but Sam had a death grip on it. He glared at Dean and tried to get it out of reach of Dean's arms. But Dean being taller, and stronger than Sam overpowered his little brother and a tussle ensued. Soon, the remote was forgotten and yet, the wrestling continued.

A few minutes later; Sam tripping over one of his toy cars in-between the wrestling sent the Winchester brothers to the floor, laughing as they realized the silliness of their little quarrel.

"I'll turn off the T.V.," Sam finally said, after they'd stopped laughing.

"Nah, you can watch, midget. I was just being a jerk," Dean said, smirking.

Sam smiled devilishly, "Well, you are one."

"Why you little – " Dean said before tickling his brother until Sam was squealing and pleading for him to stop.

Sam sighed as he sat up and looked at Dean. "Will you always sound like this?" he asked, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.

Dean rolled his eyes. "No. It'll go away soon."

"Good, because you sound awful."

"Hey, you're gonna sound like this someday too," Dean grinned, looking at the shocked expression on Sam's face.

"I don't wanna grow up," Sam said promptly.

Dean couldn't help but laugh at the innocence of his baby brother. The innocence that still seemed to be there even after that Christmas when Sam had found John's journal and learned the truth about their lives. The innocence that Dean seemed to treasure and protect as much as he could before it was lost forever.


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